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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-oe] logwarn: set correct paths and add missing dependency 2017-08-24 jackie huang Accepted
[meta-python] python-pycrypto: Security fix CVE-2013-7459 2017-08-24 Yi Zhao Accepted
[meta-perl,v3] logcheck: update to 1.3.18 and move to meta-perl 2017-08-24 jackie huang Master Next
[meta-oe] gflags: add runtime dependency on bash 2017-08-24 jackie huang Accepted
[meta-networking] openconnect: upgrade to 7.08 2017-08-24 Accepted
[meta-gnome] gnome-keyring: Fix compatibility with gcr 3 in oe-core 2017-08-23 Jason Wessel Superseded
meson: remove recipe and class 2017-08-23 Alexander Kanavin Accepted
[meta-oe] xorg-fonts-100dpi: unblacklist recipe 2017-08-23 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Accepted
[meta-networking] openconnect: fix parallel compilation failure 2017-08-23 Rejected
[meta-oe] gperftools: fixup HOMEPAGE 2017-08-23 Accepted
[meta-networking] tftp-hpa: add systemd unit files 2017-08-23 Accepted
[meta-networking,V2] netcf: upgrade to latest 0.2.8 2017-08-23 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[meta-oe,3/3] collectd: 5.7.1 -> 5.7.2 2017-08-23 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[meta-oe,2/3] gnulib: upgrade to 2017-08-20.18 2017-08-23 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[meta-networking,1/3] netcf: upgrade to latest 0.2.8 2017-08-23 Hongxu Jia Superseded
[meta-python,V2] python-m2crypto: Upgrade to 0.26.0 2017-08-23 Khem Raj Superseded
[meta-oe] vim: update to 8.0.0983 2017-08-23 Yi Zhao Accepted
[meta-python] python-markupsafe: Extend to build native version too 2017-08-22 Khem Raj Accepted
[meta-systemd] meta-systemd: remove this now pretty empty layer 2017-08-22 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-gpe] meta-gpe: remove this now pretty empty layer 2017-08-22 Martin Jansa Master Next
[meta-webserver] webmin: add systemd service file 2017-08-22 Accepted
[meta-oe] iperf3: 3.1.3 -> 3.2 2017-08-22 Kang Kai Accepted
[meta-perl] adduser: use get_perl_version instead of PERLVERSION 2017-08-22 jackie huang Accepted
[meta-oe] mozjs: customize HOST_CFLAGS 2017-08-22 jackie huang Accepted
[meta-oe] makedumpfile: update to 1.6.2 2017-08-22 Yi Zhao Accepted
[meta-oe,v2] Dhrystone: add recipe 2.1 2017-08-22 Jose Alarcon Accepted
[meta-oe] postgresql: update to 9.4.13 2017-08-22 Yi Zhao Accepted
[meta-oe] glibmm: fix perl path 2017-08-22 Robert Yang Accepted
[meta-webserver] sthttpd: update to 2.27.1 2017-08-22 Yi Zhao Accepted
[meta-python] python-requests: Update to version 2.18.4 2017-08-21 Fabio Berton Accepted
[meta-oe,v2] pcsc-lite: Update to 1.8.22 2017-08-21 Huang Qiyu Master Next
[meta-webserver] phpmyadmin: upgrade to 4.7.3 2017-08-21 jackie huang Accepted
[3/3] xmlrpc-c: add perl to RDEPENDS 2017-08-21 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[2/3] python3-pykickstart: tweak shebang to python3 2017-08-21 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[1/3] multipath-tools: add bash to RDEPENDS 2017-08-21 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[meta-networking] ipsec-tools: fix CVE-2016-10396 2017-08-21 Kang Kai Accepted
[meta-oe] rsyslog: CVE-2015-3243 2017-08-20 Zhixiong Chi Master Next
[meta-python,2/2] python*-pexpect: add v4.2.1 2017-08-19 Tim Orling Accepted
[meta-python,1/2] python*-ptyprocess: add v0.5.2 2017-08-19 Tim Orling Accepted
[meta-qt5] qt: refresh remaining patches and add links to meta-qt5 repos 2017-08-19 Martin Jansa Superseded
[meta-qt5] qtbase: disable gold to work around binutils bug 2017-08-19 Martin Jansa Superseded
[meta-networking] openvpn: 2.4.2 -> 2.4.3 2017-08-19 Kang Kai Accepted
[V3] efivar: Upgrade to 0.31 2017-08-18 Khem Raj Accepted
[meta-oe] pcsc-lite: Update tp 1.8.22 2017-08-18 Huang Qiyu Accepted
[meta-oe] gd: update to 2.2.4 2017-08-18 Yi Zhao Accepted
[meta-networking] quagga: update to 1.2.1 2017-08-18 Yi Zhao Accepted
[meta-oe,V2] libvpx: upgrade to 1.6.1 2017-08-18 Accepted
[meta-oe] rsyslog: install logrotate configuration file into correct location 2017-08-18 Accepted
[meta-oe] rsyslog: fix CVE-2017-12588 2017-08-17 Accepted
mariadb: 5.5.55 -> 5.5.57 2017-08-17 Kang Kai Accepted
[meta-oe,2/2] tipcutils: add runtime dependency for iproute2-tipc 2017-08-17 Yi Zhao Accepted
[meta-oe,1/2] iproute2: add bbappend for supporting tipc tool 2017-08-17 Yi Zhao Accepted
