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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2] glibc: fix multilib file install conflicts 2019-02-27 C.R. Guo New
glibc: support powerpc e5500 and e6500 2019-02-19 C.R. Guo New
[meta-oe] mozjs: add aarch64 be support 2019-01-24 C.R. Guo New
[v2] glibc: glibc support powerpc e5500 and e6500 2019-01-18 C.R. Guo New
meson: add aarch64 big endian support 2019-01-09 C.R. Guo New
[thud] ppce500v2: remove spe *The PowerPC SPE support is split off to a separate powerpcspe port 2018-11-16 C.R. Guo New
meta/classes/qemu.bbclass: set -cpu of e500v2 to e500mc 2018-11-09 C.R. Guo New
kernel-fitimage: add support for ext2.gz initramfs files 2018-07-03 C.R. Guo New
tune-ppce500v1: Add a tune file for PowerPC e500v1 cores 2018-06-14 C.R. Guo New