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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
scripts/test-remote-image: use the scriptpath module 2014-07-17 Corneliu Stoicescu Accepted
scripts/wipe-sysroot: add script to safely wipe the sysroots 2013-01-25 Ross Burton Accepted
scripts/yocto-bsp: Fixed typo in parameter that was causing exception 2016-06-09 New
scripts/ Add dependency validation in add_layer 2017-03-27 Aníbal Limón Accepted
scripts: Add and 2013-10-28 Darren Hart Accepted
scripts: add new script 2016-09-28 Ed Bartosh New
scripts: add pkgdataui 2017-05-16 Ross Burton New
scripts: add qemuppc64 qemu scripts 2014-09-13 Armin Kuster New
scripts: analyze_patch: Analyze patch and suggest tests. 2015-11-20 Daniel Istrate New
scripts: Create interactive menu for mkefidisk script 2015-09-01 Bruno Bottazzini New
scripts: drop True option to getVar calls 2017-09-24 Ming Liu Master Next
scripts: Fixed typo in parameter that was causing exception 2016-07-01 New
scripts: introduce buildstats-diff 2016-09-14 Markus Lehtonen New
scripts: oe-selftest Added new features. 2015-12-02 Daniel Istrate Accepted
scripts: Rename 'native' to 'oe-run-native' 2016-10-06 Ulf Magnusson New
scripts: runqemu: remove QEMUARCH from help message 2015-11-06 Ruslan Bilovol Accepted
scripts: Update after addtion of parameter to bitbake -S 2014-03-26 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts: use '/usr/bin/env' in shebangs with python 2014-10-31 Martin Hundebøll New
scripts:/oe-selftest: Use timestamp instead of test names in coverage data file 2016-03-24 Accepted
SDK and external toolchain 2013-03-19 Marcin Juszkiewicz New
SDK and external toolchain 2012-07-26 Matthieu CRAPET New
SDK default deploy directory 2014-04-04 David Vincent Accepted / OpkgSdk: remove_packaging_data() after install 2015-12-01 Haris Okanovic Accepted fix conflicts of packages 2015-11-11 Liu Jian New fix conflicts of packages 2015-08-25 Liu Jian Accepted preserve packaging data when SDKIMAGE_FEATURES has "package-management" 2016-04-21 Denys Dmytriyenko Accepted
SDK: allow SDK path of various level 2012-10-16 Fabien Proriol Accepted
SDK: trap any IO errors in the relocate script 2012-09-25 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
Security Advisory - libtiff - CVE-2012-4564 2014-06-16 Wenzong Fan New
Security Advisory - pam - CVE-2014-2583 2014-06-16 Wenzong Fan New
Security question: and ${ROOT_HOME} directory permission 2016-04-06 Robert Yang New
security-flags: Avoid lttng-tools issue on arm 2014-02-26 Richard Purdie New
security-flags: Deal with powerpc build issues 2014-02-26 Richard Purdie New
security-flags: Disable PIE for coreutils, elfutils, gcc, iptables 2015-07-27 Richard Purdie New add an entry for python3-numpy 2016-06-03 Alexander Kanavin Accepted drop obsolete comment 2018-05-10 Andre McCurdy Accepted enable PIE for a few recipes 2016-08-08 Alexander Kanavin Accepted libidn fails to build w/ -Wformat-security 2016-06-24 André Draszik New remove duplicated over-rides 2015-06-12 Andre McCurdy New remove obsolete workarounds for curl 2016-01-14 Andre McCurdy Accepted Use SECURITY_X_LDFLAGS 2018-01-31 Tom Rini New
security_flags: Add comment about what it does and who uses it 2015-05-29 Richard Purdie New
security_flags: Add entry for openssl 2013-12-03 Saul Wold Accepted
security_flags: Add python-numpy to pie incompatible list 2015-05-03 Richard Purdie New
security_flags: Add the compiler and linker flags that enhance security 2013-06-28 Saul Wold New
security_flags: add the rest of the grub-efi related packages 2013-12-25 Saul Wold Accepted
security_flags: db can't use pie flags from gcc for security build 2014-01-14 Saul Wold Accepted
security_flags: Diable PIE for mesa-gl 2016-10-06 Khem Raj Accepted
security_flags: disable -pie for gpgme 2017-02-13 Ross Burton Accepted
security_flags: disable PIE flags for cups builds 2014-02-26 Saul Wold Accepted
security_flags: disable PIE on expect 2015-01-28 Ross Burton New
security_flags: disable static PIE in glibc 2018-05-14 Ross Burton Accepted
security_flags: eliminate FORTIFY_SOURCE for debug builds 2015-07-02 jackie huang New
security_flags: Enable security flags on leafpad, ltp and libuser. 2016-05-13 Aníbal Limón Accepted
