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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
strace 4.5.20: stable since 04/14/2010 so remove DP=-1 2011-01-13 Eric BENARD Superseded
streamripper: fix depends and license 2011-04-14 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
stress-ng: upgrade to 0.09.09 and fix musl build 2018-01-10 Tim Orling Accepted
strongswan: 5.5.1 -> 5.5.3 2017-06-22 Accepted
strongswan: upgrade to 4.6.2 2012-03-16 Zhenhua Luo Superseded update recipe packaging to fix QA warnings and package all content 2012-08-08 Matthew McClintock Accepted
subversion: Fix issues in LDFLAGS sed manipulation 2016-12-07 Richard Purdie Accepted
sudo: upgrade to 1.7.4p6 2011-01-24 Scott Garman Accepted
swig: avoid host contamination, make build deterministic 2013-03-06 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
systemd: move to v40 and don't kill user processes on exit 2012-02-07 Koen Kooi Accepted
testbuilder/README: correct grammar and markup in Markdown [1] 2010-12-31 Paul Menzel Accepted be able to use branches other that testing-next 2011-02-11 Steffen Sledz Accepted
tftp-hpa: Add HOMEPAGE info into recipe file. 2017-09-04 Accepted
This patch applied to ltp script to make default set of test suits configurable wh... 2010-12-14 irfan sadiq Superseded
ti-pru-sw: Update SRC_REV 2011-01-03 Melissa Watkins Accepted
ti-pru-sw: Update SRC_REV to 24 2011-02-15 Melissa Watkins Accepted
ti-wifi-utils: install calibrator ini files to rootfs 2011-06-05 Eyal Reizer koen Superseded
tiobench: add recipe 2011-05-26 Ludovic Desroches Superseded
To make configurable for default tests 2010-12-15 irfan sadiq Accepted
toybox: Switch building from git src_uri 2017-10-11 Khem Raj Accepted
tslib-git: update to git master 2011-01-10 Eric BENARD Accepted
tslib: update project homepage 2017-10-17 Martin Kepplinger Accepted
tzcode-native: switch to 2011i as 2011g is no more fetchable 2011-09-06 Eric BENARD Superseded
u-boot for overo: Make is work by mainlining git:// 2011-04-14 Andreas Müller Superseded
u-boot-2009.03: Fix sector table direction for AMIC (hipox machine only) 2011-02-16 Mario Schuknecht Rejected allow variable make targets 2011-03-15 chase maupin Accepted
u-boot: Update to 2017.03 release 2017-03-27 Marek Vasut Not Applicable
u-boot_git: Ethernet MACID display fix for CraneBoard 2011-05-06 Anil kumar M Accepted, micro-uclibc.conf: Avoid gettext in uclibc systems. 2010-12-24 Graham Gower Accepted
udev: add 180 2012-01-30 Koen Kooi Accepted
udev: avoid udev stopping persistent pppd connections 2011-06-30 Steffen Sledz Accepted
udev: Remove duplicate udev firmware loading rule 2011-01-24 Khem Raj Accepted
udev_151/162/ add missing PACKAGE_ARCH for nokia900 2011-02-17 Klaus Kurzmann Not Applicable
udisks: updated to v2.1.1. 2014-01-06 Koen Kooi Not Applicable
uninative: Allow a local own-mirror to work with uninative 2017-08-01 Richard Purdie Accepted
update oe-stylize to be Python3 comaptible 2012-12-14 Cliff Brake Accepted
upower: Depend on gobject-introspection-native 2012-01-11 Florian Boor Superseded
Use CC, LD etc that comes from OE. 2012-07-25 Martin Ertsaas Superseded
vdr: update to 1.7.16 from 1.7.10 2011-01-09 Paul Menzel Accepted
vsftpd-2.0.5: don't run pkg_postinst on host 2010-12-08 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
waf-samba.bbclass: redefine WAF_CROSS_ANSWERS_PATH 2017-04-10 Superseded
watchdog_5.2.6: remove recipe since task fetch fails 2011-04-09 Paul Menzel Accepted
wireshark: 2.2.7 -> 2.2.8 2017-08-16 Kang Kai Accepted
wolfssl: upgrade to 3.12.0 2017-08-30 Accepted
wvdial: inherit pkgconfig Missing pkgconfig does not let build the package. 2017-05-17 Gianfranco Costamagna Superseded
wvstreams: add patch to add missing header includes 2011-04-22 Paul Menzel Accepted
wvstreams: Added recipe for wxstreams 4.6.1. 2011-04-25 Søren Holm Accepted
wvstreams: Added recipe for wxstreams 4.6.1. 2011-04-25 Søren Holm Superseded
x264_r2245: fix DEPENDS for x86 2011-05-04 Bob Foerster Accepted
xbmc: add patch to fix `error: call of overloaded 'abs(int64_t)' is ambiguous` 2011-03-26 Paul Menzel Accepted
xbmc: add `libass` to `DEPENDS` 2011-03-18 Paul Menzel Accepted
