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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[zeus,2/2] screen: fix CVE-2020-9366 2020-03-20 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,2/3] curl: fix CVE-2019-15601 2020-02-05 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,2/3] iptables: Allow overriding rules file location 2019-12-05 Niko Mauno New
[zeus,2/4] pypi.bbclass: use new pypi UPSTREAM_CHECK_URI 2020-08-10 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,2/7] binutils: fix CVE-2019-17451 2019-11-17 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,2/7] libpcre2: fix CVE-2019-20454 2020-03-16 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,2/7] opkg-utils: Fix silent empty/broken opkg package creation 2019-11-23 Armin Kuster New
[zeus,2/9] openssl: fix CVE-2019-1551 2019-12-18 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,2/9] screen: fix CVE-2020-9366 2020-03-26 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,20/22] libxml2: fix CVE-2020-7595 2020-02-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,20/25] gst-validate: upgrade 1.16.1 -> 1.16.2 2020-05-29 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,20/32] python3: fix CVE-2020-14422 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,21/22] libxml2: Fix CVE-2019-20388 2020-02-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,21/25] icu: update SRC_URI 2020-05-29 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,21/32] iso-codes: switch upstream branch master -> main 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,22/22] linux-yocto/5.2: update to v5.2.32 2020-02-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,22/25] bind: fix CVE-2020-8616/7 2020-05-29 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,22/32] utils: fix gcc 10 version detection 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,23/25] strace: fix failing ptests 2020-05-29 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,23/32] perf: fix build for v5.5+ 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,24/25] avahi: Don't advertise example services by default 2020-05-29 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,24/32] perf: Correct the substitution of python shebangs 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,25/25] mesa: fix meson configure fix when 'dri' is excluded from PACKAGECONFIG 2020-05-29 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,25/32] sqlite: backport CVE fix 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,26/32] selftest/context: Avoid tracebacks from tests using multiprocessing 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,27/32] python3-numpy: Stop shipping manual config files 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,28/32] cve-update: handle baseMetricV2 as optional 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,29/32] nss: Fix CVE-2020-12399 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,3/3] cpio: fix CVE-2019-14866 2020-02-05 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,3/3] iptables: Add systemd helper unit for IPv6 too 2019-12-05 Niko Mauno New
[zeus,3/4] go: Security Advisory - go - CVE-2020-15586 2020-08-10 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,3/7] core-image-full-cmdline: Add less 2019-11-23 Armin Kuster New
[zeus,3/7] sqlite: fix numerous CVEs 2020-03-16 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,3/7] wpa-supplicant: fix CVE-2019-16275 2019-11-17 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,3/9] sanity: check for more bits of Python 2020-03-26 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,3/9] sysstat: fix CVE-2019-19725 2019-12-18 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,30/32] glibc: CVE-2020-6096 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,31/32] core: glib-2.0: fix requested libmount/mkostemp/selinux not being linked in 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,32/32] gstreamer1.0: fix builds with make 4.3 2020-07-28 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,4/4] libpcre: Add fix for CVE-2020-14155 1 2020-08-10 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,4/7] aspell: CVE-2019-20433 2020-03-16 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,4/7] python: fix CVE-2019-16935 2019-11-17 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,4/7] sanity: Add check for tar older than 1.28 2019-11-23 Armin Kuster New
[zeus,4/9] nfs-utils: Disable statx if using glibc emulation 2020-03-26 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,4/9] openssl: Whitelist CVE-2019-0190 2019-12-18 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,5/7] oeqa/selftest/sstatetests: Ensure we don't use hashequiv for sstatesigs tests 2019-11-23 Armin Kuster New
