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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[3/3] insane: clarify GNU_HASH warning 2018-12-03 Ross Burton New
[1/3] oeqa: don't litter /tmp with temporary directories 2018-12-03 Ross Burton Master Next
dnf: backport a patch to fix execution under Python 3.7 2018-11-15 Ross Burton New
wic: use explicit errno import 2018-11-05 Ross Burton Master Next
python3: add python3-venv to the python3-modules RDEPENDS 2018-11-05 Ross Burton Master Next
python: add missing CVE tag to patches 2018-10-29 Ross Burton Master Next
[2/2] openssl: do an out-of-tree build 2018-10-19 Ross Burton Master Next
[1/2] openssl: fix ptest 2018-10-19 Ross Burton Master Next
openssl: fix ptest 2018-10-19 Ross Burton New
package_manager: warn that PACKAGE_EXCLUDE doesn't work for opkg 2018-10-17 Ross Burton New
[2/2] python: remove the PN package entirely 2018-10-15 Ross Burton New
python3: add ptest runner 2018-10-12 Ross Burton Master Next
[1/3] python: don't wipe RDEPENDS when parsing manifest 2018-10-12 Ross Burton Master Next
glib-2.0: add missing locale dependencies to PN-ptest 2018-10-09 Ross Burton Master Next
python3: move sqlite files into python-sqlite 2018-09-26 Ross Burton Master Next
python: move sqlite module into python-sqlite 2018-09-26 Ross Burton Master Next
[5/6] meson: respect target/native flag distinction in G-I and gtk-doc 2018-09-25 Ross Burton Master Next
[1/6] siteinfo: generalise siteinfo 2018-09-25 Ross Burton New
oeqa/selftest/recipetool: fix cmake test 2018-09-12 Ross Burton New
harfbuzz: remove stale pkg.m4 2018-09-11 Ross Burton New
sysprof: fix build with musl 2018-09-07 Ross Burton Master Next
[1/2] mobile-broadband-provider-info: update patch status 2018-09-06 Ross Burton New
[4/5] python3: don't use runtime checks to identify float endianism 2018-09-06 Ross Burton Master Next
os-release: fix to install in the expected location 2018-09-04 Ross Burton Master Next
oe-pkgdata-util: add option for lookup-recipe to not fatally fail 2018-08-31 Ross Burton New
[2/3] checksum: sanity check path when recursively checksumming 2018-08-13 Ross Burton New
[1/3] utils/md5_file: don't iterate line-by-line 2018-08-13 Ross Burton New
[16/16] pax-utils: remove 2018-07-27 Ross Burton Master Next
[09/16] unzip: fix symlink problem 2018-07-27 Ross Burton New
[08/16] update-rc.d: move to 2018-07-27 Ross Burton New
[07/16] dbus-glib: merge bb and inc 2018-07-27 Ross Burton New
[06/16] ossp-uuid: remove 2018-07-27 Ross Burton New
[05/16] ovmf: remove ossp-util from DEPENDS 2018-07-27 Ross Burton New
[04/16] curl: enable libidn 2018-07-27 Ross Burton New
[03/16] gnutls: fix libidn dependencies 2018-07-27 Ross Burton New
[02/16] libidn2: add new version 2018-07-27 Ross Burton New
[01/16] oeqa/sdk: add test that CMake works 2018-07-27 Ross Burton New
[V2] iputils: upgrade to s20190629 2018-07-23 Ross Burton New
[15/15] ca-certificates: upgrade 20170717 -> 20180409 2018-07-17 Ross Burton New
[02/15] tcf-agent: upgrade to 1.7.0 2018-07-17 Ross Burton New
[01/15] bc: upgrade to 1.07.1 2018-07-17 Ross Burton New
atk: add explicit gettext-native dependency 1 2018-07-16 Ross Burton New
[1/2] meson: send user to our wiki instead of Meson bug system 2018-07-06 Ross Burton New
elfutils: add missing Upstream-Status, drop two Debian-specific patches 2018-07-04 Ross Burton New
fstests: remove 2018-07-03 Ross Burton New
xf86-video-omap: remove 2018-06-18 Ross Burton Master Next
xf86-video-omap: remove 1 2018-06-18 Ross Burton Master Next
alsa-tools: rewrite packaging 2018-06-15 Ross Burton New
meson: class improvements 2018-06-14 Ross Burton New
libdrm: port to Meson 2018-06-13 Ross Burton Master Next
libdrm: drop uclibc-specific patch 2018-06-12 Ross Burton Master Next
rm_work: remove obsolete rm_work_all task 2018-06-12 Ross Burton New