xbmc: add `python` to `DEPENDS` 2011-01-09 Paul Menzel Accepted
xf86-video-intel: recipe upgrade from 2.18 to 2.19 2012-05-19 Mihai Lindner Not Applicable
xfce4-session: add consolekit to RDEPENDS 2012-05-29 Andreas Müller Accepted
xfce4-session: Don't loose xfwm4 when closing session with multiple windows waiting for user input 2012-09-12 Andreas Müller Accepted fix typo lbwnck->libwnck 2011-03-23 Andreas Müller Accepted
xfce_session_4.6.{1, 2}: explicitly pass the path of `iceauth` 2011-03-18 Paul Menzel Accepted
xfsprogs: change DESCRIPTION to SUMMARY 2013-10-17 Andreas Oberritter Superseded
xserver-common: use git patches and add functions file 2012-04-11 Martin Jansa Accepted
xserver-nodm-init 2.0: remove DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1" 2011-04-15 Denis Carikli Accepted
xterm: Upgrade 327 -> 330 2017-06-22 Accepted
xxs1500.conf: Remove this board from OE 2011-01-23 Khem Raj Accepted
yajl_1.0.12: Add recipe for yajl1 2016-12-19 Khem Raj Superseded
yocto-compat-layer: improve error handling in signature creation 2017-03-15 Patrick Ohly Not Applicable
zram: Integrate an init script 2012-09-18 Andrei Gherzan Accepted
zsh: updated recipe's version to v5.0.0 2012-08-30 Bernard Pratz Superseded
[0/1] Fix external module compilations 2011-07-05 Anders Darander Rejected
[0/1] Fix issue re-running sqlite configure step 2012-04-05 Anders Darander Superseded
[0/1] Fix rsyslog removal issue 2011-11-09 Anders Darander Accepted
[0/1] x264 SRCREV fix 2014-06-09 Paul Eggleton Not Applicable
[0/2] systemd: SRC_URI fix + package split 2012-01-09 Anders Darander Superseded
[0/4] Fido pull request 2016-02-16 Joshua Lock Not Applicable
[0/4] Qt4 qmake & other fixes 2012-02-26 Paul Eggleton Not Applicable
[0/5,meta-oe] Pending patches 2012-11-27 Martin Jansa Accepted
[0/6] Merged license wrangling changes 2011-12-06 Elizabeth Flanagan Not Applicable
[00/14,2011.03-maintenance] Pull request 20120705 2012-07-05 Apelete Seketeli trini Accepted
[00/21,meta-oe,meta-efl] Upgrades to E17 alpha 5 2012-11-27 Martin Jansa Accepted
[00/22] hybrid systemd/sysvinit, and systemd fixes 2013-03-22 Ross Burton Not Applicable
[01/10] Add recipe for netcat_0.7.1 2012-01-25 Yauhen Kharuzhy Superseded
[01/10] tumbler: ensure thumbnails work properly 2017-12-01 Andreas Müller akuster Accepted
[01/11] connman: Don't prefer connman git version over the latest release in angstrom 2011-02-03 Stefan Schmidt Accepted
[01/12] gstd: fix type in RRECOMENDS 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[01/12] pointercal-xinput: add support for bug20 2011-05-13 Denis Carikli Accepted
[01/14] soft66: added missing AM_PROG_AR 2012-10-09 Marcin Juszkiewicz Accepted
[01/14] xfce4-panel: update 4.12.1 -> 4.12.2 2018-01-17 Andreas Müller akuster Accepted
[01/21] efl: upgrade to bugfix release 1.7.1 2012-11-27 Martin Jansa Accepted
[01/22] busybox: enable systemd integration for syslogd 2013-03-22 Ross Burton Not Applicable
[01/31] iproute2: Move tipc enablement to oe-core 2017-09-06 Mark Hatle Accepted
[01/58] e-base.bbclass: bump EFL_SRCREV for E17 alpha6 2012-12-04 Martin Jansa Accepted
[01/69] gnutls: update LICENSE setting 2012-05-14 chase maupin Accepted
[02/10] Add recipe for ebtables_2.0.10-4 2012-01-25 Yauhen Kharuzhy Superseded
[02/10] poppler-data: update 0.4.7 -> 0.4.8 2017-12-01 Andreas Müller akuster Accepted
[02/11] xserver-nodm-init: switch to ndm-init 2.0 to get a working matchbox session under Xorg 2011-02-03 Stefan Schmidt Accepted
[02/12] class_image: fix typos 2011-01-03 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer Accepted
[02/12] xserver-common-1.34: sync with oe-core 2011-05-13 Denis Carikli Accepted
[02/14] libdivecomputer: added missing AM_PROG_AR 2012-10-09 Marcin Juszkiewicz Accepted
[02/14] xfce4-power-manager: update 1.6.0 -> 1.6.1 2018-01-17 Andreas Müller akuster Accepted
[02/16] Add ALSA support for at91sam9xe 2011-01-31 Ulf Samuelsson Superseded
[02/21] efl: EFL_SRCREV bump past 1.7.1 release and update PV in svn recipes 2012-11-27 Martin Jansa Accepted
[02/31] libml: Move to oe-core 2017-09-06 Mark Hatle Accepted
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