security_flags: grub-efi-natve does not build with flags enabled 2013-11-20 Saul Wold Accepted
security_flags: more relocation issues 2013-12-18 Saul Wold Accepted
security_flags: more relocation issues 2013-12-16 Saul Wold New
security_flags: remove PIE flags from flex and gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad 2015-03-02 Ross Burton New
sed: Cope with ${bindir} and ${base_bindir} being the same 2015-02-05 Mike Crowe New
sed: Explicitly disable acl for deterministic builds 2012-05-04 Richard Purdie New
sed: Fix unpackaged files warnings 2012-03-16 Richard Purdie Accepted
sed: Make locale depenencies glibc specific 2015-07-25 Richard Purdie New
sed: rrec on locale-base-ru-ru, not rdep 2015-07-23 Abdur Rehman New
sed: Skip 'build-deps' QA check for sed-ptest package 2014-12-26 Otavio Salvador New
sed: Upgrade 4.2.2 -> 4.4 2017-06-02 New
sed: upgrade to 4.2.2 2013-01-07 Constantin Musca Accepted
self-hosted-image: Increase space for build and allow builder user sudo access 2012-04-04 Saul Wold Accepted
self-hosted-image: Increase space for build and allow builder user sudo access 2012-04-04 Saul Wold New
self-hosted: Add libssp libraries to packagegroup/image 2013-06-05 Saul Wold Accepted
selftest-ed: add a RECIPE_NO_UPDATE_REASON 2017-12-14 Alexander Kanavin Accepted
selftest/archiver: invalidate stamps instead of removing TMPDIR 2017-02-01 Leonardo Sandoval Superseded
selftest/ Fixed regex and added bitbake output to test_warnings_errors 2014-03-26 Corneliu Stoicescu Superseded
selftest/bbtests: Create test case to verify bberror/waring 2017-06-30 Jose Perez Carranza New
selftest/bbtests: improve download rename test 2017-04-24 Ross Burton Accepted
selftest/bbtests: use write_config instead of local.conf file 2017-02-01 Leonardo Sandoval New
selftest/ Test buildhistory does not change sigs 2015-12-15 Daniel Istrate Accepted
selftest/buildhistory: Improve test to remove sources of error 2016-01-17 Richard Purdie Accepted
selftest/ correct small mistake cleanupworkdir ---> cleanup-workdir 2015-08-07 Costin Constantin Accepted
selftest/ fix QA_WARN test and add more output when failing 2014-07-28 Corneliu Stoicescu Accepted
selftest/buildoptions: pexpect not a builtin module 2015-09-17 Benjamin Esquivel New
selftest/cases/signing: ignore removal errors when cleaning temporary gpg directory 2017-09-07 Leonardo Sandoval Accepted
selftest/ Add container IMAGE_FSTYPES test 2017-01-19 Randy Witt Superseded
selftest/devtool: Add test to verify "modify virtual/kernel" 2017-01-23 Jose Perez Carranza Superseded
selftest/devtool: Avoid writing on TOPDIR on kernel test case 2017-09-08 Jose Perez Carranza Accepted
selftest/devtool: change write to append config in virtual_kernel_modify 2017-05-01 Aníbal Limón Accepted
selftest/devtool: Don't use removed remake as test case 2017-06-21 Jussi Kukkonen Accepted
selftest/devtool: Modify test to use default config 2017-05-05 Jose Perez Carranza New
selftest/devtool: replace file assertTrue/False with assertExists/NotExists 2017-06-14 Yeoh Ee Peng Accepted
selftest/devtool: replace file assertTrue/False with assertExists/NotExists 2017-05-30 Yeoh Ee Peng Superseded
selftest/devtool: skip test in case of poky-tiny distro 2017-04-04 Leonardo Sandoval Accepted
selftest/devtool: update test to work with new mtd-utils 2017-01-06 Ross Burton Accepted
selftest/ Test to verify rootfs manifest 2015-08-26 Benjamin Esquivel New
selftest/pkgdata: replace the glibc recipe allowing execution on non-poky distros 2017-04-04 Leonardo Sandoval New
selftest/pkgdata: replace the glibc recipe allowing execution on non-poky distros 2017-03-31 Leonardo Sandoval Accepted
selftest/pkgdata: support musl on unit tests 2017-03-30 Leonardo Sandoval New
selftest/recipetool: skip create_git in case x11 feature is not present 2017-04-06 Leonardo Sandoval Accepted
selftest/runtime-test: Split the config values 2017-04-27 Leonardo Sandoval Accepted
selftest/runtime-tests: Modify positins test to reduce execution time 2017-01-30 Jose Perez Carranza Accepted
selftest/ Add test to check imports from other layers 2017-06-22 Jose Perez Carranza Accepted
selftest/signing: Use packagedata to obtain PR value for signing test 2016-03-31 Richard Purdie New
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