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openssl: Repace if-else with case and add musl triplet 2014-08-14 Khem Raj New
package.bbclass: skip already-stripped QA test if asked for 2013-09-06 Khem Raj New
packagegroup-core-tools-profile: Remove lttng-tools and perf for rv32/glibc 2020-10-26 Khem Raj New
pam: Add libtirpc to build dependencies 2013-05-14 Khem Raj New
perl: Undefine finitel for musl 2015-07-02 Khem Raj New
pulseaudio: Upgrade 4.0 -> 5.0 2014-03-11 Khem Raj New
pxz: Add recipe and use it for xz image type 2015-09-25 Khem Raj New
python-numpy: Add support for riscv32 2020-11-15 Khem Raj New
python3-numpy: Add ldd runtime dependency on ptest package 2020-11-18 Khem Raj Master Next
python3native, pythonnative: Separate definition and export of PYTHON_LIBRARY and PYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR 2019-09-09 Khem Raj New
python3targetconfig.bbclass: Add py3 dependecy only for target recipes 2020-11-17 Khem Raj New
qemu-git: Move to tip of git 2012-08-21 Khem Raj New
qemu: Inherit pythonnative 2017-02-10 Khem Raj New
qemu: Upgrade to 1.3.1 2013-02-13 Khem Raj New
qemu: Upgrade to 1.4.0 release 2013-02-27 Khem Raj New
qemumips: Use upstream propsed patches to enable 64-entry TLB 2020-10-15 Khem Raj New
recipes: Use GPL-2.0-only instead of GPL-2.0 for LIC_FILES_CHKSUM 2020-10-16 Khem Raj Master Next
Revert "cpan.bbclass: adopt to recent EU::MM" 2018-08-24 Khem Raj Master Next
Revert "glib-2.0: Specify libiconv when building on uclibc" 2013-11-07 Khem Raj New
Revert " Bump to pseudo 1.4.4." 2013-02-13 Khem Raj New
rpm: Fix error.h handing properly on musl 2020-11-01 Khem Raj New
rt-tests: Enable only for x86/ppc64 architectures 2020-11-03 Khem Raj New
ruby: Remove __has_include and __has_include_next from preprocessed header file 2020-01-23 Khem Raj Master Next
site/risc-v: Cache more variables to build libIDL 2018-03-20 Khem Raj New
socklog: Disable the chkshsgr tests 2020-01-28 Khem Raj New
Specify extra paths 2016-08-18 Khem Raj New
strace: Fix ptest bulds with musl/mips 2017-09-19 Khem Raj Master Next
syslinux: Upgrade to 6.02 2013-11-03 Khem Raj New
systemd-bootchart: Add RISC-V support 2019-11-21 Khem Raj New
systemd.bbclass: Introduce do_install_append and use systemd unitdir 2013-02-12 Khem Raj New
systemd: Add systemd package to PACKAGE var 2013-02-12 Khem Raj New
systemd: Backports fixes to 216 2015-01-29 Khem Raj New
systemd: Cover for udev-systemd 2013-08-28 Khem Raj New
systemd: Disable support for shadow group 2020-09-19 Khem Raj New
systemd: Fix build with multilib 2013-09-06 Khem Raj New
systemd: Fix packaging warnings and spin libnss_myhostname to package of its own 2013-02-15 Khem Raj New
systemd: Refresh the patches 2020-01-28 Khem Raj Master Next
systemd: Upgrade 206 -> 208 2013-11-07 Khem Raj New
systemd: Upgrade 218 -> 219 2015-02-25 Khem Raj New
tcf-agent: Add missing leading space to CFLAGS appends 2017-06-02 Khem Raj New
tclibc-uclibc, tclibc-eglibc: Prefer nativesdk-eglibc to provide libintl 2012-09-04 Khem Raj New
toasterconf.json: Set default distro to nodistro 2015-10-24 Khem Raj New
tune/armv7: Add -mthumb to TUNE_CCARGS 2012-03-25 Khem Raj New
tune/armv7: Delete 2012-03-28 Khem Raj New
uclibc-0.9.33: Update to latest on 0.9.33 branch 2012-09-03 Khem Raj New
uclibc: Upgrade to tip of master 2015-08-17 Khem Raj New
util-linux: Fix build when NLS is disabled 2012-03-01 Khem Raj New
var/volatile: Mount it if doing ro-rfs 2015-03-11 Khem Raj New