[meta-oe] openwsman: rename to 2.6.3 2017-08-17 Huang Qiyu Master Next
[meta-oe] openobex: disable building documentation 2017-08-17 Accepted
[meta-python] python-chardet: Extend to native and nativesdk 2017-08-16 Fabio Berton Accepted
[meta-oe,v2] start-stop-daemon: Only create a link in ${base_sbindir} if necessary 2017-08-16 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[meta-oe] start-stop-daemon: Only create a link in ${base_sbindir} if necessary 2017-08-16 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
wireshark: 2.2.7 -> 2.2.8 2017-08-16 Kang Kai Accepted
[meta-oe] fontforge: update to 20170731 to fix CVEs 2017-08-16 Wenzong Fan Accepted
[meta-oe,v2] vlock: add new recipe 2017-08-16 jackie huang Accepted
[meta-oe,v2] logcheck: update to 1.3.18 2017-08-16 jackie huang Master Next
[meta-networking] tcpdump: update to 4.9.1 to fix CVE-2017-11108 2017-08-16 Wenzong Fan Accepted
[meta-networking] freeradius: Upgrade to 3.0.15 2017-08-16 jackie huang Accepted
[meta-oe,1/1] php: disable this version by default 2017-08-15 Joe Slater Accepted
[meta-oe] mailx: Force mailx to build with openssl10 2017-08-15 Jason Wessel Accepted
[meta-networking] mailcap: upgrade to 2.1.48 2017-08-15 Huang Qiyu Accepted
[meta-python,3/3] python-m2crypto: Upgrade to 0.26.0 2017-08-15 Khem Raj Master Next
[meta-multimedia,2/3] caps: Mark ARCH empty 2017-08-15 Khem Raj Accepted
[meta-oe,1/3] gsoap: Upgrade to 2.8.51 2017-08-15 Khem Raj Accepted
[meta-oe,v2,1/1] php: move to version 7.1.8 from 7.1.7 2017-08-14 Joe Slater Accepted
[meta-python] python-pyro4: update to version 4.61 2017-08-14 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-pytest: update to version 3.2.1 2017-08-14 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-sqlalchemy: update to version 1.1.13 2017-08-14 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-cmd2: update to version 0.7.6 2017-08-14 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-wrapt: update to version 1.10.11 2017-08-14 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python,V2] python3-blivet: add recipe 2.2.0 2017-08-14 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[3/3] geany-plugins: update 1.30 -> 1.31 2017-08-13 Andreas Müller Accepted
[2/3] geany: update 1.30.1 -> 1.31 2017-08-13 Andreas Müller Accepted
[1/3] upower: update 0.99.4 -> 0.99.5 2017-08-13 Andreas Müller Accepted
[meta-oe] json-spirit: Add -latomic to LDFLAGS 2017-08-10 Ming Liu Accepted
[v2] opencv: update to version 3.3. 2017-08-10 Ismo Puustinen Accepted
[meta-oe] rapidjson: avoid dependency to non-existing package 2017-08-10 Stefan Agner Accepted
[meta-python] python-pytest: update to version 3.2.0 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-prompt-toolkit: update to version 1.0.15 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-django: update to version 1.11.4 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-requests: update to version 2.18.3 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python,2/2] python-cryptography: update to version 2.0.3 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python,1/2] python-cryptography-vectors: update to version 2.0.3 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-pyasn1: update to version 0.3.2 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-pymongo: update to version 3.5.0 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-iso8601: update to version 0.1.11 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-sdnotify: update to version 0.3.2 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-decorator: update to version 4.1.2 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-certifi: update to version 2017.7.27.1 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-typing: update to version 3.6.2 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
[meta-python] python-idna: update to version 2.6 2017-08-10 Derek Straka Accepted
imagemagick: upgrade from 7.0.6p4 to 7.0.6p5 2017-08-09 Randy MacLeod Superseded
[meta-qt5] gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: add qt5 packageconfig 2017-08-09 Carlos Rafael Giani Superseded
postfix: Upgrade to 3.2.2 2017-08-09 Khem Raj Accepted
[meta-webserver] webmin: update to version 1.850 2017-08-09 Derek Straka Accepted
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