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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-oe] PACKAGES_DYNAMIC: use regexp not glob 2012-10-12 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] orbit2: put .a files into ${PN}-staticdev package 2012-11-19 Mario Domenech Goulart Accepted
[meta-oe] openwsman: rename to 2.6.3 2017-08-17 Huang Qiyu Master Next
[meta-oe] openssh_5.9p1.bbappend: add systemd units 2011-12-12 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] openobex: disable building documentation 2017-08-17 Master Next
[meta-oe] openldap: do not strip during install 2013-03-21 Marcin Juszkiewicz Accepted
[meta-oe] opencv: update to 2.4.3 and fix some issues 2012-11-26 Stefan Herbrechtsmeier Superseded
[meta-oe] opencv: The 'v4l' PACKAGECONFIG should disable libv4l as well 2015-07-17 Otavio Salvador otavio Superseded
[meta-oe] opencv: Only enable 'libav' support if commercial license is whitelisted 2015-07-16 Otavio Salvador otavio Superseded
[meta-oe] opencv: import from oe-classic and upgrade to 2.3.1 2011-10-31 Connor Abbott Accepted
[meta-oe] opencv: import from oe-classic and upgrade to 2.3.1 2011-10-31 Connor Abbott Accepted
[meta-oe] open-vm-tools: remove custom procps logic 2017-07-17 Martin Kelly Accepted
[meta-oe] omgps: add patch to fix build with latest glib from oe-core 2012-11-15 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] Add SUMMARY variable 2012-04-23 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
[meta-oe] ntp: unbreak fetching of ntp-ssl 2012-06-27 Koen Kooi Accepted
[meta-oe] ntp: correct systemd EnvironmentFile, add ntpdate service 2012-01-04 Peter Bigot Accepted
[meta-oe] nodejs: Update to latest 0.4x series release 0.4.12 2011-11-16 Stefan Schmidt Accepted
[meta-oe] nmon_13g: add -ltinfo linker flag 2011-12-01 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] ninja: update version to 1.7.2 2017-02-20 Derek Straka Superseded
[meta-oe] network-manager-applet: Fix missing DEPENDS and QA warnings. 2012-04-05 Samuel Stirtzel Accepted
[meta-oe] netperf: correct paths in the example scripts 2012-07-24 Christopher Larson Accepted
[meta-oe] net-snmp: set correct SYSTEMD_PACKAGES 2013-04-17 Superseded
[meta-oe] net-snmp: add -systemd packages to PACKAGES list to appease systemd.bbclass 2013-04-17 Superseded
[meta-oe] nautilus: Add gdk-pixbuf gtk+ to DEPENDS 2012-03-24 Khem Raj Accepted
[meta-oe] nano: upgrade to 2.7.4 2017-01-11 Oleksandr Kravchuk Superseded
[meta-oe] mysql: start at runlevel 5 not S 2012-10-18 Marcin Juszkiewicz Accepted
[meta-oe] mysql: make it work after $libexec change - LP: #1068759 2012-11-19 Marcin Juszkiewicz Superseded
[meta-oe] mysql: make it work after $libexec change - LP: #1068759 2012-11-22 Marcin Juszkiewicz Accepted
[meta-oe] mysql: always replace paths in mysql_config script 2012-10-23 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[meta-oe] mozjs: customize HOST_CFLAGS 2017-08-22 jackie huang Master Next
[meta-oe] mm-common: inherit gnomebase instead of gnome 2013-01-28 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] midori: update to 0.4.0 / buildable by upstream patch / minor cleanup 2011-09-29 Andreas Müller Superseded
[meta-oe] midori: needs GNOME icons to function 2012-03-08 Gary Thomas Accepted
[meta-oe] midori: disable gtk3 2012-02-21 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] midori: Add project home page info 2012-03-15 Gary Thomas Accepted
[meta-oe] midori: add missing libnotify dependency 2012-08-11 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] midori: add ca-certificates to RRECOMMENDS_${PN} 2011-11-04 Andreas Müller Accepted
[meta-oe] Disable PIE for libdevmapper 2017-04-28 Huang Qiyu Superseded
[meta-oe] meta-systemd: ntp: Fix ntpdate.service file to use right binary 2012-10-31 Otavio Salvador Superseded
[meta-oe] meta-oe: add fbset-modes to SIGGEN_EXCLUDERECIPES_ABISAFE 2012-02-27 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] meta-oe/thrift: fix build on gcc-6 2016-09-09 Cody P Schafer Superseded
[meta-oe] mercurial-native: fix install 2012-11-12 Eric BENARD Accepted
[meta-oe] memtester: Import from OE classic 2011-10-24 Joel A Fernandes Accepted
[meta-oe] memtester: Corrected recipe following review comments and guidelines 2011-10-26 Joel A Fernandes Accepted
[meta-oe] media-ctl: Update to latest upstream to fix build with latest autotools 2012-10-01 Gary Thomas Accepted
[meta-oe] mcnavi: remove myslq_config include path work around 2012-10-13 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] mariadb: handle seperate builddir 2014-04-28 Koen Kooi Superseded
[meta-oe] Maliit: Add initial recipes 2012-10-17 Samuel Stirtzel Accepted
[meta-oe] maliit-plugins: Don't build the documentation as it requires Doxygen 2012-12-03 Samuel Stirtzel Accepted
