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[meta-python,rocko] python-automat: fix build dependencies to avoid download during do_compile 2017-12-26 Derek Straka New
[meta-selinux] audit: 2.7.6 -> 2.8.2 2017-12-27 Huang Qiyu New
[meta-networking] corosync: add corosync.conf.example 2017-12-29 New
[rocko,1/1] python[3]-setuptools: inherit setuptools 2018-01-04 Tim Orling New
[meta-networking] lldpad: new add 2018-01-07 Zheng Ruoqin New
[meta-java] openjdk-7: fix compile errors with current poky master (gcc6) 2018-01-08 Jose Diaz de Grenu New
[meta-oe,pyro] fluentbit: backport one patch from 0.12.0 to fix aarch64 build 2018-01-08 Martin Jansa New
[meta-oe,1/2] luajit: exclude for aarch64. not support in this version 2018-01-09 Armin Kuster New
[meta-java] openjdk-8: strip leading non digit chars from GCCVERSION 2018-01-18 Max Krummenacher New
[morty] nis, opencv: Update getVar/setVar syntax 2018-01-19 Athanasios Oikonomou New
[meta-oe,1/2] smbnetfs: update to version 0.6.1 2018-01-24 Hains van den Bosch New
[meta-python] ] Add python-oauthlib 2018-01-25 Bhargava Sreekantappa Gayathri New
ref-manual: Document the task feature of BUILDHISTORY_FEATURES 2018-01-29 Peter Kjellerstedt New
[1/2] libubox: Move to meta-openwrt repo 2018-01-30 New
[2/2] relayd: Move to meta-openwrt repo 2018-01-30 New
[meta-networking,1/1] postfix: move running newaliases back to pkg_postinst 2018-02-01 Slater, Joseph New
[rocko,meta-python] python-cryptography: fix dependencies 2018-02-07 Tomasz MeresiƄski New
[meta-networking,v2] waf-samba.bbclass: No longer inherit waf.bbclass 2018-02-12 Joshua Watt New
nodejs: Update from 8.4.0 -> 8.9.4 2018-02-20 Parthiban Nallathambi New
[meta-oe,1/2] mraa: Update recipe to use v1.9.0 2018-02-21 Brendan Le Foll New
[meta-oe,2/2] upm: Update recipe to use v1.6.0 2018-02-21 Brendan Le Foll New
[meta-qt5] qt5: refresh patches from meta-qt5/qt* repos 2018-02-22 Martin Jansa New
[meta-qt5,WIP] qt5: upgrade to 5.11 Alpha 2018-02-22 Martin Jansa New
[meta-qt5,pyro] drop nobranch=1 2018-02-22 Martin Jansa New
[meta-oe] nodejs_8.9.0: add RDEPENDS for building 2018-02-23 Trevor Woerner New
[meta-qt5] qt5: Add recipe for qtpurchasing. 2018-02-23 Timo Jyrinki New
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