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[meta-oe] qpdf: add new recipe 2016-08-08 Martin Jansa Changes Requested
[meta-oe] python: bump PR of packages after update of distutils.bbclass 2012-05-21 Andreas Oberritter New
[meta-oe] python-simplejson: update to version 3.10.0 2017-02-20 Derek Straka New
[meta-oe] python-pygobject: remove the empty pkgconfig directory 2017-04-28 jackie huang New
[meta-oe] python-pygobject: 3.20.1 -> 3.22.0 2016-12-19 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-oe] python-numpy: Fixed numpy dependencies. 2012-06-04 Dan McDougall Changes Requested
[meta-oe] python-mysqldb: import from OE classic, update to 1.2.3 2011-12-31 Peter Bigot New
[meta-oe] python-docutils: update to 0.9.1 2012-06-25 Koen Kooi New
[meta-oe] protobuf: update to 3.3.0 2017-05-11 Pascal Bach New
[meta-oe] protobuf: switch from mips16 to mips32 due to in-line assembler 2016-12-13 André Draszik New
[meta-oe] procmail: avoid bashism in do_install 2017-02-08 Patrick Ohly New
[meta-oe] postgresql: remove *_config from SSTATE_SCAN_FILES 2018-05-22 Kang Kai khem Under Review
[meta-oe] postgresql configure error 2014-07-16 Amy Fong Changes Requested
[meta-oe] postgresql : Fix build using pkg-config for libxml-2.0. 2014-07-01 Philip Balister Changes Requested
[meta-oe] postgresgl: update to 9.4.10 and build fix 2017-02-04 Armin Kuster New
[meta-oe] poppler: fix compile errors 2018-04-02 Armin Kuster akuster Master Under Test
[meta-oe] Fix comment typo "polkid" -> "polkitd" 2017-03-27 Robert P. J. Day New
[meta-oe] poco: update to 1.7.7 2017-01-09 Pascal Bach New
[meta-oe] poco: update to 1.7.3 2016-06-15 Pascal Bach Changes Requested
[meta-oe] poco: make cmake packages relocatable 2017-06-01 Pascal Bach New
[meta-oe] PNBLACKLIST: use weak assignments 2014-12-09 Martin Jansa New
[meta-oe] pmbw: add recipe for ram benchmarks 2016-12-18 Stefan Müller-Klieser New
[meta-oe] plymouth: remove virtual prefix for RPROVIDES 2016-07-08 Joe MacDonald Changes Requested
[meta-oe] plymouth: Fix virtual RPROVIDES 2017-04-03 New
[meta-oe] pkcs11-helper : add new recipe 2014-12-02 Li xin Changes Requested
[meta-oe] php: stop removing directories that do not exist 2014-07-15 Stephano Cetola Changes Requested
[meta-oe] php: remove PNBLACKLIST 2017-04-13 Robert Yang New
[meta-oe] php: fix native php when it is from sstate 2015-06-10 Changes Requested
[meta-oe] php: fix install failure 2017-03-28 New
[meta-oe] phoronix-test-suite: remove it from blacklist 2017-05-09 New
[meta-oe] pcsc-lite: Seperate GPLV3 portions from BSD 2016-08-10 Davis, Michael Changes Requested
[meta-oe] passwdqc: add new recipe and replace pam-passwdqc 2017-06-16 jackie huang New
[meta-oe] openwsman: rename to 2.6.3 2017-08-17 Huang Qiyu Master Next
[meta-oe] openwsman: 2.6.3 -> 2.6.4 2018-05-15 Hong Liu Master Under Test
[meta-oe] openssl: Upgrade 1.0.0d -> 1.0.0e 2011-09-09 Khem Raj New
[meta-oe] openssl-1.0.0: Remove spurious comment in recipe 2011-08-15 Khem Raj New
[meta-oe] opensc: add new recipe 2014-12-10 Li xin Changes Requested
[meta-oe] openocd: Add recipe for openocd 2017-05-04 Moritz Fischer New
[meta-oe] OpenLDAP modules 2016-01-23 Bruno Vernay Changes Requested
[meta-oe] opencv: Work around deprecated ffmpeg functions 2018-05-23 Jason Wessel khem Under Review
[meta-oe] opencv: remove redundant build dependency on python2 2017-03-31 Dmitry Rozhkov New
[meta-oe] opencv: disable broken Intel FP16 detection 2017-04-27 Randy MacLeod New
[meta-oe] opencv: Bump SRCREV to 2.4.9 release tag, PV is now 2.4.9+git. 2014-05-06 Nick D'Ademo Changes Requested
[meta-oe] opencv: Add recipe for OpenCV v3.0.0-alpha. 2014-09-18 Nick D'Ademo Changes Requested
[meta-oe] openct: add new recipe 2014-12-09 Li xin Changes Requested
[meta-oe] openconnect: add recipe 2016-03-28 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Changes Requested
[meta-oe] ntpclient: Port 2010_365 recipe from OE Classicntpclient: Port 2010_365 recipe from OE ... 2012-02-15 Kelvin Lawson Changes Requested
[meta-oe] nodejs_8.9.0: add RDEPENDS for building 2018-02-23 Trevor Woerner akuster Master Under Test
[meta-oe] nodejs: update to version 4.7.3 2017-02-20 Derek Straka New
[meta-oe] nodejs: update to 4.8.2 2017-04-24 Pascal Bach New
