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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2] devtool: build: Also run deploy for devtool build if applicable 2019-06-13 Jaewon Lee New
devtool: build: add deploy to the tasks run for devtool build 2019-06-07 Jaewon Lee Master Next
[THUD] Introduce mechanism to keep nativesdk* sstate in esdk 2019-04-01 Jaewon Lee New
devtool sdk-update: unconditionally append updateserver to sstate mirrors 2019-03-12 Jaewon Lee New
[thud] Remove setting of PYTHONHOME 2019-03-05 Jaewon Lee akuster Under Review
devtool-source.bbclass: Support kernel fragments not in SRC_URI 2018-07-30 Jaewon Lee Master Next
matchbox-session-sato: Make the battery applet depend on machine features 2018-05-02 Jaewon Lee New
gconf: fix saving of settings when config folder doesnt exist 2018-04-10 Jaewon Lee New