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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
libmicrohttpd: Fix a segmentation fault on upgrade error 2017-05-05 New
libmicrohttpd: update to version 0.9.53 2017-04-18 New
libmicrohttpd: update to version 0.9.55 2017-05-29 New
libogg: add version 1.3.0 2012-06-15 Ilya Ledvich New
libroxml: Add version 2.1.2 2011-11-29 blunderer New
libsdl-pango: new recipe for version 0.1.2 2011-05-17 Christian Charreyre New
libtinyxml: added recipe for v2.6.2 2011-06-17 Chris Verges New
libtool-sdk: postprocess libtoolize and install additional files. 2011-05-03 Florian Boor New
libvmime recipe (static library) 2011-03-02 Nathan Harris New
linphone: added recipe for v3.4.3 2011-06-07 Guillaume Beraudo New
linux-atm: cleanup build file to remove extraneous stuff 2011-06-14 New
linux-atm: cleanup build file to remove extraneous stuff 2011-06-14 New
linux-imx-git/mx28evk/defconfig: Enable CONFIG_I2C_CHARDEV so that kernel-module-i2c-dev is built 2011-07-13 Andreas Müller New
linux-omap-psp-2.6.32 kernel: Fixed User-button GPIO to correct value for -xM 2011-06-30 Joel A Fernandes New
linux-omap-psp: Added patch by Steve Sakoman to fix timeout errors 2011-07-14 Joel A Fernandes New
linux-x86_2.6.20: fix build 2011-08-02 Artox New
linuxptp: fix cross compilation not using host headers 2016-12-23 Marcel Ziswiler New
linux_2.6.38: update support for PcontrolG20 HW rev 2 2011-05-16 Peter Gsellmann New
lm_sensors: added recipe for v3.3.2 2012-05-07 jackie huang New
logcheck: Add HOMEPAGE info into recipe file 2017-09-04 Master Next
lvm2: Avoid an unnecessary dependency on bash 2017-03-18 Peter Kjellerstedt New
Make sure grep runs without colorized output 2011-09-21 Tasslehoff Kjappfot New
mariadb: refresh local patches to avoid fuzz warnings 2018-04-02 Denys Dmytriyenko akuster Master Under Test
mata-java openjdk-8 recipe 2015-07-31 Awasthi, Vinay K New
meta-python: Remove superfluous "PYPI_PACKAGE" assignments 2017-03-02 Robert P. J. Day New
meta-systemd: Introduce a create-volatile to create tmp directories 2012-09-14 Holger Freyther New
micro.conf: Pin an older udev to avoid space consuming dependencies. 2010-12-24 Graham Gower New
minimal-uclibc: systemd fails with `src/manager.c:257:42: error: 'EPOLL_CLOEXEC' undeclared (firs... 2011-05-10 Paul Menzel New
minimal: add weak assigned DISTRO_FEED_CONFIGS variable 2011-06-02 Simon Busch New
mokomaze: fix project urls 2011-08-02 Artox New
mpd: upgrade to 0.19.3 2014-11-11 Cristian Iorga Changes Requested
mplayer_git: fix linker error 2011-08-02 Artox New
mplayer_svn: Package can be built again; Bumped to rev. 31329. 2011-01-22 Lars Michelsen New
nana: add new recipe 2014-12-04 Li xin Changes Requested
nandlogical: corect oobblock/writesize patch 2011-09-05 lumag New
nautilus3: update the checksums to match the .xz compressed tarball 2015-08-31 Alexander Kanavin New
netmap: Rename the _count to _recount for kernel v4.8 2016-10-26 Changes Requested
netsurf: update SRC_URI 2012-07-12 Apelete Seketeli New
network-manager-applet_git: use `--enable-more-warnings=no` 2011-05-09 Paul Menzel New
networkmanager: add support for systemd-resolved 2017-06-15 Ricardo Salveti Master Next
networkmanager: remove versions 0.7, 0.7olpc, 0.7.1, 2011-05-08 Paul Menzel New
new recipe -, to build new version of bluez-hcidump-2.1 that compatible with... 2011-11-03 Vita Preskovsky New
new recipe - 2011-11-04 Vladimir Redzhepoff New
New version of picocom-1.7 with corrected URI 2012-04-06 Vladimir Yakovlev New
newer tremor 2011-04-24 Dvorkin Dmitry New
nodejs: Add patch to compile with GCC 4.3.3 2011-07-19 chase maupin New
nodejs: Add patch to compile with GCC 4.3.3 2011-07-18 chase maupin New
nodejs: prefix CC/CXX with STAGING_BINDIR_TOOLCHAIN 2013-02-04 Martin Jansa Changes Requested
