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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[RFC,2/2] Don't inherit 'features_check' in recipes that don't utilize it 2020-06-09 Jacob Kroon Master Next
[RFC,1/2] features_check: Warn if not used 2020-06-09 Jacob Kroon New
[pseudo] pseudo_ipc.h: Fix enum typedef 2020-05-03 Jacob Kroon New
[v2] initscripts: remove warnings on read-only-rootfs (again) 2019-08-21 Jacob Kroon New
[v2] base-passwd: Add kvm group 2019-02-04 Jacob Kroon New
[v2,2/2] buildhistory: support generating sha256 checksums of regular files 2019-01-09 Jacob Kroon New
[v2,1/2] buildhistory: simplify buildhistory_list_files() 2019-01-09 Jacob Kroon New
[v2] package.bbclass: Sort FILES_INFO by key 2019-01-08 Jacob Kroon New
[RFC,2/2] buildhistory: support generating md5sum of files 2019-01-06 Jacob Kroon New
kernel-devsrc: Don't package kernel meta-data 2016-07-26 Jacob Kroon New
pixbufcache: Add missing dependency on jpeg-native 2014-07-21 Jacob Kroon New
[CONSOLIDATED,PULL,00/16] CVE Patches and updates 2014-05-22 Jacob Kroon New
libusb1: Update to 1.0.18 2014-05-16 Jacob Kroon New
Busybox menuconfig on host without ncurse development package 2014-02-04 Jacob Kroon New
Getting rid of warning when running perl from the SDK 2014-01-18 Jacob Kroon New