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[meta-zephyr,2/2] zephyr-coap-client: Add recipe for CoAP client 2021-06-21 New
[meta-zephyr,1/2] zephyr-coap-server: Add recipe for CoAP server 2021-06-21 New
[meta-zephyr,v2,5/5] zephyr-mqtt-publisher: Add recipe for mqtt publisher 2021-06-07 New
[meta-zephyr,v2,4/5] zephyr-websocket-client: Add recipe for websocket client 2021-06-07 New
[meta-zephyr,v2,3/5] zephyr-http-client: Add recipe for http client 2021-06-07 New
[meta-zephyr,v2,2/5] zephyr-echo-client: Add recipe for echo client 2021-06-07 New
[meta-zephyr,v2,1/5] zephyr-kernel: Clone mbedtls 2021-06-07 New
[meta-rockchip,6/6] WIP kernel config feature for OP-TEE activation 2021-04-13 New
[meta-rockchip,5/6] WIP nanopi-m4: declare OP-TEE presence in devicetree 2021-04-13 New
[meta-rockchip,4/6] WIP optee-os: rk3399 support 2021-04-13 New
[meta-rockchip,3/6] u-boot: include optee-os as BL32 when requested by DISTRO_FEATURE 2021-04-13 New
[meta-rockchip,2/6] truster-firmware-a: include optee support when requested by DISTRO_FEATURE 2021-04-13 New
[meta-rockchip,1/6] optee: condition for "optee" DISTRO_FEATURE 2021-04-13 New
[meta-rockchip,v2,4/4] WIP linux-yocto: add a NanoPi-M4 BSP 2021-04-01 New
[meta-rockchip,v2,3/4] NanoPi-M4: let all variants use the same KMACHINE type 2021-04-01 New
[meta-rockchip,v2,2/4] rockchip-defaults: don't force KCONFIG_MODE to alldefconfig 2021-04-01 New
[meta-rockchip,v2,1/4] linux-yocto: reduce bbappend duplication 2021-04-01 New
[meta-rockchip,v3] NanoPi-M4: add machines 2021-03-23 New
[meta-zephyr,v3] zephyr-kernel: add Zephyr RTOS version 2.3.0 support 2020-09-22 New
[meta-selinux] setools: Add native support 2020-08-07 New
[yocto-autobuilder-helper,zeus] config.json: Override BBTARGETS for meta-intel 2020-04-09 New
[yocto-autobuilder-helper,2/2] setup-config: Add multiconfig setup support 2020-03-24 New
[yocto-autobuilder-helper,1/2] utils: Add getconfiglistfilter() to return config based on regexpr 2020-03-24 New
[yocto-autobuilder2] config: Fix giturl for meta-virtualization Layer 2020-03-16 New
[meta-gplv2,v2] dosfstools: fix out of bound writes 2019-11-11 New
documentation: Update multiconfig syntax and explanation on BBMULTICONFIG 2019-10-09 New
[psplash,3/3] Generate image headers from their PNG source, while still including them in dist ta... 2019-08-30 New
[psplash,1/3] Cleanup poky logo 2019-08-30 New
[meta-selinux] selinux: add nativesdk support for libselinux, libsepol and setfiles 2019-07-08 New
[meta-selinux] Backport patches from upstream to fix build with musl 2019-02-28 New
[poky] Bug 8729 - grub: create a script to boot between rootfs and a maintenance partition 2018-11-10 New
[meta-cgl] heartbeat: don't use trailing slash in S 2020-10-21 New
[meta-cgl] resource-agents: use /run instead of /var/run in systemd service file 2020-10-19 New
[v2] cluster-glue: improve reproducibility 2020-09-28 New
[meta-cgl] pacemaker: improve reproducibility 2020-09-24 New
[meta-anaconda] libgnomekbd: add recipe which was removed from meta-openembedded 2020-09-24 New
[meta-cgl,V3] ucarp: fix build error with gcc-10 2020-09-24 New
[meta-cgl] crmsh: remove python-setuptools-native from DEPENDS 2020-09-24 New
[meta-cgl] meta-cgl-common: depend on meta-python2 layer 2020-09-23 New
[meta-cgl] pacemaker: Fix build with -fno-common 2020-09-23 New
[meta-selinux] dhcp: remove bbappend file 2020-09-08 New
[meta-cgl] ucarp: don't hardcode the path for ifconfig 2020-08-07 New
[meta-cgl] ucarp: force to use TLS1.2 during do_fetch 2020-07-17 New
[meta-selinux] checkpolicy: remove unused te_assertions 2020-06-18 New
[meta-selinux] libselinux-python: Fix one invalid link 2020-04-23 New
[meta-cgl] crmsh: add python3-* rdepends 2020-04-01 New
[meta-cgl] resource-agents: fix QA issue 2020-03-26 New
[meta-cgl] kernel: Rename linux-yocto bbappend without major version 2020-03-06 New
[meta-tensorflow] tensorflow: fix logger issue on python 3.8 2020-02-21 New
