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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-selinux] refpolicy: refresh patches 2019-04-19 Yi Zhao New
[meta-selinux] refpolicy: update source checksums for refpolicy 20190201 2019-04-19 Yi Zhao New
[meta-selinux] selinux: remove git version 2019-04-02 Yi Zhao New
[meta-selinux] linux-yocto: add bbappend for kernel 5.0 2019-03-19 Yi Zhao New
[meta-security] oe-scap: fix inconsistent indentation 2019-03-08 Yi Zhao New
[meta-security] openscap-daemon: backport patch to fix build error with python 3.7 2019-03-07 Yi Zhao New
[meta-security] scap-security-guide: use makefile generator instead of ninja for cmake 2019-03-07 Yi Zhao New
[meta-selinux,2/2] selinux-image.bbclass: using append instead of += for IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND 2019-01-25 Yi Zhao New
[meta-selinux,1/2] refpolicy: upgrade 2.20170204 -> 2.20180701 2019-01-25 Yi Zhao New
[meta-selinux,2/2] openssh: update sshd_config 2019-01-18 Yi Zhao New
[meta-selinux,1/2] remove trailing whitespace 2019-01-18 Yi Zhao New