[zeus,5/7] python3: Upgrade 3.7.6 -> 3.7.7 2020-03-16 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,5/7] sysstat: Correct our systemd unit file 2019-11-17 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,5/9] e2fsprogs: fix CVE-2019-5188 2020-03-26 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,5/9] python/python3: Whitelist CVE-2019-18348 2019-12-18 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,6/7] cairo: the component is dual licensed 2019-11-23 Armin Kuster New
[zeus,6/7] libarchive: Fix CVE-2020-9308 2020-03-16 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,6/7] sysstat: Correct when to use the package provided systemd unit files 2019-11-17 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,6/9] e2fsprogs: backport upstream patch 2020-03-26 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,6/9] nss: Backport clang build fix 2019-12-18 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,7/7] bluez: fix CVE-2020-0556 2020-03-16 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,7/7] iputils: Whitelist CVE-2000-1213 CVE-2000-1214 2019-11-17 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,7/7] selftest: check that 'devtool upgrade' correctly drops backported patches 2019-11-23 Armin Kuster New
[zeus,7/9] qemu-helper-native/systemtap-native: Ensure sysroots are populated with dependencies 2019-12-18 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,7/9] fix flags missing from SDK toolchain 2020-03-26 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,8/9] linux-yocto/4.19: update to v4.19.107 2020-03-26 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,8/9] systemd-systemctl: Fix handling of aliased targets 2019-12-18 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,9/9] lttng-modules: fix NULL pointer deference error when testing rpc_task_running 2019-12-18 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,9/9] wic/direct: reserve 2 sector for extended partition 2020-03-26 Anuj Mittal New
[zeus,V2] glibc: CVE-2020-1752 2020-05-12 Zhixiong Chi New
[zeus,v2] nfs-utils: Disable statx if using glibc emulation 2020-03-20 Andrii Bordunov via Openembedded-core New
[zeus,v2] nfs-utils: fix CVE-2019-3689 2020-06-28 Wenlin Kang New
[zeus,V2] procps: fix the top command crash issue 2020-09-14 Zhixiong Chi New
[zeus,v2] ruby: fix CVE-2019-16254 2020-02-11 Rahul Chauhan New
[zeus,v2] sqlite: backport CVE fix 2020-07-10 Adrian Bunk New
[zeus,v2] sqlite: fix numerous CVEs 2020-03-11 Adrian Bunk New
[zeus,v2] u-boot-tools: Split out inc file 2020-04-01 Joshua Watt New
[zeus,v4,1/2] binutils: fix CVE-2019-17450 2019-10-25 Trevor Gamblin New
[zeus,v4,2/2] binutils: fix CVE-2019-17451 2019-10-25 Trevor Gamblin New
[zeus] acl: Disable parallel make install 2020-09-09 Richard Purdie New
[zeus] aspell: CVE-2019-20433 2020-03-12 Stefan Ghinea New
[zeus] aspell: fix CVE-2019-17544 2019-10-16 Trevor Gamblin akuster Under Review
[zeus] bind: fix CVE-2019-6471 and CVE-2018-5743 2019-11-22 Kang Kai New
[zeus] bind: fix CVE-2020-8616/7 2020-05-27 New
[zeus] cmake-native: Use cmake-provided zstd library; system library might be too old. 2020-08-13 Leon Woestenberg New
[zeus] core: recipes: fix some native tools dependencies 2020-01-21 Sumit Garg akuster Under Review
[zeus] cve-update-db-native: clean DB if temporary file exist 2020-05-01 Adrian Bunk New
[zeus] e2fsprogs: fix CVE-2019-5094 2019-11-04 New
[zeus] glib-2.0: fix CVE-2020-6750 2020-03-27 Haiqing Bai New
[zeus] glib: Whitelist CVE-2019-12450 2019-12-06 Adrian Bunk New
[zeus] glibc: CVE-2020-10029 2020-03-09 Zhixiong Chi akuster Under Review
[ZEUS] glibc: CVE-2020-1751 2020-04-20 Zhixiong Chi New
[zeus] glibc: CVE-2020-6096 2020-07-13 Zhixiong Chi New
[zeus] gnupg: upgrade 2.2.17 -> 2.2.19 2020-05-01 Adrian Bunk New
[zeus] gnutls: fixed CVE-2020-13777 2020-06-15 Haiqing Bai New
[zeus] gnutls: upgrade -> 3.6.12 2020-05-01 Adrian Bunk New
[zeus] gnutls: upgrade 3.6.12 -> 3.6.13 2020-05-01 Adrian Bunk New
[zeus] gnutls: upgrade 3.6.8 -> 2020-05-01 Adrian Bunk New
[zeus] gstreamer1.0: upgrade to version 1.16.1 2019-11-23 Armin Kuster New
[zeus] icu: update SRC_URI 2020-05-26 Marek Vasut New
[zeus] libarchive: CVE-2020-21674 2020-10-19 Li Wang New
[zeus] libarchive: Fix CVE-2020-9308 2020-03-14 Wenlin Kang New
[zeus] libgcrypt: fix CVE-2019-13627 2019-11-05 Trevor Gamblin New
[zeus] libjpeg-turbo: Fix CVE-2020-13790 2020-06-18 Liu Haitao New
[zeus] libpng: whitelist CVE-2019-17371 2019-11-05 Adrian Bunk New
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