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[meta-oe,2/2] libssh2: update to version 1.7.0 2016-07-27 Derek Straka New
[meta-oe,1/2] libssh2: Add native to BBCLASSEXTEND 2016-07-27 Derek Straka New
[meta-webserver] nostromo: update to version 1.9.6 * Update license checksum to include latest co... 2016-07-27 Derek Straka New
[meta-qt5,krogoth,WIP] qt5: upgrade to latest revisions in 5.6 branch 2016-07-27 Martin Jansa New
[meta-webserver] webmin: upgrade to version 1.801 2016-07-27 Derek Straka New
[meta-qt5,WIP] qt5: upgrade to latest revisions in 5.7 branch 2016-07-27 Martin Jansa New
[meta-oe] packagegroup-tools-bluetooth: Fix incorrect LIC_FILES_CHKSUMs 2016-07-27 Martin Jansa New
[meta-oe,2/2] libssh2: upgrade to 1.7.0 2016-07-27 jackie huang New
[meta-oe,1/2] libssh: upgrade to 0.7.3 2016-07-27 jackie huang New
[meta-oe,0/2] upgrade libssh and libssh2 2016-07-27 jackie huang New
[meta-oe,v2] sysbench: add new recipe 2016-07-26 Nicolas Dechesne New
[meta-oe] mariadb: upgrade to 5.5.50 2016-07-26 Kang Kai New
[meta-oe,2/2] psqlodbc: Add the new recipe 2016-07-26 jackie huang New
[meta-oe,1/2] unixodbc: Add the new recipe 2016-07-26 jackie huang New
[meta-oe,0/2] unixodbc and psqlodbc: Add new recipes 2016-07-26 jackie huang New
[meta-oe] Revert "postgresql: blacklist because tcl in oe-core is broken for last month" 2016-07-26 jackie huang New
[meta-oe] efivar: add COMPATIBLE_HOST item 2016-07-26 New
[meta-java,v3] openjdk-8: ignore wrong GCCVERSION-flag 2016-07-25 Sven Ebenfeld New
x11vnc: fix do_patch failed 2016-07-25 Hongxu Jia New
python-pygpgme: update tests 2016-07-22 Catalin Enache New
python-pygpgme: update ptest output format 2016-07-22 Catalin Enache New
[meta-oe] collectd: replace deprecated readdir_r() with readdir() 2016-07-22 New
[meta-oe,V2] makedumpfile: add makedumpfile 1.6.0 2016-07-22 New
[meta-oe,v2] minicoredumper: add the recipe 2016-07-22 jackie huang New
[meta-initramfs,V3] grubby: add grubby 8.40-1 2016-07-22 New
[meta-xfce] xfce4-terminal: add dependency on vte9-termcap 2016-07-21 Dmitry Rozhkov New
[meta-networking] add weak assignment for lcl_maybe_fortify 2016-07-21 Martin Jansa New
[meta-browser,v2,4/4] chromium: update 48.0.2548.0 -> 52.0.2743.76 2016-07-21 Trevor Woerner New
[meta-browser,v2,3/4] chromium: split -wayland out 2016-07-21 Trevor Woerner New
[meta-browser,v2,2/4] chromium: gcc-6 support 2016-07-21 Trevor Woerner New
[meta-browser,v2,1/4] chromium: remove unused patch 2016-07-21 Trevor Woerner New
[meta-networking] bridge-utils: various build fixes (musl & CFLAGS) 2016-07-20 André Draszik New
juce: Improved juce class and recipes 2016-07-20 New
[meta-webserver] phpmyadmin: upgrade to 4.6.3 2016-07-20 jackie huang New
[meta-python] python-imaging: Fix CVE-2016-2533 2016-07-20 New
[meta-networking,1/1] proftpd: fix PACKAGECONFIG settings 2016-07-19 Joe Slater New
[meta-networking,1/1] proftpd: start at boot time 2016-07-19 Joe Slater New
[meta-oe] php: update to 5.5.37 and 5.6.23 2016-07-19 jackie huang New
[meta-networking] snort: fix to remove from blacklist 2016-07-19 New
[meta-networking] curlpp: fix QA issue for cav-octeon3 2016-07-19 New
[meta-networking] squid: upgrade to 3.5.20 2016-07-19 jackie huang New
[meta-networking] wireshark: inherit perlnative 2016-07-19 jackie huang New
[meta-oe,V2] grubby: add grubby 8.40-1 2016-07-19 New
juce: Added support for JUCE framework 2016-07-18 New
[meta-networking,v2,2/2] meta-networking: override SECURITY_CFLAGS for c-ares 2016-07-18 André Draszik New
[meta-networking,v2,1/2] c-ares: use our compilation flags 2016-07-18 André Draszik New
[2/2] ttf-vlgothic: add a ttf font 2016-07-18 Kang Kai New
[1/2] liberation-sans-narrow: add a ttf font 2016-07-18 Kang Kai New
[2/2] cfengine: add recipe and base policy 2016-07-18 Kang Kai New
[1/2] tokyocabinet: add recipe 2016-07-18 Kang Kai New
[meta-qt5] qtserialbus: add recipe 2016-07-17 Jonathan Liu New
[meta-browser] chromium: install all pak files plus resources and blob.bin files. 2016-07-15 Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez New