mesa: fix build on musl 2018-06-12 Ross Burton New
maintainers: add Andrej Valek as busybox maintain 2018-06-12 Ross Burton Master Next
wayland: fix upstream release checking 2018-06-08 Ross Burton Master Next
cmake: fix Upstream-Status tag spelling 2018-06-08 Ross Burton Master Next
attr/acl: disable make clean 2018-06-07 Ross Burton New
glib: add PACKAGECONFIG for libelf 2018-06-07 Ross Burton Master Next
attr/acl: disable make clean 2018-06-06 Ross Burton Master Next
[3/3] packagegroup-self-hosted: remove libsdl 2018-06-05 Ross Burton New
[2/3] local.conf.sample: update libsdl mentions to libsdl2 2018-06-05 Ross Burton New
[1/3] qemu: only build SDL UI if X11 is enabled 2018-06-05 Ross Burton Master Next
[rocko] libnl: protect against buffer overflow (CVE-2017-0553) 2018-05-16 Ross Burton New
patchreview: don't disable malformed SoB check 2018-05-11 Ross Burton New
uninative-tarball: Add libjis and euc-jp gconv files 2018-05-11 Ross Burton New
[2/2] distcc: disable upstream checking for now 2018-05-11 Ross Burton New
[1/2] package_manager: expand the removal list for RPM 2018-04-27 Ross Burton Master Next
packagegroup-core-tools-profile: include systemtap on MIPS and aarch64 2018-04-13 Ross Burton Master Next
systemtap: don't build under musl 2018-04-13 Ross Burton Master Next
image_types: use pigz to create .gz files 2018-04-10 Ross Burton Master Next
meta: add missing Signed-off-by and Upstream-Status tags 2018-04-09 Ross Burton New
populate_sdk_base: use xz -T instead of pixz 2018-04-09 Ross Burton Master Next
[RFC] pseudo: intercept syscall() and return ENOTSUP for renameat2 1 2018-03-27 Ross Burton New
gtk-doc: don't regenerate gtk-doc in do_install 2018-03-21 Ross Burton New
gtk-doc: always inherit python3native 2018-03-15 Ross Burton New
[2/2] gtk-doc: improve calling of gtkdocize 2018-03-14 Ross Burton New
dbus-glib: refresh patches 2018-03-06 Ross Burton New
[11/11] glibc: Enable static PIE support when security_flags are enabled 2018-03-01 Ross Burton New
[01/11] glibc: Upgrade to 2.27 release 2018-03-01 Ross Burton New
xcb-proto: don't compile for Python 2 2018-02-23 Ross Burton New
flex: upgrade to 2.6.4 2018-02-21 Ross Burton New
grub: fix compile error with latest flex 2018-02-21 Ross Burton New
python: fix parse dependencies 2018-01-26 Ross Burton Master Next
archiver: don't require that images are built using RPM to build SRPMs 2018-01-25 Ross Burton Master Next
package_rpm: correctly handle LICENSE_${PN} 2018-01-22 Ross Burton Master Next
python-pygobject: skip the package if gobject-introspection is disabled 2018-01-16 Ross Burton New
image: use du --apparent-size when calculating rootfs size 2018-01-11 Ross Burton Master Next
perf: conditionalise pythonnative and perlnative inherits 2018-01-10 Ross Burton Master Next
glib-2.0: rationalise build dependencies 2018-01-09 Ross Burton Master Next
[9/9] gettext: rationalise optional dependencies 2018-01-08 Ross Burton New
[1/9] psmisc: improve autopoint-enabling 2018-01-08 Ross Burton New
gettext: move autopoint to gettext-minimal-native 2018-01-05 Ross Burton Master Next
gstreamer: use a patch instead of sed to fix gtk-doc makefiles 2017-12-20 Ross Burton Master Next
[1/2] packagegroups: don't mention lrzsz explicity 2017-12-08 Ross Burton New
nettle: remove aclocal/acinclude dance 2017-11-28 Ross Burton New
tests/fetch: use subtests in the wget tests 2017-11-07 Ross Burton New
oeqa/selftest/runtime_test: fix postinst_rootfs_and_boot 2017-11-07 Ross Burton New
libxml2: use HTTP instead of FTP in SRC_URI 2017-10-16 Ross Burton Master Next
oe-pkgdata-util: add unescape option to read-value 2017-10-04 Ross Burton Master Next
core-image-sato-sdk-ptest: reduce size 2017-09-25 Ross Burton Master Next
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