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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
opkg-utils: Add basic PACKAGECONFIG for python dependencies 2014-01-17 Richard Purdie New
opkg-utils: allow disabling update-alternatives 2014-08-06 Sujith H New
opkg-utils: allow disabling update-alternatives 2014-08-06 Sujith H New
opkg-utils: allow disabling update-alternatives 2014-08-07 Sujith H New
opkg-utils: allow disabling update-alternatives 2014-08-08 Sujith H New
opkg-utils: allow disabling update-alternatives 2014-08-11 Sujith H New
opkg-utils: extend to nativesdk 2012-04-18 Jonas Danielsson New
opkg-utils: Remove strange PACKAGES native override 2014-01-17 Richard Purdie New
opkg-utils: Update SRCREV 2014-07-31 Paul Barker New
opkg-utils: Update to latest git master 2014-03-07 Paul Barker New
opkg/opkg-utils/chkconfig: Clean up u-a-cworth references 2014-01-17 Richard Purdie New
opkg: Don't call sync() when installing into an offline root 2012-09-29 Phil Blundell New
opkg: Drop unnecessary FILESDIR setting 2012-11-19 Richard Purdie New
opkg: Ensure we use the uname/gname fields when extracting tarballs 2011-11-11 Richard Purdie New
opkg: Protect add-exclude.patch from malloc failure 2014-08-14 Paul Barker New
opkg: Update svn 625 -> 633 and fix preinst issues 2011-12-17 Richard Purdie New
opkg: Upgrade to v0.2.1 2014-02-19 Paul Barker New
opkg: Upgrade to v0.2.2 2014-04-24 Paul Barker New
oprofile: add AArch64 support 2013-01-16 Marcin Juszkiewicz New
oprofile: Partially fix separate builddir support 2014-03-02 Richard Purdie New
oprofileui-server/oprofileui/pcmanfm: Add missing intltool-native DEPENDS 2014-06-02 Richard Purdie New
oprofileui-server_git: add avahi-daemon to RDEPENDS list 2014-04-22 Adrian Calianu New
orc: Add generic license 2013-05-15 Drew Moseley New
orc: version 0.4.18 migrated from meta-oe 2013-11-06 dv New
os-release: Adding a new recipe for operating system identification 2014-08-01 Sujith H New
ossp-uuid: Use alternative source mirror 2014-02-01 Khem Raj New fix compilation on Fedora 13 machine 2012-07-26 Matthew McClintock New
own-mirrors: Add gitsm:// mirror support 2014-06-24 Richard Purdie New
package bbclass: allow per package PRIVATE_LIBS 2012-01-26 Koen Kooi New
package install failure on systems without /sbin/ldconfig 2012-07-09 Amy Fong New
package install failure on systems without /sbin/ldconfig 2012-07-10 Amy Fong New
package.bbclass: add a stub implementation of package_name_hook 2014-07-01 Ross Burton New
package.bbclass: Add ASSUME_SONAME variable 2014-08-13 Aymeric Dumaz New
package.bbclass: Add CONFFILES to list of package specific variables 2014-04-07 Richard Purdie New
package.bbclass: Create symlinks for packages with different packaged name 2012-06-28 Andrei Gherzan New
package.bbclass: don't error when the root doesn't exist in do_split_packages 2012-07-25 Ross Burton New
package.bbclass: don't error when the root doesn't exist in do_split_packages 2012-07-25 Ross Burton New
package.bbclass: do_split_packages should always return something. 2014-02-14 Josua Mayer New
package.bbclass: fix shared library symlink snapping 2011-12-20 Juraj Hercek New
package.bbclass: Fix split_and_strip_files when file has single quote (') 2013-11-01 New
package.bbclass: Fixup for using common function 2014-08-21 Richard Purdie New
package.bbclass: Handle subprocess errors correctly 2013-03-25 Richard Purdie New
package.bbclass: Let pn be eglibc for eglibc-locale 2012-07-26 Saul Wold New
package.bbclass: Optimise the per file rpm handling 2012-02-10 Richard Purdie New
package.bbclass: Remove redundant chmod/chown operations 2013-05-02 Phil Blundell New
package.bbclass: search for dangling links in installation directory 2012-10-13 Enrico Scholz New
package.bbclass: skip already-stripped QA test if asked for 2013-09-06 Khem Raj New
package.bbclass: Skip testing "packages" a second time. 2013-01-03 Robert P. J. Day New log rpmdeps call 2014-02-18 Martin Jansa New
package: Add cachedpath optimisation 2013-03-15 Richard Purdie New