[meta-tensorflow] tensorflow: fix compilation error 2020-02-21 New
[meta-tensorflow,2/2] layer.conf: depend on meta-python2 2020-02-21 New
[meta-tensorflow,1/2] bazel-native: inherit pythonnative to fix do_compile error 2020-02-21 New
[meta-selinux] audit: add clock_settime64 syscall 2020-02-19 New
[meta-gplv2] bison: fix builds with gettext 0.20.x 2020-01-16 New
[est-oe] Add SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later to source files 2019-12-17 New
[error-report-web,V2] Add local.conf and auto.conf into error details 2019-11-12 New
[meta-selinux,v2] kernel: Remove non-existing kernel option 2019-10-24 New
[meta-dpdk,RFC] dpdk: Remove v17 2019-09-24 New
[error-report-web] add local.conf and auto.conf as error details 2019-09-17 New
[meta-cgl,2/2] ocfs2-tools: Remove lsb from RDEPENDS 2019-09-17 New
[meta-cgl,1/2] core-image-cgl/core-image-cgl-initramfs: remove them 2019-09-17 New
[meta-dpdk] dpdk: Skip build if necessary kernel options is not included 2019-09-16 New
[meta-cgl] pacemaker: upgrade 1.1.19 -> 1.1.21 2019-09-02 New
[meta-cgl] monit: upgrade 5.25.2 -> 5.26.0 2019-09-02 New
[meta-cgl] libwww-perl: 6.35 -> 6.36 2019-09-02 New
[meta-dpdk,V2] dpdk: support usrmerge 2019-08-30 New
[meta-cloud-services] glusterfs: support usrmerge 2019-08-30 New
[meta-cloud-services,1/14] glusterfs: support usrmerge [LINUXEXEC-1807] 2019-08-30 New
[meta-dpdk] dpdk: igb_uio: fix build on Linux 5.3 for fall through 2019-08-05 New
[test-oe] correct filepath passed to pylint 2019-07-31 New
[meta-cloud-services] python-dateutil: Remove the bbappend 2019-07-24 New
[meta-dpdk] dpdk: Fix exmples and test _FORTIFY_SOURCE build failure 2019-07-10 New
[meta-cgl] cluster-glue: use git fetcher instead of the tarball source 2019-07-05 New
[meta-selinux,2/2] audit: use git fetcher instead of the tarball source 2019-07-05 New
[meta-selinux,v2,1/2] audit: upgrade 2.8.4 -> 2.8.5 2019-07-05 New
[meta-dpdk,v2] dpdk: Remove 18.05 2019-07-01 New
[meta-cloud-services,2/2] nss-pam-ldapd: add required distro feature check for pam 2019-07-01 New
[meta-cloud-services,1/2] meta-cloud-services: add layer depends on networking-layer 2019-07-01 New
[2/2] nss-pam-ldapd: add required distro feature check for pam 2019-06-27 New
[1/2] meta-cloud-services: add layer depends on networking-layer 2019-06-27 New
[poky] update-rc.d: update refer link 2019-06-21 New
[test,V2] patchtest: fix linux-yocto version 2019-06-13 New
[test,1/2] patchtest: fix virtio-9p-pci is not a valid device 2019-06-13 New
[1/2] patchtest: fix virtio-9p-pci is not a valid device 2019-06-13 New
[meta-dpdk] dpdk: Fix do_compile failure for qemux86 and qemux86-64 2019-06-11 New
[meta-dpdk] dpdk: mk: disable warning for packed member pointer 2019-06-11 New
[meta-anaconda] .gitignore: add *.pyc and *.pyo 2019-06-11 New
[meta-anaconda] add ldconfig to DISTRO_FEATURES 2019-06-06 New
samhain: add rconflict for client and server mode 2019-05-28 akuster Master Next
[V3] update-rc.d: support enable/disable options 2019-04-30 New
[meta-selinux] audit: change to use ${WORKDIR} instead ${S}/../ 2019-04-15 New
[test-oe] test_metadata_src_uri: new unittest detecting added patch files without modifying SRC_URI 2019-03-05 New
[test] core-image-patchtest: avoid skip parse recipe 2019-03-05 New
[meta-security,V2] xmlsec1: add PACKAGECONFIG disable-des 1 2019-02-28 akuster Master Next
u-boot: update commit id to the latest one of u-boot upstream 2019-01-28 New
[update-rc.d,V2] update-rc.d: support enable/disable function 2019-01-21 New
[V2,2/2] ref-variables.xml: update manual page for update-rc.d 2019-01-21 New
[V2,1/2] update-rc.d.bbclass: remove preinst and remove -f for postinst 2019-01-21 New
[meta-mingw,V2] testsdk: enhance extract sdk part 2019-01-17 New
[meta-mingw] mingw32-common: change mingw sdk to .zip type 2019-01-16 New
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