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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[master,warrior] at: Fix a spelling mistake. 2019-05-31 leimaohui New
[warrior,master] nativesdk-qemu:Make it support aarch64_be. 2019-05-25 leimaohui New
[warrior] createrepo-c: Fix build QA error for nativesdk-createrepo-c. 2019-05-25 leimaohui New
[v2] meson.bbclass: Make meson support aarch64_be. 2019-05-22 leimaohui New
[master,thud] nfs-utils: Enable libnfsidmap. 2018-09-02 leimaohui New
[v2] cross-canadian/libgcc: fix aarch64's multilib SDK 2018-06-25 leimaohui New
nss: Fix build error for aarch64be. 2018-06-10 leimaohui New
[sumo] glibc: fix CVE-2017-18269 and CVE-2018-11236 2018-06-10 leimaohui akuster New
Fix build error when enable archiver. 2018-06-02 leimaohui New
[v2,1/1] Make yocto-spdx support spdx2.0 SPEC 2016-09-19 leimaohui New
Made spdx support SPDX2.0 SPEC Signed-off-by: Lei Maohui <> 2016-06-27 leimaohui New
jpeg: To enable non-JPEG file formats for djpeg/cjpeg command. 2015-12-18 leimaohui New add parted that not GPLv3 2015-07-09 leimaohui New
[v4,3/3] spdx: create a directory to save source code 2015-06-10 leimaohui New
[v4,2/3] spdx.bbclass: Create the spdx file which is compliant with SPDX 1.2 Specification 2015-06-10 leimaohui New
[v4,1/3] licenses.conf: Modified parameters for new spdx.bbclass 2015-06-10 leimaohui New
cracklib:Fix an error in the patch 2015-06-09 leimaohui New
xkeyboard-config: modified the license 2015-04-27 leimaohui New
cairo_1.14.2: Modified the license of cairo-trace. 2015-04-17 leimaohui New
libgcrypt: modified the license of dumpsexp. 2015-04-17 leimaohui New
[v2] gcc: upgrade to 4.9.2 and fix the bug #6824 2015-01-16 leimaohui New
[1/1] valgrind: Fix compile error about VEX/auxprogs/genoffsets.c 2013-09-20 leimaohui New
[1/1] udev_182: creat a symbolic file /sbin/udevadm to fix haldaemon starts error. 2013-09-20 leimaohui New