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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-rockchip,v2,4/4] WIP linux-yocto: add a NanoPi-M4 BSP 2021-04-01 New
[meta-rockchip,v2,3/4] NanoPi-M4: let all variants use the same KMACHINE type 2021-04-01 New
[meta-rockchip,v2,2/4] rockchip-defaults: don't force KCONFIG_MODE to alldefconfig 2021-04-01 New
[meta-rockchip,v2,1/4] linux-yocto: reduce bbappend duplication 2021-04-01 New
[meta-rockchip,v3] NanoPi-M4: add machines 2021-03-23 New
[psplash,3/3] Generate image headers from their PNG source, while still including them in dist ta... 2019-08-30 New
[psplash,1/3] Cleanup poky logo 2019-08-30 New