[meta-oe,PATCHv2] poco: update to 1.7.3 2016-07-15 Pascal Bach New
contrib: add MIPS_INSTRUCTION_SET 2016-07-15 André Draszik New
klibc: fix install destination in 64bit env 2016-07-15 Michael Walle New
[meta-oe] uw-imap: use cross-tools to create static library 2016-07-15 S. Lockwood-Childs New
[meta-oe,PATCHv2] augeas: Move from oe-core 2016-07-15 Jussi Kukkonen New
[meta-oe,v2] CANopenNode: recipe for building the CANopenSocket tools 2016-07-14 cynthiachiu New
[meta-oe,PATCHv2] libsodium: Update to 1.0.10. 2016-07-13 Philip Balister New
[meta-oe] zeromq: Update to version 4.1.5. 2016-07-13 Philip Balister New
[meta-webserver] apache2: update to version 2.4.23 2016-07-13 Derek Straka New
[meta-python,2/2] python-cffi: add package RDEPENDS 2016-07-13 Derek Straka New
[meta-networking,1/1] atftp: do not create user nobody 2016-07-12 Joe Slater New
[meta-qt5] qtwayland: Rework recipe to allow PACKAGECONFIG use 2016-07-11 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe] freeglut: add opengl to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES 2016-07-11 New
[meta-webserver] nginx: update to version 1.11.2 2016-07-09 Derek Straka New
[meta-oe] plymouth: remove virtual prefix for RPROVIDES 2016-07-08 Joe MacDonald New
[meta-oe] poco: update to 1.7.3 2016-07-08 Pascal Bach New
[0/2] net-snmp: fix AgentX crash and initscripts packages 2016-07-07 jackie huang New
[meta-xfce,2/2] mousepad: remove blacklist caused by gtksourceview2 2016-07-05 Yi Zhao New
[meta-gnome,1/2] gtksourceview2: fix build with gcc6 2016-07-05 Yi Zhao New
[meta-gnome,0/2] gtksourceview2 and mousepad: fix build error with gcc6 2016-07-05 Yi Zhao New
[meta-multimedia] Mpd: use libsystemd 2016-07-04 Szombathelyi György New
directfb: move recipe to meta-oe 2016-07-04 Maxin B. John New
[meta-browser,v2] firefox: Fix build using gcc 6 2016-07-04 Fabio Berton New
[meta-filesystems,master,PATCHv4] sshfs-fuse: update to 2.8 2016-07-04 Zoltan Kuscsik New
qtquick1: fix qtwebkit support 2016-07-01 Alexandre Belloni New
[meta-oe] nodejs: update to 4.4.7 2016-06-30 Jonathan Liu New
[V2] x11vnc: remove redundant RPATH to fix QA issue 2016-06-28 Hongxu Jia New
[meta-oe] libxfce4ui: Use native intltool for building the lib 2016-06-27 Dmitry Rozhkov New
[meta-oe] x11vnc: remove redundant RPATH to fix QA issue 2016-06-27 Hongxu Jia New
[meta-oe] cpuset: add new python package 2016-06-25 Armin Kuster New
[2/2] libmad: add the recipe 2016-06-16 Alexander Kanavin New
[1/2] mpg123: remove the recipe 2016-06-16 Alexander Kanavin New
[meta-qt5] Includes some interesting Qt5 demos. 2016-06-14 Ann Thornton New
[meta-qt5] Includes qtwebengine, plugins and examples in one conve... 2016-06-14 Ann Thornton New
[meta-networking,jethro,backport] samba: add volatile file to support readonly rootfs 2016-06-10 Richard Leitner New
[meta-qt5] qtbase: add PACKAGECONFIG for journald logging 2016-06-09 Christoph Settgast New
firefox, cef3, chromium: blacklist, fails to build with gcc-6 2016-06-08 Martin Jansa New
[meta-python,jethro,2/2] python-cryptography: fix compile issue with openssl 1.0.2h 2016-05-31 Armin Kuster New
[meta-python,jethro,1/2] python-crytograph: fix build issue do to openssl 1.0.1g upgrade 2016-05-31 Armin Kuster New
squid: CVE-2016-4556 2016-05-31 Catalin Enache New
squid: CVE-2016-4555 2016-05-31 Catalin Enache New
squid: CVE-2016-4554 2016-05-30 Catalin Enache New
[meta-oe] florence: move to latest GTK2 version 0.5.4 2016-05-24 Stefan Agner New
[meta-networking,jethro] ntp: Security fixes via update to 4.2.8p7 2016-05-18 Armin Kuster New
[krogoth] opencv: Fix metapkg dependencies for opencv-java and opencv-locales 2016-05-13 Denys Dmytriyenko New
[5/5] efivar: fix unknown option while gold linker used 2016-05-10 Hongxu Jia New
[4/5] efibootmgr: sync with upstream while efivar upgraded to 0.23 2016-05-10 Hongxu Jia New
[3/5] efivar: fix do_install failed 2016-05-10 Hongxu Jia New
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