nodejs: update to 4.8.3 2017-05-25 New
nodejs: updated recipe to v0.2.6 2011-01-25 AJ ONeal Changes Requested oe-core with non-angstrom distro 2011-05-31 Lukas-David Gorris New
opencv: Configure freetype via PACKAGECONFIG 2017-01-27 Ricardo Ribalda Delgado New
opencv: Fix broken deps for opencv meta package 2016-05-04 Jacob Stiffler Changes Requested
opencv: fix building with PACKAGECONFIG "dnn" enabled. 2017-05-24 Ismo Puustinen New
opencv: fix compilation error when OpenCL is enabled. 2017-06-07 Ismo Puustinen New
openembedded bitbake conf: fix for file system image creation 2011-07-22 Alexander Stohr New
Openembedded release-2010.12 on FC15 2011-10-03 dashesy New
openjdk: Add patch to avoid build issue with linaro toolchain 4.7 2015-03-21 Sam Nelson otavio Changes Requested
openjdk: correct the typo mistake 2017-10-27 otavio New
openldap: Fix CVE-2017-9287 2017-06-09 New
openocd: added v0.4.0 2011-06-06 Neil MacMunn New
openssl: enforce libdir=lib 2011-04-26 Enrico Scholz New
orc: add version 0.4.14 2011-05-03 Paul Menzel New
packaged-staging: fixed fetching from PSTAGE_MIRROR with file:// uri 2011-07-17 Aeschbacher, Fabrice New
pcmciautils: add (from oe-core) 2017-11-13 Ross Burton akuster Master Next
perl-native_5.10.1 fails 2011-03-16 Jan Paesmans New
picocom: Fix build 2017-01-20 Marek Vasut New
postfix: Remove useless file makedeps.out 2018-05-16 joeythesaint New
Problems using local patch 2011-08-17 Christian Borutta New
protobuf: add protobuf-c recipe 2016-04-04 otavio Changes Requested
ptpd: added recipe for v1.1.0. 2011-08-04 Chris Verges New
ptpd; add FSL QorIQ DPAA and eTSEC support 2014-11-06 Zhenhua Luo New
pulseaudio: Run as system-wide instance instead of per-user 2011-07-07 Joel A Fernandes New
pypi: update the base pypi url to use the package info without requiring the hash 2016-08-22 Ruben De Smet New
python-pygobject: empty the RDEPENDS for native 2016-12-28 jackie huang New
python-pyudev: correct LICENSE from GPLv2 to LGPLv2.1+ 2017-05-03 Frederico Cadete New
QA issues with libvmime 2011-02-28 Nathan Harris New
qpdf: add new recipe 2016-08-01 Changes Requested
Qt 5.4.1 loading directly and ignoring soname 2015-05-12 Andre McCurdy New
qwt: import from 2011-09-15 Denis Carikli New
radvd: fix daemon start-up 2014-10-17 New
re2c: Fix for modern automake 2014-07-17 Richard Purdie New
README: update maintainers list for pyro 2017-04-27 Armin Kuster New
recipes: delete obsolete patches 2017-03-13 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
remove True option to getVar calls 2016-11-25 Joshua Lock New
Removed patch that prevented board from waking after suspend 2011-08-31 Tasslehoff Kjappfot New
RFC One recipe with two git repository as sources 2011-07-01 Holger Freyther New
RFC One recipe with two git repository as sources 2011-06-23 Holger Freyther New
rm_work.bbclass: allow a shell var to override rm_work 2010-12-12 Frans Meulenbroeks New
rrdtool: enable libwrap, perl and python bindings 2014-04-16 Changes Requested
rsyslog: fix name of syslogd ua group 2015-02-13 Steffen Sledz New
rt-test: moved to github repo 2011-11-03 Jason Kridner New
samba: Add avahi to DEPEND / EXTRA_OECONF 2011-03-02 Tom Rini New
sane-toolchain-*: add -g to FULL_OPTIMIZATION to make -dbg packages more usefull 2011-03-01 Martin Jansa Changes Requested
schroedinger: inherit class `pkgconfig` 2011-04-17 Paul Menzel New
schroedinger: remove version 2011-04-17 Paul Menzel New
schroedinger: remove `liboil` from `DEPENDS` 2011-04-17 Paul Menzel New
sip: re-add 4.19 2017-01-07 Andreas Müller New
Solution for building omap3-console-image using gcc-4.5 2012-05-01 Elvis Dowson New
sourceipk: modify excludes to include directory names 2012-06-06 chase maupin New
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