package: Convert dylib handling from .la to otool 2014-08-02 Richard Purdie New
package: Don't remap names in packagegroup recipes 2014-08-19 Richard Purdie New
package: Drop do_package_write task 2014-02-24 Richard Purdie New
package: Fix pkgdest for darwin shlibs code 2014-08-02 Richard Purdie New
package: Keep global pkgfiles[] up to date when snapping library symlinks 2014-01-10 Phil Blundell New
package: let dependency on a package name to be architecture specific 2014-03-05 Ming Liu New
package: Remove the before do_build constraint of the do_package task 2014-02-12 Richard Purdie New Fix get_subpkgedata_fn for multilib 2012-03-08 Matthew McClintock New
packagegroup-core-boot: add VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_network_manager 2013-02-08 New
packagegroup-core-directfb: Set PACKAGE_ARCH to MACHINE_ARCH 2014-08-27 Otavio Salvador New
packagegroup-core-lsb: fix warning text 2014-05-15 Cristiana Voicu New
packagegroup-core-standalone-sdk-target: Add qemuwrapper-cross to target sysroot 2014-01-22 David Nyström New
packagegroup-core-standalone-sdk-target: include static libs 2014-07-28 Ben Shelton New
packagegroup-core-tools-debug: Drop MACHINE_ARCH as PACKAGE_ARCH 2014-08-19 Richard Purdie New
packagegroup-core-tools-profile: add systemd-analyze 2013-11-21 Ross Burton New
packagegroup-core-tools-testapps: Move piglit to X11TOOLS 2014-03-29 Otavio Salvador New
packagegroup-self-hosted: Add missing python code 2013-08-30 Cristian Iorga New
packagegroup/allarch: Convert to use allarch class 2012-11-25 Richard Purdie New
packagegroup: Make allarch inherit conditional 2014-08-19 Richard Purdie New
packagegroup: Move inherit packagegroup to after PACKAGE_ARCH 2014-08-19 Richard Purdie New
packageinfo.bbclass: Fix crash in hob 2012-09-06 Jason Wessel New
package_*.bbclass: Simplify addtask 2014-03-28 Richard Purdie New
package_deb.bbclass: don't handle advanced dependency marker as version number 2012-05-10 Marko Lindqvist New
package_deb/package_ipk: Cleanup control file handling/races 2013-11-05 Richard Purdie New
package_deb: Map TARGET_ARCH x86_64 to DPKG_ARCH amd64 2014-03-11 Ricardo Ribalda Delgado New
package_deb: Remove version from Provides Field 2014-03-13 Ricardo Ribalda Delgado New
package_ipk: apply umask to control and conffiles 2012-03-10 Andreas Oberritter New Fix $i -> %s in bb.note 2014-02-19 Martin Jansa New
package_manager: Ensure we don't process directories twice 2014-03-26 Richard Purdie New
package_manager: Fix apt-ftparchive index creation problems 2014-03-26 Richard Purdie New
package_manager: Fix Argument list too long 2014-05-07 Ricardo Ribalda Delgado New
package_manager: Fix NoneType Object on do_populate_sdk 2014-05-07 Ricardo Ribalda Delgado New
package_rpm.bbclass : escape "%" in files and directories name 2013-10-29 Sébastien Mennetrier New
package_rpm.bbclass: fix /etc/rpm/platform generation 2013-04-18 Bogdan Marinescu New
package_rpm.bbclass: Replace shell provides/requires script with python version 2012-04-26 Richard Purdie New
package_rpm/dev/ipk/tar: Drop unused functions 2013-02-17 Richard Purdie New
package_rpm: Fix a race with package_deb/package_ipk 2014-01-15 Richard Purdie New
package_rpm: fix small indentation error 2014-02-11 Ross Burton New
package_rpm: Fix useradd preinst ordering issues 2012-04-11 Richard Purdie New
package_rpm: Fix useradd preinst ordering issues 2012-04-12 Steve Sakoman New
package_rpm: only claim ownership of empty directories 2014-07-22 Ross Burton New
package_rpm: Remove need for locking 2013-11-05 Richard Purdie New
packagroup-base: use virtual runtime instead of keymap 2012-12-07 Ciprian Ciubotariu New
pam: Add libtirpc to build dependencies 2013-05-14 Khem Raj New
pango modules postinst issue 2012-08-20 Andreas Müller New
pango: add libpng to DEPENDS 2013-04-16 Koen Kooi New
pango: Avoid build failure if no modules were installed 2013-04-26 Phil Blundell New
pango: don't try to split modules if none were installed 2012-09-30 Phil Blundell New
pango: enable ptest 2014-05-15 Ross Burton New
pango: Fix postinst 2014-02-27 Martin Jansa New