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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
* updating mirror 2012-06-22 Nicolae Stiurca New
/contrib/python/ added contextlib to included modules 2011-06-10 Martin Bures New
2011.03-maintenance: Bad checksums in 2011-10-21 Mats Kärrman Changes Requested
add CUnit test suite 2015-04-01 New
add CUnit test suite 2014-10-22 Mike Holmes Changes Requested
add libgcrypt-native to avoid host corruption 2015-03-12 Ronan Changes Requested
Add support for picoSAM9G45 board 2011-09-14 nicupavel New
Add support for the Technologic Systems TS7500 ARM SBCs 2011-03-29 UDel V2G Team New
Added ImageMagick 6.7.2-3 2011-10-06 s7726 New
Adding mercurial v1.8.2 2011-04-07 Kartik Mohta New
Adding support for xscreensaver-5.39 2018-06-06 Parthiban Nallathambi Changes Requested
Allow using a more recent php 2014-08-20 Boszormenyi Zoltan Changes Requested
angstrom-2010-preferred-versions: select udev168 for the bug machine 2011-07-05 Denis Carikli New
angstrom: glibc: Using config files in /etc/ 2011-07-13 Howard D. Gray New
angstrom: remove `conf/distro/include/` 2011-07-11 Paul Menzel New
Apache2: Add libselinux dependency and Disable parallel install 2012-11-07 New
ar9170 firmware 2011-04-24 Dvorkin Dmitry New
at91: Add support for at91cap9stk 2011-05-15 Ulf Samuelsson Under Review
autotools-bootstrap: don't fake submodule to avoid gnulib download 2016-03-31 Paul Gortmaker Changes Requested
Backported libgdiplus 2.10 from meta-mono 2012-03-11 Alex Lennon New
bdwgc: add a recipe from oe-core 2017-06-16 Alexander Kanavin Master Next
beagleboard-test-scripts: Add a script for flashing NAND. 2011-07-06 Joel A Fernandes New
beagleboard-test-scripts: BeagleBoard userbutton detection for flashing 2011-07-16 Joel A Fernandes New
beagleboard-test-scripts: userbutton state detection: Remove userspace scripts 2011-07-26 Joel A Fernandes New
binutils: Update from 2.20.1 to 2.20.1a 2011-09-09 errodeveloper New
bitbake.conf: fix LZMA_COMPRESSION_LEVEL, because lzma has no -e option 2011-03-22 Henning Heinold New
bluez4: remove `DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1"` 2011-04-26 Paul Menzel New
bluez4: two patches for 4.98 2012-02-22 Vita Preskovsky New new recipe for building bluez-4.95 2011-10-11 Vita Preskovsky New
boost: Change HOST_* to BUILD_* 2011-04-12 Ben Gamari New
cc1 and cc1plus had about 20 mbytes of debug information each, in the final redistributable form.... 2011-03-07 Dick Hollenbeck New
chromium: enable aarch64 support 2017-04-07 Andrey Konovalov New
conf/bitbake: improve compression image handling 2011-03-24 Otavio Salvador New
corosync: 2.4.2 -> 2.4.3 2017-11-02 Kang Kai Changes Requested
crda with wireless-regdb separated 2011-04-24 Dvorkin Dmitry New
crda: check the word size of target instead of host machine. 2016-11-30 Haiqing Bai New
curlpp: add curl c++ bindings 2013-12-02 Changes Requested
cyrus-sasl: several fixes 2013-07-17 Changes Requested
dasher-gpe_0.0-svn: task configure fails with `Your intltool is too old.` 2011-04-16 Paul Menzel New
devmem2: ensure word is 32-bit, add support for 64-bit double 2018-06-19 Denys Dmytriyenko Changes Requested
dhcpcd: fix GNU hash 2012-03-20 New
dietlibc.bbclass: require dietlibc-cross 2011-04-26 Enrico Scholz New
dietlibc: rewrote recipes 2011-04-26 Enrico Scholz New
distro-feed-configs: use ${FEED_ARCH} instead of ${PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHES} and bump PR 2011-06-03 Simon Busch New
Don't use host version of libblas and liblapack for python-numpy 2011-11-16 Laurent Pinchart New
do_compile of gcc-cross-sdk-4.5 fails with -mfloat-abi=hard 2011-03-29 Khem Raj New
e2fsprogs: change mode of non-links only 2011-01-13 Enrico Scholz Changes Requested Expand retry logic to work around internal compiler errors 2016-01-29 Erkka Kääriä New
eglibc: use HTTP for svn checkout 2010-12-13 Ryan D Phillips Under Review
ell: Initial recipe for Embedded Linux Library 2017-02-26 Ankit Navik New
