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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
QEMU with ARM Cortex A9 with hard float configuration - Kernel panic 2013-08-25 Elvis Dowson New
qemu-git: Move to tip of git 2012-08-21 Khem Raj New
qemu-native: depend on unfs-server-native 2012-05-02 Jason Wessel New do_install question / 2012-02-28 McClintock Matthew-B29882 New Allow optional use of pkg-config from the HOST 2014-07-30 Richard Purdie New depend on qemu-native only with runqemu DISTRO_FEATURE 2013-02-04 Martin Jansa New Fix typo for KERNEL_FEATURES 2013-09-13 Saul Wold New Use '=' for IMAGE_FSTYPES 2012-03-23 Tom Rini New
qemu/local.conf.sample: Add sdl PACKAGECONFIG 2013-12-15 Richard Purdie New
qemu: Add missing wacom HID descriptor 2014-11-27 Richard Purdie New
qemu: add recommend of kernel-modules for all qemu machines 2013-09-04 Ross Burton New
qemu: add wrapper for qemu-mips binary 2012-10-03 Laurentiu Palcu New
qemu: backport patch to fix pl031 RTC 2012-08-08 New
qemu: disable vnc-jpeg compression 2012-05-22 Saul Wold New
qemu: disable vte if gtk is also disabled 2014-12-11 Richard Tollerton New
qemu: Enabled SDL when compiling for target architecture 2013-02-06 Mihai Prica New
qemu: explicitly disable xen support 2013-11-13 Ming Liu New
qemu: Fixed running QEMU with virtio error reporting 2012-10-03 Cristian Iorga New
qemu: Fixup target sdl configuration to use PACKAGECONFIG 2014-08-14 Richard Purdie New
qemu: remove revert to vmware vga driver 2013-03-13 Alexandru DAMIAN New
qemu: Remove stray .git files after unpacking 2014-01-09 Phil Blundell New
qemu: remove task sanitize_sources 2014-11-10 Kang Kai New
qemu: security patch for CVE-2014-3471 2014-07-17 Daniel BORNAZ New
qemu: update to latest stable version and git revision 2014-10-09 Kang Kai New
qemu: Upgrade to 1.3.1 2013-02-13 Khem Raj New
qemu: Upgrade to 1.4.0 release 2013-02-27 Khem Raj New
qemu: upgrade to 1.6.0 2013-09-17 Chris Patterson New
qemu: upgrade to 1.6.1 2013-10-16 Chris Patterson New
qemu: upgrade to 2.2.0 2014-12-18 Kang Kai New
qemu: use default qemu CPU definition 2013-04-15 Cristian Iorga New
qemu: use default qemu CPU definition 2013-04-15 Cristian Iorga New
qemu: use default qemu CPU definition 2013-04-09 Alexandru DAMIAN New
qemu: use PACKAGECONFIG to address libaio/attr/libcap dependencies 2013-07-03 Ting Liu New
qemuimage-testlib: test all supported FSTYPES 2013-05-10 Stanacar, StefanX New
qemux86-64: Support for KVM, paravirt and virtio added 2012-09-19 Cristian Iorga New
qemux86-64: Support for KVM, paravirt and virtio added 2012-09-19 Cristian Iorga New
qemux86-64: Support for KVM, paravirt and virtio added 2012-09-18 Cristian Iorga New
qemux86: disable paravirt guest, causes test failures 2013-05-07 Ross Burton New
qemux86: Support for KVM, paravirt and virtio added 2012-09-17 Cristian Iorga New
qemux86: Support for KVM, paravirt and virtio added 2012-09-17 Cristian Iorga New
qmake: add linux-qnuspe to the list of supported targets 2012-09-04 Matthew McClintock New
Qt embedded, touchscreens, and cursors 2013-06-27 Steve Sakoman New
qt-mobility: split into smaller packages 2012-12-07 Ciprian Ciubotariu New
qt-x11-free-native: Use private libpng 2012-12-22 Saul Wold New
qt4-embedded - jpeg, gif, tiff support 2014-02-24 John Stirling New
qt4-tools-nativesdk-4.8.0: fix build 2012-01-25 Eric BENARD New depend on tiff 2012-02-27 Andreas Oberritter New
qt4: add missing libglu dependency 2012-11-05 Ross Burton New
qt4: Avoid circular dependencies with multilib 2012-10-02 Richard Purdie New
qt4: fix sed to have correct *.pc files 2011-11-29 Eric BENARD New
qt4: move from 4.8.0 to 4.8.1 2012-03-28 Andreas Oberritter New
qt4: qt-mobility: fix QML video player crash 2011-11-29 Anatolij Gustschin New