[meta-oe] nodejs: update to 4.7.2 2017-01-11 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-oe] nodejs: add 0.8.14 2012-11-08 Jason Kridner Changes Requested
[meta-oe] nodejs: 8.9.0 -> 8.9.4 2018-03-05 Huang Qiyu akuster Master Under Test
[meta-oe] nodejs needs python-native 2014-05-20 Amy Fong Changes Requested
[meta-oe] ninja: extend to nativesdk 2017-05-01 Cody P Schafer New
[meta-oe] networkmanager: Warning Fix 2016-01-21 Li xin Changes Requested
[meta-oe] networkmanager: Warning Fix 2016-01-22 Adrian Changes Requested
[meta-oe] multipath-tools: don't blindly assume base_sbindir to be /sbin. 2017-04-20 Krisztian Litkey New
[meta-oe] multipath-tools: 0.6.4 -> 0.7.1 2017-07-05 Hongxu Jia Master Next
[meta-oe] msr-tools: add recipe 2015-01-16 Ben Shelton Changes Requested
[meta-oe] mplayer2: Remove blacklist 2015-02-03 Gary Thomas Changes Requested
[meta-oe] mozjs: prevent target CFLAGS etc being passed to the host 2017-04-24 Andre McCurdy New
[meta-oe] mosh: update inherit to work correctly with RSS 2017-02-24 Derek Straka New
[meta-oe] mongodb: receipe fixed, removed from blacklist and now cross compiles to arm. 2015-09-30 Johnny Vestergaard Changes Requested
[meta-oe] minicoredumper: add the recipe 2016-03-30 Changes Requested
[meta-oe] midori: Add project home page info 2012-03-16 Gary Thomas New
[meta-oe] meta: do not prepend/append to BBCLASSEXTEND 2017-03-13 Ming Liu New
[meta-oe] meta: do not append to BBCLASSEXTEND 2017-03-14 Ming Liu New
[meta-oe] meta-oe: recipes-graphics: add libvncserver recipe 2015-09-30 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Changes Requested
[meta-oe] mercurial: CVE-2017-9462 2017-06-15 Zhixiong Chi Master Next
[meta-oe] mcelog: upgrade to 1.49 to support Denverton SoC 2017-04-14 Liwei Song New
[meta-oe] mariadb: add libdbi-perl to the depends of mariadb-server 2016-08-23 Zhixiong Chi Changes Requested
[meta-oe] maliit-framework: fix for Qt based applications 2013-03-07 Samuel Stirtzel Changes Requested
[meta-oe] makedumpfile: update to 1.6.1 2017-01-06 Yi Zhao New
[meta-oe] makedumpfile: Fix build with hardening 2017-06-20 Khem Raj Master Next
[meta-oe] makedev: add new recipe 2014-12-17 Li xin Changes Requested
[meta-oe] macchanger: added 1.5.0 recipe 2013-02-20 Changes Requested
[meta-oe] lvm2: make sure services files are installed in systemd_unitdir folder 2015-09-22 Zhenhua Luo Changes Requested
[meta-oe] lvm2: fix bash depends QA issue 2017-03-11 Armin Kuster New
[meta-oe] lvm2: 2.02.166 -> 2.02.171 2017-05-15 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-oe] luajit: 2.0.4 -> 2.0.5 2017-05-09 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-oe] lua: 5.3.3 -> 5.3.4 2017-05-12 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-oe] log4c: fix undeclared dependency on expat 2015-02-19 Andre McCurdy New
[meta-oe] log4c: disable binconfig file 2015-04-03 Andre McCurdy New
[meta-oe] log4c: add support for log4c-native 2017-01-10 Andre McCurdy New
[meta-oe] lockdev: fix S!=B failure 2014-05-28 Tim Orling New
[meta-oe] lm_sensors: update SRC_URI 2017-02-07 Armin Kuster New
[meta-oe] lmbench: if a machine config file exists, install it 2014-08-19 Yasir Khan Changes Requested
[meta-oe] llvm: update 3.5.2 to have a sane ARM JIT for OpenJDK-8 2015-10-27 Jens Rehsack Changes Requested
[meta-oe] live555: Update to latest version 2013-03-28 Paul Barker Changes Requested
[meta-oe] lighttpd: get rid of annoying warning 2012-05-08 Andreas Oberritter New
[meta-oe] libyui-ncurses: new add 2017-12-20 Zheng Ruoqin akuster Master Under Test
[meta-oe] libxml++: fix LICENSE 2016-11-29 Martin Jansa New
[meta-oe] libvncserver: upgrade to 0.9.11 2017-06-17 Kyle Russell Master Next
[meta-oe] libva: Import from meta-intel and update to 1.7.3 2016-11-28 Khem Raj New
[meta-oe] libutempter: Fix compile error on arm 2015-01-08 Qian Lei Changes Requested
[meta-oe] libunique: depends on dbus-glib-native 2017-03-03 Max Krummenacher New
[meta-oe] libtinyxml2: Add packageconfig support 2016-03-31 Khem Raj Changes Requested
[meta-oe] libtevent: refresh patch 2018-05-24 Hains van den Bosch New
[meta-oe] libteam: Initial support 2017-05-24 Marian Pritsak New
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