[meta-oe] maliit-plugins: Clean up recipe and add missing RDEPENDS 2012-10-30 Samuel Stirtzel Accepted
[meta-oe] maliit-framework: Don't build the SDK 2012-12-04 Samuel Stirtzel Accepted
[meta-oe] maliit-framework: Clean up recipe and use gtk-immodules-cache.bbclass 2012-10-17 Samuel Stirtzel Accepted
[meta-oe] makedumpfile: update to 1.6.2 2017-08-22 Yi Zhao Master Next
[meta-oe] mailx: Force mailx to build with openssl10 2017-08-15 Jason Wessel Master Next
[meta-oe] EXTRA_OECONF is been overwrited. 2014-06-06 yaoxp Superseded
[meta-oe] ltrace: fix build failure under icecream 2017-06-28 Tomas Novotny Accepted
[meta-oe] logwarn: set correct paths and add missing dependency 2017-08-24 jackie huang New
[meta-oe] lmsensors: Initial commit. 2012-10-18 Marc Ferland Superseded
[meta-oe] lmsensors: Initial commit 2012-10-19 Marc Ferland Accepted
[meta-oe] lmbench: Added 3.0-a9 version recipe files 2011-08-22 Noor Ahsan Superseded
[meta-oe] libxcursor_1.1.12.bbappend: remove 2012-04-13 Andreas Müller Accepted
[meta-oe] libuv: update 1.10.2 -> 1.11.0 2017-02-14 Andre McCurdy Superseded
[meta-oe] libtinyxml2: upgrade to 5.0.1 2017-07-06 Johannes Pointner Superseded
[meta-oe] libsdl-ttf: fix LICENSE metadata and add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM 2012-01-30 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] librcf: RDEPENDS on protobuf, json-spirit 2017-07-12 Ming Liu Accepted
[meta-oe] librcf: RDEPENDS on protobuf, json-spirit 2017-07-12 Ming Liu Superseded
[meta-oe] libopus: add libopus_0.9.14 2012-06-14 Radek Dostal Accepted
[meta-oe] libnl: bump PE 2012-05-16 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] libnfnetlink: use a correct LIC_FILES_CHKSUM 2012-09-13 Zhenhua Luo Accepted
[meta-oe] libmemcached: add 1.0.15 and 1.0.7 versions 2013-02-15 Marcin Juszkiewicz Superseded
[meta-oe] libjpeg: use nasm-native also for target DEPENDS, it's needed for targets with SIMD sup... 2012-09-07 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] libjpeg-turbo: update 1.2.1 / use version 8d to follow oe-core libjpeg update 2012-06-18 Andreas Müller Accepted
[meta-oe] libjpeg-turbo: native depends on nasm-native 2012-01-14 Eric BENARD Accepted
[meta-oe] libjpeg-turbo: Add RPROVIDES to fix errors when rdepending on jpeg 2012-08-24 Samuel Stirtzel Superseded
[meta-oe] libhugetlbfs: add recipe 2013-09-10 chunrong guo Superseded
[meta-oe] fix LIC_FILES_CHECKSUM and LICENSE 2011-12-15 Bernhard Guillon Accepted
[meta-oe] libgphoto2: Fix QA issues 2011-12-19 Andreas Müller Accepted
[meta-oe] libgphoto2: fix build 2012-10-21 Andreas Müller Accepted
[meta-oe] libftdi: Change to use GPLv2 intead of GPLv2-REL 2012-10-09 Martin Ertsaas Superseded
[meta-oe] libetpan: add liblockfile dependency 2013-04-14 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] libdbus-c++: added recipe for it 2016-11-16 Thilo Cestonaro Superseded
[meta-oe] libdbus-c++: added recipe for it 2016-11-16 Thilo Cestonaro Superseded
[meta-oe] libdbus-c++: added recipe for it 2016-11-18 Thilo Cestonaro Superseded
[meta-oe] libconnman-qt: fixed directory typo 2013-02-20 Accepted
[meta-oe] libav: Fix git URI 2012-10-18 Gary Thomas Rejected
[meta-oe] libav, libsdl-image, mplayer2, xbmc: bump PR for libsdl packaging change in OE-core 2011-12-18 Koen Kooi Accepted
[meta-oe] lcdproc: add recipe from OE-Classic and update/clean up 2012-10-07 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[meta-oe] kernel.bbclass: pass KERNEL_VERSION to depmod calls in postinst 2012-06-19 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] kernel.bbclass: kernel_do_install fails with 2.6 kernel recipes 2013-01-07 Marco Cavallini Not Applicable
[meta-oe] kernel.bbclass: convert tab indentation in python functions into four-space 2012-07-19 Martin Jansa Accepted
[meta-oe] kernel bbclass: recreate uImage unless KEEPUIMAGE is set 2012-04-27 Koen Kooi Accepted
[meta-oe] json-spirit: Add -latomic to LDFLAGS 2017-08-10 Ming Liu Accepted
[meta-oe] Jansson: new recipe, library for creating and manipulating JSON strings in C 2012-09-06 Accepted
[meta-oe] ipsec-tools: use a correct LIC_FILES_CHKSUM 2012-08-22 Christopher Larson Accepted
[meta-oe] iperf: Upgrade to version 2.0.5 2012-10-10 Franklin Cooper Jr. Not Applicable
[meta-oe] iperf: Add version 2.0.4 (initial recipe) 2011-08-24 Noor Ahsan Superseded
[meta-oe] iperf3: 3.1.3 -> 3.2 2017-08-22 Kang Kai Master Next
[meta-oe] initial collectd recipe 2012-10-20 Paul Eggleton Not Applicable
[meta-oe] inetutils: ifconfig -a includes interfaces without an address 2012-11-01 chunrong guo Superseded
[meta-oe] inetutils: fix configure error under automake 1.12 2012-11-01 chunrong guo Superseded
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