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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-oe,v4] usbguard: Initial recipe 2019-07-29 Ayoub Zaki Changes Requested
[meta-oe] libseccomp: import from meta-security 2019-07-25 Changes Requested
Created recipes for python2 and python3 packages for pysnmp and its dependencies. 2019-06-01 thstead Changes Requested
[OE-core,meta-oe,sumo] run-ptest: supplied user inputs to add_person_cpp 2019-03-05 Aditya Tayade akuster New
[meta-networking,v3] bird: initial import 2018-08-17 Joe MacDonald joeythesaint Changes Requested
[meta-oe] lvm2-udevrules: Add ALLOW_EMPTY 2018-07-31 Ovidiu Panait Under Review
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