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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[thud] ghostscript: Fix CVE-2019-6116 2019-02-21 Ovidiu Panait akuster Thud Next
[morty,v2] qemux86: wic: Add MLPREFIX to syslinux 2018-09-14 Ovidiu Panait New
[morty] qemux86-64: wic: Add MLPREFIX to syslinux 2018-09-13 Ovidiu Panait New
[rocko] lsof: Update SRC_URI 2018-07-27 Ovidiu Panait akuster New
[1/1] db: disable the ARM assembler mutex code 2018-06-14 Ovidiu Panait New
[rocko,1/1] ncurses: Fix CVE-2018-10754 2018-05-21 Ovidiu Panait New
nativesdk-rpm: Add wrappers for nativesdk support 2018-02-27 Ovidiu Panait New
python: Fix CVE-2017-1000158 2018-01-05 Ovidiu Panait New
openssl-nativesdk: Fix "can't open config file" warning 2017-12-14 Ovidiu Panait New
boost: fix build failure when musl is used with x32 ABI 2017-11-13 Ovidiu Panait New
libxfont: bump versions to 1.5.3 and 2.0.2 2017-11-03 Ovidiu Panait New
init-install: add timeout for legacy grub 2017-10-31 Ovidiu Panait New
git: bump version to 2.14.3 2017-10-26 Ovidiu Panait New
[v2] git: bump version to 2.13.6 2017-10-26 Ovidiu Panait New
git: CVE-2017-14867 2017-10-23 Ovidiu Panait New
libparted: Use read only when probing devices on linux 2017-09-26 Ovidiu Panait Master Next
ncurses: CVE-2017-13732, CVE-2017-13734, CVE-2017-13730, CVE-2017-13729, CVE-2017-13728, CVE-2017... 2017-09-20 Ovidiu Panait Master Next