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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
update-rc.d.bbclass: remove preinst and remove -f for postinst 2018-11-09 New
[V3] dbus: fix ptest failure 2018-11-05 New
xserver-xorg: fix for CVE-2018-14665 2018-11-02 New
unzip: fix for CVE-2018-18384 2018-11-02 Master Next
qemu: fix for CVE-2018-10839 2018-11-02 Master Next
curl: fix for CVE-2018-16839/CVE-2018-16840/CVE-2018-16842 2018-11-02 Master Next
apt: update SRC_URI 2018-11-01 Master Next
python-native: fix one do_populate_sysroot warning 2018-10-25 Master Next
[V2] openssl: change make install run serially 2018-10-25 New
git: upgrade 2.18.0 -> 2.18.1 2018-10-25 Master Next
openssl: fix occasionally install fail for parallel build 2018-10-24 New
python/python3: use cc_basename to replace CC for checking compiler 2018-10-23 Master Next
freetype: remove compile of windows resource files 2018-10-15 New
[V2] e2fsprogs: fix test f_detect_junk print error msg 2018-10-11 New
pango: fix ptest failed problem 2018-09-30 New
[V2] bind: patch for CVE-2018-5740 2018-09-11 New
qemu: patch for CVE-2018-15746 2018-09-10 New
libsndfile1: patch for CVE-2017-14634 2018-08-27 New
flac: patch for CVE-2017-6888 2018-08-21 Master Next
[V2] sstate: Avoid indirect autoconf-archive-native dependencies (via SSTATE_EXCLUDEDEPS_SYSROOT) 2018-08-20 New
[V2] rpm: remove dbus depend for natove rpm 2018-08-17 New
sstate: Avoid indirect auto-archive-native dependencies (via SSTATE_EXCLUDEDEPS_SYSROOT) 2018-08-17 Master Next
rpm: remove depend on dbus for rpm native 2018-08-15 New
bind: upgrade 9.11.4 -> 9.13.2 2018-08-13 New
[V2] curl: support multilib installation 2018-07-30 New
openssh: Restore TCP wrappers support 2018-07-13 New
coreutils: fix compile error since use wrong 2018-07-09 New
nettle: do the multilib_header magic for nettle-stdint.h and version.h 2018-06-05 Master Next
qemuwrapper-cross: fix postinst failed warning 2018-05-30 New
systemd/pixbufcache/gio-module-cache/fontcache: fix build warning when using qemu usermode 2018-05-24 New
liberation-fonts/cantarell-fonts: fix postinst failed warning 2018-05-24 New