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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
utils.bbclass: Tweak create_wrapper 2013-06-17 Richard Purdie Accepted
utils.movefile: specify dest file name 2015-08-20 Benjamin Esquivel New add parallel make helpers 2018-02-12 Joshua Watt Accepted Fix parallel_make limit 2018-02-16 Joshua Watt Accepted Use minimum value for PARALLEL_MAKE. 2018-02-21 Michael Gloff New
utils/ TestNeedsBin, decorator for sending binaries to images 2015-08-28 Costin Constantin New
utils: Add a cpu_count wrapper function 2014-01-27 Richard Purdie Accepted
utils: Add all_multilib_tune_list function 2016-09-26 Richard Purdie New
utils: Add hardlinkdir shell function 2014-04-24 Richard Purdie New
utils: add helper to get all non-system packages 2013-04-04 Ross Burton Accepted
utils: check_app_exists: strip whitespace from binary when searching 2016-08-23 Ross Burton Accepted
utils: Handle MLPREFIX in all_multilib_tune_values() 2015-07-31 Richard Purdie Accepted
utils: Optimise looping in base_set_filespath 2012-11-19 Richard Purdie Accepted
uzip: Revert "unzip: fix security issues" 2016-08-26 Aníbal Limón New
v2 cups: Shouldn't link against libgcrypt without using gcrypt functions 2014-06-09 Armin Kuster New
v2 perf: add slang to the dependencies 2014-06-16 Henning Heinold Accepted
V2 Re: [PATCH 0/8] runqemu: refactor it and remove machine knowledge 2016-08-18 Robert Yang New
v2 [PATCH 2/2] sanity.bbclass: Implement initial toolchain sanity checks 2012-04-28 Peter Seebach New
v3 cups: Shouldn't link against libgcrypt without using gcrypt functions 2014-06-09 Armin Kuster New
v4 cups: Shouldn't link against libgcrypt without using gcrypt functions 2014-06-10 Armin Kuster Accepted
v4 or so [PATCH 0/3] sanity.bbclass and friends: toolchain sanity 2012-05-02 Peter Seebach New
v86d, use KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD+KERNEL_MODULE_PROBECONF for uvesafb instead of... 2017-04-27 Martin Jansa Accepted
v86d: Accept aarch64 as build host 2016-07-09 Khem Raj Accepted
v86d: Fix cross link using host-cross ar 2012-06-08 Jason Wessel Accepted
v86d: mark as compatible with all x86, not just qemux86 2013-07-29 Ross Burton Accepted
v86d: Use BP instead of P 2013-02-04 Saul Wold Accepted
vala-stub: add a stub for vala-native 2012-12-21 Ross Burton New
vala: add bison-native depends for vala-native 2013-09-15 Randy MacLeod Accepted
vala: Add Upstream-Status to patch 2014-12-17 Saul Wold Accepted
vala: Add vala package as a devtool (version 0.12.1) 2012-04-11 Florin Sarbu New
vala: Add vala package as a devtool (version 0.12.1) 2012-04-11 Florin Sarbu Superseded
vala: Add vala package as a devtool (version 0.12.1) 2012-04-11 Florin Sarbu Superseded
vala: cleanup DEPENDS 2013-11-08 Enrico Scholz Accepted
vala: upgrade to 0.26.1 2014-11-11 Ross Burton New
valgrind: add powerpc into the compatible host list 2011-12-19 Zhenhua Luo Superseded
valgrind: add powerpc to the compatible host and add ${TCLIBC}-dbg in RRECOMMENDS 2012-01-04 Zhenhua Luo Superseded
valgrind: add powerpc to the compatible host and add eglibc-dbg in rdepends 2011-12-28 Zhenhua Luo Superseded
valgrind: added perl dependency 2013-06-07 Superseded
valgrind: backport enabling for glibc 2.20 2014-09-09 Ross Burton Accepted
valgrind: build ptests without optimizations 2015-08-17 Dave Lerner Accepted
valgrind: disable build for muslx32 2017-08-17 Accepted
valgrind: enable building on 4.x kernel 2015-03-17 Martin Jansa New
valgrind: enable building on 4.x kernel 2015-03-13 Martin Jansa New
valgrind: enable on mips soft-float 2017-08-03 André Draszik Superseded
valgrind: enable rt_sigpending syscall on ppc64 linux 2015-08-25 Li Zhou Accepted
valgrind: Enable valgrind for omap3 2012-05-23 Samuel Stirtzel New
valgrind: Enforce 30 seconds limit for each test 2014-10-08 Tudor Florea Accepted
valgrind: explicitly disable MPI2 support 2013-01-25 Paul Eggleton Accepted
valgrind: Fix case where ${B} != ${S} 2013-03-18 Richard Purdie Accepted
