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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-oe] mariadb: 5.5.57 -> 5.5.59 2018-04-23 Hongxu Jia New
[meta-python] python-jsonpatch: update to version 1.23 2018-04-22 Derek Straka New
[meta-python] python-lxml: update to version 4.2.1 2018-04-22 Derek Straka New
[meta-python] python-pretend: update to version 1.0.9 2018-04-22 Derek Straka New
[meta-python] python-cython: update to version 0.28.2 2018-04-22 Derek Straka New
[meta-python] python-pexpect: update to version 4.5.0 2018-04-22 Derek Straka New
[meta-python] python-decorator: update to version 4.3.0 2018-04-22 Derek Straka New
[meta-python] python-pystache: add version 0.5.4 2018-04-21 New
[meta-oe,meta-python] python-pyiface: upgrade to 0.0.5 2018-04-20 Alexandru Vasiu New
[meta-oe,meta-python] python-configparser: add new recipe 2018-04-20 Alexandru Vasiu New
[meta-oe,2/2] cpprest: add new recipe based on Debian packaging 2018-04-19 Gianfranco Costamagna New
[meta-oe,1/2] websocketpp: add new recipe based on Debian packaging 2018-04-19 Gianfranco Costamagna New
[meta-oe] rsyslog: refresh patches 2018-04-19 Yi Zhao New
[meta-java] Fix occasional build failures related to do_removebinaries 2018-04-18 Mark Asselstine New
[meta-networking,rocko,v2] civetweb: Add new recipe for v1.10 version 2018-04-18 Krzysztof Kozlowski New
[meta-xfce] xfce4-screenshooter: fix parallel build issue 1 2018-04-18 Hongxu Jia New
[meta-networking,2/2] networkmanager-openvpn: fix QA issue error for multilib 2018-04-18 Yi Zhao New
[meta-networking,1/2] networkmanager: fix QA issue error for multilib 2018-04-18 Yi Zhao New
[2/2] libtevent: add libtirpc to DEPENDS 2018-04-17 Andreas Müller New
[1/2,V3] networkmanager: fix gobject-introspection/musl and cleanup 2018-04-17 Andreas Müller New
[meta-oe,v2,4/4] libgpiod: add support for v1.x series 2018-04-17 Bartosz Golaszewski New
[meta-oe,v2,3/4] libgpiod: bump version to v0.3.3 2018-04-17 Bartosz Golaszewski New
[meta-oe,v2,2/4] libgpiod: split recipe into .inc and .bb files 2018-04-17 Bartosz Golaszewski New
[meta-oe,v2,1/4] libgpiod: include the version in the recipe filename 2018-04-17 Bartosz Golaszewski New
gpsd: upgrade to 3.17 2018-04-17 Nicolas Dechesne New
[meta-oe] xlsfonts: 1.0.5 -> 1.0.6 2018-04-17 Zheng Ruoqin New
[meta-oe] xlsclients: 1.1.3 -> 1.1.4 2018-04-17 Zheng Ruoqin New
[meta-xfce] xfce4-notifyd: fix parallel build issue 1 2018-04-17 Hongxu Jia New
[meta-networking,2/2] opensaf: Fix warnings found with gcc8 2018-04-17 Khem Raj New
[meta-networking,1/2] memcached: Upgrade to 1.5.7 2018-04-17 Khem Raj New
[meta-oe] libteam: add ptest 2018-04-17 Wenzong Fan New
[meta-oe] xwud: 1.0.4 -> 1.0.5 2018-04-16 Zheng Ruoqin New
[meta-python] python-pybluez: add missing RDEPENDS (fcntl) 2018-04-16 André Draszik New
[meta-webserver,6/6] xdebug: Add missing dep on re2c-native 2018-04-16 Khem Raj New
[meta-oe,5/6] libyui: Fix build with gcc8 2018-04-16 Khem Raj New
[meta-networking,4/6] ctdb: Call gnu-configize for getting new config.* files 2018-04-16 Khem Raj New
[meta-gnome,3/6] site: Add riscv64 specific cache 2018-04-16 Khem Raj New
[meta-oe,2/6] mraa: Drop residual patch 2018-04-16 Khem Raj New
[meta-oe,1/6] mraa: Fix build on musl 2018-04-16 Khem Raj New
[meta-oe] php 7.2.4: fix do_compile failure on qemumips 2018-04-16 Hongxu Jia New
[meta-multimedia] tinyalsa: add recipe 2018-04-15 Carlos Rafael Giani New
[meta-multimedia] libde265: add recipe 2018-04-15 Carlos Rafael Giani New
[meta-multimedia,v2] openh264: add recipe 2018-04-15 Carlos Rafael Giani New
[meta-networking,v2] drbd: BLACKLIST recipe 2018-04-15 Armin Kuster New
[meta-python,v2] python-pybluez: add python3 version 2018-04-09 André Draszik akuster New
[2/2] lmbench: fix Upstream-Status metadata typos in patch 2018-04-06 Mikko Rapeli New
iperf3: refresh local patches to avoid fuzz warnings 2018-04-03 Denys Dmytriyenko New
[meta-python,3/3] python-aws-iot-device-sdk-python: also package examples (as additional package) 2018-03-21 André Draszik New
[meta-python,2/3] python-aws-iot-device-sdk-python: fix LICENSE 2018-03-21 André Draszik New
[meta-oe,2/4] rocksdb: move to recipe-dbs 2018-03-21 Armin Kuster New
[meta-oe,1/4] leveldb: move to recipes-dbs 2018-03-21 Armin Kuster New