qtdemo-init: Make qtdemo startup correctly 2014-09-18 Yi Zhao New
quagga/ripd: Fix two bugs after received SIGHUP signal 2013-10-24 Xufeng Zhang New
Question about aarch64 target 2014-08-27 Kang Kai New
quilt: add ac_cv_path_BASH to CACHED_CONFIGUREVARS also for native 2014-01-23 Ming Liu New
Random fixes from the Mentor Graphics push queue 2013-11-27 Christopher Larson New
Re-execution of tasks - test report and results 2012-04-02 Richard Purdie New
readline: apply upstream patches 2012-11-28 Marko Lindqvist New
README: Update link to current Yocto documentation. 2012-11-24 Robert P. J. Day New
Recent xserver-kdrive failure and util-macros update 2012-01-04 Gary Thomas New
Recipes with disabled parallel make 2012-03-02 Yuri Bushmelev New
Recipes with disabled parallel make 2012-03-02 Yuri Bushmelev New
recipes-devtools/qemu/ Add jpeg as a dependency 2012-05-22 Jason Wessel New
recipes-devtools: Add OVMF recipe 2014-08-12 Matt Fleming New
recipes-devtools: fix segfault in lib32-gcc with "." multilib_dir 2014-06-23 Paul Gortmaker New
recipes-qt: add fix for QWSLock on qt4e 2013-08-24 Eric Nelson New
recipes.txt: Add entries for "recipes-rt" and "recipes-support" 2012-07-04 Robert P. J. Day New
recipes: Add missing pkgconfig class inherits 2014-06-02 Richard Purdie New
recipes: Fix ALLOW_EMPTY with no package specified 2013-04-15 Richard Purdie New
Refuse to run bitbake on a kernel that is too old. 2014-10-20 Jeffrey Honig New Allow script to work with Python 2.4 and 3. 2013-10-16 Konrad Scherer New fix lib path error 2014-06-06 New
remake: added PV to git package recipe 2013-02-28 Emilia Ciobanu New
Remove "SRC_URI_OVERRIDES_PACKAGE_ARCH = 0" from 2014-08-08 Robert P. J. Day New
Remove last remnants of kernel26 MACHINE_FEATURES 2012-01-06 Steve Sakoman New
Remove long-deprecated "task-core" backward compat for packagegroups. 2014-07-14 Robert P. J. Day New
Remove redundant reference to "task-self-hosted" from 2012-03-29 Robert P. J. Day New
Remove reference to long-dead arm26 architecture. 2012-06-23 Robert P. J. Day New
Remove remnants of deleted "do_package_write" task. 2014-08-06 Robert P. J. Day New
Remove superfluous usage of BBEXTRA in oe-buildenv-internal 2012-03-22 Robert P. J. Day New
Remove ttyS* from /etc/inittab that are not present 2011-11-17 Matthew McClintock New
Removed undisplayed picture from connman-gnome 2012-12-17 Andrei Dinu New
Replace "echo -e" with "printf" to have the same behavior in dash or bash 2012-09-20 Andrei Gherzan New
Replace Python 3.3.x with Python 3.4.2 2014-11-12 Artur Wroblewski New
report-error: Handle the case no logfile exists 2014-12-20 Richard Purdie New
resolvconf/initscripts: Change resolv.conf generation for sysvinit 2014-06-26 Jate S New
Revert "cross-canadian: Handle powerpc linux verses linux-gnuspe" 2014-01-10 David Nyström New
Revert "glib-2.0: Specify libiconv when building on uclibc" 2013-11-07 Khem Raj New
Revert "kernel.bbclass: add deploy link to KERNEL_IMAGETYPE" 2013-03-19 Andreas Oberritter New
Revert "opkg svn: respect to the arch priority" 2012-09-28 Koen Kooi New
Revert " Bump to pseudo 1.4.4." 2013-02-13 Khem Raj New
Revert "scripts/bitbake: ensure user is in build directory" 2012-03-15 Andreas Oberritter New
Revert "systemd: move the binaries to /sbin/systemd" 2013-04-16 Enrico Scholz New
Revert "update-rc.d: disable update-rc.d.bbclass when systemd enabled" 2013-02-07 Ross Burton New
RFC bitbake patch: report individual changes to dict 2012-10-19 Mike Crowe New
RFC, DO-NOT-MERGE gcc-cross: don't create symlinks for tools which don't exist 2014-04-03 Martin Jansa New
RFC: Locked down sstate cache usage 2013-12-02 Richard Purdie New
RFC: [PATCH 0/1] Build system/SDK/ADT differ in toolchain config 2012-07-10 Mark Hatle New
RFC: [PATCH 00/16] denzil pull request 2 2012-06-12 Scott Garman New