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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-cgl] resource-agents: use /run instead of /var/run in systemd service file 2020-10-19 New
[meta-anaconda] libgnomekbd: add recipe which was removed from meta-openembedded 2020-09-24 New
[meta-cgl,V3] ucarp: fix build error with gcc-10 2020-09-24 New
[meta-cgl] crmsh: remove python-setuptools-native from DEPENDS 2020-09-24 New
[meta-cgl] meta-cgl-common: depend on meta-python2 layer 2020-09-23 New
[meta-cgl] pacemaker: Fix build with -fno-common 2020-09-23 New
[meta-selinux] dhcp: remove bbappend file 2020-09-08 New
[meta-cgl] resource-agents: fix QA issue 2020-03-26 New
[meta-tensorflow] tensorflow: fix logger issue on python 3.8 2020-02-21 New
[meta-tensorflow] tensorflow: fix compilation error 2020-02-21 New
[meta-tensorflow,2/2] layer.conf: depend on meta-python2 2020-02-21 New
[meta-tensorflow,1/2] bazel-native: inherit pythonnative to fix do_compile error 2020-02-21 New
[meta-anaconda] .gitignore: add *.pyc and *.pyo 2019-06-11 New
[meta-anaconda] add ldconfig to DISTRO_FEATURES 2019-06-06 New
[meta-selinux] audit: change to use ${WORKDIR} instead ${S}/../ 2019-04-15 New