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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-oe,2/7] udisks: explicitly depends on systemd 2012-02-17 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,3/7] polkit: depends on systemd 2012-02-17 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,1/1] toscoterm: add 2012-02-23 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,0/2] Pending patches from O.S. Systems' tree 2012-02-24 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,1/1] systemd.bbclass: fix regression caused by c9f5703aded 2012-02-25 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,1/1] numlockx: add 1.2 2012-03-01 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,0/1] Postinst trigger improvements for images 2012-03-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,1/1] systemd-compat-units: rename service to run postinst scripts 2012-03-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,0/2] Changes pending in O.S. Systems' tree 2012-04-24 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,1/1] systemd-systemctl-native: fixed systemctl wrapper's `disable' action 2012-05-14 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,1/1] nodejs: update to 0.6.18 and fix hardfloat detection 2012-05-18 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,0/2] Patches fixing issues with owfs 2012-06-02 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,1/2] owfs: update to 2.8p15 2012-06-02 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,0/3] Pending fixes in O.S. Systems' tree 2012-06-11 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,1/3] owfs: add init script for owfs 2012-06-11 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,2/3] nodejs: force use of -mfpu-abi=soft for ARMv5 2012-06-11 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,3/3] cpuburn-neon: fix packaging to use a date as version and valid sources 2012-06-11 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe] gdal: Avoid host headers use for SQlite3 2014-01-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe] evtest: Update to 1.32-based release 2015-03-31 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,01/22] net-snmp: enable ipv6 support 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,01/22] net-snmp: enable ipv6 support 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,02/22] dovecot: fix QA issue and remove from blacklist 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,03/22] proftpd: CVE-2016-3125 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,04/22] openconnect: add missing dependencies 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,05/22] rp-pppoe: Fix rootfs creation errors 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,06/22] meta-networking: use bb.utils.contains() instead of base_contains() 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,07/22] squid: CVE-2016-3947 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,08/22] ltrace: Error Fix for ARM 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,09/22] ltrace: Remove deprecated readdir_r() 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,10/22] fbida: use separate builddir 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,11/22] sblim-sfcb: add missing dependency on unzip-native 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,12/22] fix prerm script & class includes 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,13/22] sox: dep on ffmpeg, not libav 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,14/22] meta-xfce: add intltool-native to DEPENDS 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,15/22] xfce-polkit: fix warning not able to copy license 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,16/22] fluidsynth: set correct portaudio packageconfig dependency 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,17/22] glmark2: wl_surface should be destoryed after destroying wl_window 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,18/22] Selects the tools appropriate f... 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,19/22] opencv: Fix metapkg dependencies for opencv-java and opencv-locales 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,20/22] python-pyparsing: modify build to correctly use setuptools rathe... 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,21/22] rrdtool: fix do_configure failure on some hosts 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-oe,backport,krogoth,22/22] toybox: Remove out-of-date patch 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador New
[meta-webserver,krogoth] apache2: always use the to ensure older releases are ... 2017-01-20 Olof Johansson New