valgrind: fix debug info reading error when do memcheck on ppc targets 2012-09-12 Zhenhua Luo Superseded
valgrind: fix default.supp missing issue 2012-07-11 Zhenhua Luo Accepted
valgrind: fix link failure with gold 2017-07-11 Ross Burton New
valgrind: fix ptest compilation for PowerPC 2017-07-14 Ross Burton Accepted
valgrind: import Debian link_tool patch for MIPS 2015-12-09 Andre McCurdy Accepted
valgrind: improvements for run-ptest 2017-08-20 jackie huang Accepted
valgrind: Integration of regression tests to ptest 2014-02-06 Dave Lerner New
valgrind: Integration of regression tests to ptest 2014-02-06 Dave Lerner New
valgrind: Make dep on glibc-utils conditional on TCLIBC = glibc 2016-03-10 Khem Raj Accepted
valgrind: make it explicit that valgrind supports armv7a and above 2016-01-13 Andre McCurdy Accepted
valgrind: MIPS: Make toolchain basename generic 2016-09-08 Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel Accepted
valgrind: pass -maltivec only if it supported 2014-09-23 Ting Liu New
valgrind: remove arm tests that don't compile 2015-05-22 Dave Lerner New
Valgrind: Remove test apps not building with ppc64 and PTEST 2014-10-30 Alexandra Safta New
valgrind: remove unused valgrind-remove-rpath.patch 2016-01-21 Andre McCurdy Accepted
valgrind: rrecommend libc6-dbg on all architectures 2014-01-03 Mike Crowe Accepted
valgrind: Support compilation without X11 2012-03-06 Mike Crowe Accepted
valgrind: update configure for eglibc 2.17 2013-01-09 Saul Wold Accepted
valgrind: update to 3.10.1 2014-12-09 Kang Kai New
valgrind: update to 3.11.0 2015-12-15 Alexander Kanavin New Mask CPUID support in HWCAP on aarch64 2018-03-05 Manjukumar Matha Accepted fix missing leading space on _append 2012-09-12 Matthew McClintock Accepted
var/volatile: Mount it if doing ro-rfs 2015-03-11 Khem Raj New
Various typoes fixed, all comments or output strings. 2012-03-25 Robert P. J. Day New
various: Drop now pointless manual -dbg packaging 2015-12-15 Richard Purdie New
verify-bashisms: use argparse, add verbose option 2017-11-21 Ross Burton Accepted
vim: split tools directory into vim-tools package 2016-08-26 Alexandru Moise Accepted
vte: Avoid inheriting vala class 2016-10-11 Jussi Kukkonen New
vte: Build without vala by default 2016-10-11 Jussi Kukkonen Accepted
vte: Fix conflict between FILES_${PN}-dbg and FILES_vte-dbg 2013-03-19 Mark Hatle Accepted
vte: fix DoS from malicious escape sequence (CVE-2012-2738) 2015-11-02 Ross Burton Accepted
vte: Upgrade 0.44.2 -> 0.46.1 2017-02-14 Jussi Kukkonen New
vulkan-demos: Rename ${bindir}/screenshot 2017-07-18 Jussi Kukkonen Accepted
vulkan: Only build when 'vulkan' distro flag is set 2017-08-23 Mark Hatle Accepted
waf.bbclass: Add compile progress 2017-12-07 Joshua Watt Superseded
waf.bbclass: add waf build system class 2013-09-02 Ross Burton New
waf.bbclass: cd to ${S} before checking version 2018-01-31 Joshua Watt Superseded
waf.bbclass: check that waf exists before trying to execute it 2018-01-30 Martin Jansa New
waf.bbclass: explicitly pass libdir 2017-12-11 Stefan Agner Superseded
waf.bbclass: filter out non -j from PARALLEL_MAKE 2015-09-10 Enrico Scholz Accepted
waf.bbclass: handle PACKAGECONFIG 2017-01-15 Andreas Müller Accepted
waf.bbclass: Remove --disable-static from EXTRA_OECONF 2016-02-18 Fabio Berton Accepted
waf.bbclass: remove unused parameter from get_waf_parallel_make() 2015-12-04 Andre McCurdy Accepted
waffle: fix REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES and PACKAGECONFIG virtual/libgl dependencies 2017-08-31 Leonardo Sandoval New
waffle: prefix MLPREFIX on libgl dependency 2017-08-30 Leonardo Sandoval Accepted
waffle: upgrade to 1.5.0 2014-12-31 Ross Burton New
watchdog: Add RCONFLICTS to watchdog-keepalive and split RDEPENDS 2017-01-25 Fabio Berton Accepted
watchdog: enable systemd support 2016-01-20 New
watchdog: enable systemd support 2015-11-27 New
watchdog: Fix build with musl 2016-06-24 Khem Raj Accepted
watchdog: fix ping mode failure 2012-07-17 New
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