weston-init: Let weston run without pam on distros without pam 2020-01-09 Khem Raj New
weston-init: Run drm udev rule after systemd multi-seat setup 2020-09-09 Khem Raj Master Next
wic: Add dosfstools-native mtools-native to dependencies 2016-10-26 Khem Raj New
x264: Update to latest on stable branch 2016-11-08 Khem Raj New
xserver-xf86-config: pre-load int10 and exa modules 2016-08-20 Khem Raj New
xserver-xf86-config: pre-load int10 and exa modules 2016-08-20 Khem Raj New
xserver-xorg: Fix build with -fno-common/mips 2020-08-17 Khem Raj Master Next
[0/1] Add standalone kconfig infrastructure 2012-06-20 Khem Raj New
[0/1] Binutils fixes 2012-09-13 Khem Raj New
[0/1] Binutils/gold fix 2015-09-02 Khem Raj New
[0/1] Busybox fix for utmpx 2015-09-03 Khem Raj New
[0/1] Empty out MACHINE overrides for native and nativesdk 2014-08-25 Khem Raj New
[0/1] Fix coreutils build on uclibc 2013-04-05 Khem Raj New
[0/1] Fix symlinking of linker in gcc-cross-initial 2014-08-14 Khem Raj New
[0/2] eglibc bugfixes for e5500 and systemd 2012-09-17 Khem Raj New
[0/2] Introduce cross testing driver for gcc-cross 2011-12-14 Khem Raj New
[0/2] Let uclibc provide rtld(GNU_HASH) 2012-05-09 Khem Raj New
[0/2] more eglibc 2.16 fixes 2012-07-18 Khem Raj New
[0/2] Upgrade binutils to 2.24 2014-02-01 Khem Raj New
[0/2] Upgrade uclibc 2014-08-25 Khem Raj New
[0/3] Add and use kmod 2012-05-02 Khem Raj New
[0/3] ARM hf support 2012-05-21 Khem Raj New
[0/3] Enable xserver-xorg for all qemumachines 2012-05-03 Khem Raj New
[0/3] Journald fixes 2014-02-11 Khem Raj New
[0/3] Kmod fixes 2012-05-08 Khem Raj New
[0/3] Remove old eglibc and gcc recipes 2012-06-22 Khem Raj New
[0/3] rpcbind, module bbclass and systemd fix 2013-01-28 Khem Raj New
[0/3] systemd upgrade to 198 2013-03-09 Khem Raj New
[0/3] uclibc and eglibc update 2012-08-30 Khem Raj New
[0/3] Update QEMU and add support for eglibc testing 2011-12-09 Khem Raj New
[0/3] Update systemd/kmod 2013-08-22 Khem Raj New
[0/3] Update uclibc to latest git and drop 0.9.33 2013-07-01 Khem Raj New
[0/3] Upgrade binutils to 2.23.1 2012-11-28 Khem Raj New
[0/3] Upgrade glibc 2.23 2016-02-20 Khem Raj New
[0/3] Upgrade util-linux and misc fixes 2012-12-02 Khem Raj New
[0/4] Add gcc cross test driver and improve eglibc testing 2011-12-16 Khem Raj New
[0/4] boost, nfs-utils upgrade, drop KERNEL_CC 2013-01-19 Khem Raj New
[0/4] gcc fixes and eglibc update 2012-06-28 Khem Raj New
[0/4] GCC fixes and updates 2012-09-06 Khem Raj New
[0/4] stash gcc-cross buildtree and add recipe class override 2012-02-24 Khem Raj New
[0/4] Systemd Upgrade 2015-09-08 Khem Raj New
[0/4] uclibc, systemd, nfs-utils updates 2013-01-22 Khem Raj New
[0/5] Fix arm/tune-features for thumb instruction set 2012-01-27 Khem Raj New
[0/5] Fix uclibc packaging and update qemu git recipe 2012-06-21 Khem Raj New
[0/5] systemd 219 upgrade and musl fixes 2015-02-20 Khem Raj New
[0/5] toolchain bootstrap fixes and kernel.bbclass integration 2012-07-24 Khem Raj New
[0/5] Toolchain fixes and uclibc-git upgrade 2012-06-20 Khem Raj New
[0/6] eglibc upgrade 2.19, uclibc upgrade and fixes 2014-02-17 Khem Raj New
[0/6] Enable cloog/ppl when compiling gcc 2011-12-06 Khem Raj New
[0/6] Fix issues when using security_flags on musl 2016-02-03 Khem Raj New
[0/6] gcc/uclibc/musl updates 2015-12-14 Khem Raj New
[0/6] Upgrade qemu to 1.2 and eglibc with kconfig 2012-09-06 Khem Raj New
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