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[yocto-docs] ref-features.xml: Remove documentation for the removed irda feature 2019-05-16 Adrian Bunk New
[yocto-docs] ref-manual: Correct the requirements for KERNEL_DEVICETREE 2019-08-23 Adrian Bunk New
[yocto-docs] ref-manual: Corrected openSUSE essential packages 2019-06-06 Michael Halstead New
[yocto-docs] ref-manual: Fix typo 2019-02-21 Daniel Ammann New
[yocto-docs] ref-manual: mention PREPROCESS_RELOCATE_DIRS variable 2019-08-12 Martin Jansa New
[yocto-docs] ref-manual: Remove documentation for the removed bluez5 distro feature 2019-07-15 Adrian Bunk New
[yocto-docs] ref-manual: Remove documentation for the removed gnome class 2019-07-31 Adrian Bunk New
[yocto-docs] ref-manual: Sync list of image types with source 2019-07-22 Daniel Ammann New
[yocto-docs] ref-system-requirements: add Debian 10 to supported distribution list 2019-07-15 Ross Burton New
[yocto-docs] ref-system-requirements: update support distribution list 2019-10-09 Ross Burton New
[yocto-doc] ref-manual: fix copy-paste style error (`SRC_URI`) 2019-03-11 Filip JareŇ° New
[yocto-kernel-tools] tools/kconf_check: modify grep pattern 2018-12-11 Hongzhi.Song New
[yocto-kernel-tools] tools: Provide alternative to 2020-01-16 Nikolay Merinov via Lists.Yoctoproject.Org New
[[meta-mingw] libgcrypt: disable amd64 optimization 2020-02-25 Mark Hatle New
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