emacs: add emacs 23.2,remove old emacs 2011-04-15 Denis Carikli New
enabling c6run custom app recipes patch 2011-08-22 Shane Volpe New
enhance lib/oe/ for ".tar.lzma" files 2011-07-26 Dick Hollenbeck New
enjoy: add alsa and autodetect gst modules. Without autodetect, enjoy segfaults. Without alsa, no... 2011-06-13 Pau Espin Pedrol New
error in push of origin/ 2011-05-03 Paul Menzel New
esound: Upgrade to 0.2.41 2017-06-09 Khem Raj New
farsight: fix implicit pkgconfig dependency causing configure fail 2017-02-20 Paul Gortmaker New
fbida: Fix compile-host-path error 2017-04-07 Marek Vasut New
firefox, cef3, chromium: blacklist, fails to build with gcc-6 2016-06-08 Martin Jansa New
Fix "failed sanity test tmpdir" for libnice and update PNBLACKLIST. 2016-05-05 Noor Ahsan Changes Requested
Fix bluetooth.h compilation error with strict C 2016-02-09 Ankur Tyagi New
Fix broken package fbida 2017-05-12 Stefano Babic New
Fix ctorrent build failure by using --disable-maintainer-mode option 2012-01-05 philby john New
Fix typo in ctcs that causes build failure 2012-01-05 philby john New
Fixed build of qt4-tools-native on Gentoo 2011-04-12 Ciprian Ciubotariu New
flite has naming conflicts with tslib 2011-03-10 Tarjei Knapstad New
florence: add explicit dependency on gconf-native to fix install error 2017-02-20 Paul Gortmaker New
Fwd: [PATCH] wvstreams: Set optimization to -O0 to avoid breaking stack protection. 2014-04-10 Søren Holm Changes Requested
gcc internal executables have debug information attached 2011-03-07 Dick Hollenbeck New
gcc: Package libstdc++ gdb python helpers into dev package 2011-06-09 Khem Raj New
gd : CVE-2016-10166 2017-04-06 Catalin Enache New
gd : CVE-2016-10167, CVE-2016-10168 2017-04-07 Catalin Enache New
gd : CVE-2016-6906 2017-05-22 Catalin Enache New
genext2fs: patch for fixing inode based symlink string length limit 2011-07-20 Alexander Stohr New
gflags: change download name. 2017-06-09 Ismo Puustinen New
gitpkgv.bbclass: cache GITPKGV result 2011-04-26 Enrico Scholz New
glibc-initial task do_rig_locales failed 2011-05-09 Julian Pidancet New
gpe-mini-browser2_svn : remove fixes SRCREV 2011-07-21 Philippe De Swert New
gphoto2: search libdir in sysroot 2011-03-25 Jan Kobler New
gst-ffmpeg: fix license information 2011-05-06 Punya Prakash New
gst-plugin-schroedinger: use `${INC_PR}` for `PR` 2011-04-17 Paul Menzel New
gst-plugins-good: v4l2src: Make Leapoard Imaging VGA Camera work out of the box 2011-07-29 Joel A Fernandes New
gthumb: fix implict dependency on gconf causing configure fail 2017-02-20 Paul Gortmaker New
gtk-icon-cache bbclass: only add runtime dependencies on hicolor-icon-theme when installing icons 2011-08-01 Koen Kooi New
guilt-native: changed SRC_URI 2011-11-01 New
Ignore externals from a SVN source in SRC_URI 2011-04-04 Francois Retief New (classpathx) doesn't install inetlib.jar to the sysroot 2011-08-19 Miroslav Kes New
inetutils: add package config pam 2015-08-20 Kang Kai New
initscripts: don't background volatile creation 2011-06-24 Christopher Larson New
initscripts: Improve parsing of mount parameters in order to fix remounting of rw jffs2. 2011-05-03 Florian Boor New remove unused `do_stage()` 2011-03-22 Paul Menzel New
Issue with 2014-05-29 Dave Hylands New
jack: remove (non-existing) package jack from dependencies of jack-dev 2017-04-07 Florian Wickert New
jakarta-libs: fix SRC_URIs for avalon-framework, logkit 2011-08-08 Jesse Gilles New
libecj-bootstrap_3.6*: update `SRC_URI` to `` to fix fetch error 2011-05-23 Paul Menzel New
libgphoto2: remove bash runtime dependency. 2017-01-25 Ismo Puustinen New
libhugetlbfs: add support for armv7a 2013-10-18 Anders Roxell Changes Requested
libhugetlbfs: x86 - don't link against host libs 2015-04-14 Changes Requested
libjpeg-turbo: fix libturbojpeg packaging 2015-09-02 Changes Requested
libmicrohttpd: Fix a segmentation fault on upgrade error 2017-05-05 New
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