[meta-python] python-pip: 9.0.1 -> 9.0.2 2018-03-21 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-python] python-msgpack: 0.5.5 -> 0.5.6 2018-03-21 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-python] python-cython: 0.27.3 -> 0.28.1 2018-03-21 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-python] python-cryptography-vectors: 2.1.4 -> 2.2 2018-03-21 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-python] python-cryptography: 2.1.4 -> 2.2 2018-03-21 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-python] python-cffi: 1.11.4 -> 1.11.5 2018-03-21 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-python,v2] python-attrs: add crypto to the RDEPENDS 2018-03-20 Derek Straka New
[meta-openwrt,hostapd] : Update patch based on 2.6 version 2018-03-18 Parthiban Nallathambi New
[meta-oe] xorgxrdp: Fix the License 2018-03-06 Zheng Ruoqin New
[meta-oe,5/7] mraa: Drop residual patch 2018-03-04 Khem Raj New
[meta-oe] Fix zram module paramter name 2018-03-01 Michael Siebecker New
[meta-oe] nodejs_8.9.0: add RDEPENDS for building 2018-02-23 Trevor Woerner New
[meta-networking,v2] waf-samba.bbclass: No longer inherit waf.bbclass 2018-02-12 Joshua Watt New
[meta-python] ] Add python-oauthlib 2018-01-25 Bhargava Sreekantappa Gayathri New
[meta-oe,1/2] smbnetfs: update to version 0.6.1 2018-01-24 Hains van den Bosch New
[morty] nis, opencv: Update getVar/setVar syntax 2018-01-19 Athanasios Oikonomou New
[meta-oe,pyro] fluentbit: backport one patch from 0.12.0 to fix aarch64 build 2018-01-08 Martin Jansa New
[meta-java] openjdk-7: fix compile errors with current poky master (gcc6) 2018-01-08 Jose Diaz de Grenu New
[meta-networking] lldpad: new add 2018-01-07 Zheng Ruoqin New
[rocko,1/1] python[3]-setuptools: inherit setuptools 2018-01-04 Tim Orling New
[meta-networking] corosync: add corosync.conf.example 2017-12-29 New
[meta-selinux] audit: 2.7.6 -> 2.8.2 2017-12-27 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-python,v2] python-pyroute2: uprev to v0.4.21 (from 0.3.22) 2017-12-20 Mark Asselstine New
[meta-python,v2,rocko,8/8] python-attrs: update to version 17.3.0 2017-12-15 Mark Asselstine New
[meta-python,v2,rocko,7/8] python-attrs: add an initial recipe for version 17.2.0 2017-12-15 Mark Asselstine New
[meta-python,v2,rocko,6/8] python-hyperlink: add a recipe for version 17.3.1 2017-12-15 Mark Asselstine New
[meta-python,v2,rocko,5/8] python-incremental: add an initial recipe for version 17.5.0 2017-12-15 Mark Asselstine New
[meta-python,v2,rocko,4/8] python-constantly: add a recipe for version 15.1.0 2017-12-15 Mark Asselstine New
[meta-python,v2,rocko,3/8] python-automat: add an initial recipe for version 0.6.0 2017-12-15 Mark Asselstine New
[meta-oe,morty] networkmanager_1.0.12: musl build fixes 2017-12-14 Andre McCurdy New
[meta-networking,jethro,-,resend] netperf: upgrade to 2.7.0+ with git version 2017-12-12 Cristian Stoica New
[meta-oe] usb-modeswitch: Upgrade to latest version 2017-12-07 Dmitri Vorobiev New
[meta-networking,krogoth] samba: fix the hardcoded path in init script 2017-11-21 Fabio Berton New
[meta-browser] chromium: fix DEPENDS 2017-11-15 Martin Jansa New
[meta-python] python-paho-mqtt, python3-paho-mqtt: update to 1.3.1 2017-11-03 Pascal Bach New
[meta-python] python-psutil, python3-psutil: update to 5.4.0 2017-11-03 Pascal Bach New
[meta-python] python-pyasn1, python3-pyasn1: update to 0.3.7 2017-11-03 Pascal Bach New
[meta-oe,jethro] hostapd: fix WPA2 key replay security bug 2017-11-02 Isaac Hermida New
[meta-oe,RFC] scancode.bbclass: Adding a bbclass for scancode license scaning utility 2017-11-01 irfan sadiq New
openjdk: correct the typo mistake 2017-10-27 New
[meta-oe,pyro] opencv: fix runtime dependencies. 2017-10-20 Anselmo L. S. Melo New
[meta-python] python-pywbem: update to version 0.11.0 and add a python3 recipe 2017-12-03 Derek Straka Under Review
[meta-oe,v2] minicoredumper: relocate admin-binaries to sbin 2018-04-10 Christophe PRIOUZEAU Changes Requested
[meta-oe] gperftools: add the setting of COMPATIBLE_HOST back 2018-04-10 Changes Requested
[meta-networking] drbd-utils: 8.9.6 -> 9.2.0 2018-02-05 Huang Qiyu Changes Requested
[meta-oe,v2] libhugetlbfs: use next branch instead of master 2017-12-10 Fathi Boudra Changes Requested
[meta-networking] packagegroup-samba: new add 2017-12-05 Zheng Ruoqin Changes Requested
[meta-oe] Fix PACKAGES assignment for fftw 2017-11-23 Vladan Jovanovic akuster Changes Requested
[meta-webserver] meta-webserver: apache2 allow SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE to be overwritten 2017-11-16 Mark Asselstine Changes Requested
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