[meta-oe,v2] nano: update SRC_URI with new source 2016-12-28 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-networking,v2] tcpreplay: upgrade to 4.1.2 2016-12-30 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-networking] strongswan: update to 5.5.1 2016-12-30 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-networking] strongswan: delete obsolete patches 2016-12-30 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-networking] iperf3: update to 3.1.3 2016-12-30 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-oe] cppunit: update to 1.13.2 2016-12-30 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-networking,v2] wireshark: update to 2.2.3 2016-12-30 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-devtools] mercurial: upgrade to 4.0.1 2017-01-03 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-devtools] nodejs: upgrade to 4.7.0 2017-01-03 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-networking,v2] lftp: update to 4.7.5 and change SRC_URI source 2017-01-09 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-networking,v2] tcpdump: upgrade to 4.8.1 2017-01-10 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-oe] nodejs: update to 4.7.2 2017-01-11 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-oe] jsoncpp: upgrade to 1.8.0 2017-01-11 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[meta-oe,v2] nano: upgrade to 2.7.4 2017-01-12 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[v2,1/2] Add linux kernel recipe for picoSAM9G45 board 2011-09-15 npavel New
[v2,2/2] Add machine configuration for picoSAM9G45 board 2011-09-15 npavel New
[meta-oe,0/3] pull request #2 for benchmark recipes 2011-08-30 Noor Ahsan New
[meta-oe,1/3] bonnie++: Add version 1.03c (initial recipe) 2011-08-30 Noor Ahsan New
[meta-e,2/3] netperf: Add version 2.4.4 (initial recipe) 2011-08-30 Noor Ahsan New
[meta-oe,3/3] iozone3: Add version 263 (initial recipe) 2011-08-30 Noor Ahsan New
[meta-oe,v2,0/3] pull request #2 for benchmark recipes 2011-08-30 Noor Ahsan New
[meta-oe,v2,2/3] netperf: Add version 2.4.4 (initial recipe) 2011-08-30 Noor Ahsan New
[meta-oe,0/1] Pull request for debianutils package 2011-08-30 Noor Ahsan New
[meta-oe,v3,1/1] python-lxml: Add version 2.2.8 (initial recipe) 2011-09-06 Noor Ahsan New
[meta-oe,0/1] pull request for strongswan 2011-09-08 Noor Ahsan New
[1/1] strongswan: Add version 4.5.1 (initial recipe) 2011-09-08 Noor Ahsan New
[meta-oe] libedit: Adds version 20110802 (initial recipe) 2012-02-21 Noor Ahsan New
[meta-oe] libedit: Remove files folder as no patch was being used 2012-03-30 Noor Ahsan New
Add support for picoSAM9G45 board 2011-09-14 nicupavel New
[meta-python,jethro] python-evdev: add python-evdev 0.5.0 2015-11-13 Nicolas Ferre New
[meta-games] supertuxkart: initial recipe for v0.8.1 2015-02-02 Nicolas Dechesne New
[meta-oe,morty] gpsd: fix multilib build 2016-12-02 Nicolas Dechesne New
* updating mirror 2012-06-22 Nicolae Stiurca New
[meta-webserver,1/2] sthttpd: Added missing recipe 2013-10-10 Nick Glynn New
[meta-webserver] Backport for dylan of sthttpd 2013-10-14 Nick Glynn New
openocd: added v0.4.0 2011-06-06 Neil MacMunn New
QA issues with libvmime 2011-02-28 Nathan Harris New
libvmime recipe (static library) 2011-03-02 Nathan Harris New
[meta-oe,v5] Chromium-utils: add recipe for Chromium Embedded Controller utilities 2017-01-11 Moritz Fischer New (classpathx) doesn't install inetlib.jar to the sysroot 2011-08-19 Miroslav Kes New
[meta-qt5,krogoth] qt5: update submodules 2016-10-25 Mikko Gronoff New
[meta-qt5,morty] qt5: update submodule SRCREVs to 5.7.1 release 2016-12-28 Mikko Gronoff New
[meta-qt5,morty] qtwayland: update patch to apply with Qt 5.7.1 2017-01-05 Mikko Gronoff New
vblade: Pass LDFLAGS to final link. Fixes GNU_HASH QA error. 2011-07-21 Mike Stirling New
vblade: Fix GNU_HASH QA error 2011-07-22 Mike Stirling New
ti_cgt_c6000_6.1.17_setup_linux_x86.bin error while installing ti-codec-engine 2011-09-23 Michael Poole New
staging & using kernel headers 2011-03-18 Michael Jones New
[PATCHv2] daq fix compilation 2014-05-28 Maxim Uvarov New
[meta-qt5,jethro] qtbase: fix regression for missing libqt*.a libs 2016-08-27 Max Krummenacher New
[meta-oe] tinymembench: fix QA warning for GNU_HASH 2016-12-14 Max Krummenacher New
[meta-browser,1/2] firefox: remove nss private libs setting 2017-01-16 Max Krummenacher New
[meta-browser,2/2] README: add -s to git send-email example 2017-01-16 Max Krummenacher New
[meta-oe] fbida: update to 2.10 2015-04-01 Matthieu CRAPET New
[meta-oe] fix compile step so it can be rerun without failing 2012-07-20 Matthew McClintock New
[v2] libpam_1.1.1: remove directory preventing /var/run from being volatile 2011-12-07 Mats Kärrman New
[RFC,v2] Alternative to busybox, using "proper tools" 2011-04-18 Martyn Welch New
[meta-efl,WIP,2/3] webkit-efl: Add recipe with snapshot from r159807 2014-01-12 Martin Jansa New
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