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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
coreutils: remove dependency on coreutils-native 2013-01-15 Jesse Zhang Accepted
coreutils: revert upstream commit causing havoc with ls output 2016-05-21 Paul Gortmaker Superseded
coreutils: update to upstream version 8.19 2012-12-15 Marko Lindqvist New
coreutils: update to upstream version 8.20 2012-11-30 Marko Lindqvist New
coreutils: Upgrade to upstream version 8.17 2012-08-22 Radu Moisan New Fix LSB NG Cases. 2015-05-12 Li xin New
Could we build tar-replacement firstly and not parallel if tar-replacement is needed to build 2012-08-07 New
Could we build tar-replacement firstly and not parallel if tar-replacement is needed to build 2012-08-06 New
cpan-base: Add more debug paths to FILES 2012-10-18 Phil Blundell New
cpan-base: Add vardepvalue to get_perl_version function 2013-11-29 Martin Jansa Superseded
cpan-base: Don't use immediate expansion 2013-08-05 Tyler Hall New
cpan.bbclass: Fail unless Makefile.PL generates Makefile 2013-07-22 Olof Johansson Accepted
cpan.bbclass: Fix CCFLAGS. 2012-06-21 Accepted
cpan.bbclass: Fix config error while patches to Makefile.PL 2012-05-31 Accepted
cpan.bbclass: use '|' as sed separator for entry with paths 2013-04-24 Marcin Juszkiewicz Accepted
cpan_build: Fix bashism 2013-01-19 Richard Purdie Accepted
cpan_build: Fix cmaker Build.PL module builds 2013-01-19 Richard Purdie Accepted
cpan_build: Unify directory layout for native and target builds 2012-09-25 Phil Blundell Accepted
cpio rootfs build: Avoid modifying rootfs dir 2014-03-24 Jonas Eriksson Accepted
cpio: Fix unpackaged files warnings 2012-03-16 Richard Purdie Accepted
cracklib, zlib: install to /lib instead of /usr/libxx 2012-08-07 Yao Zhao New
cracklib: Allow byte order patch to work on older Linux hosts 2013-05-24 Mark Hatle Accepted
cracklib: cracklib-native should not depend on zlib 2013-10-24 Konrad Scherer Accepted
cracklib: fix for base_libdir == libdir 2015-12-01 Joshua Lock Accepted
cracklib: fix Python packaging 2016-02-29 Ross Burton Accepted
cracklib: Generate compiled dict using default dictionary 2013-03-10 Colin Walters New
cracklib: Generate compiled dict using default dictionary 2013-03-08 Colin Walters New
cracklib: generate the default dictionary on the target 2013-04-25 Martin Donnelly New
cracklib: package all *.py* files 2016-02-27 Ross Burton New
cracklib:Fix an error in the patch 2015-06-09 leimaohui New
Create class to test for unsatisfied RRECOMMENDS 2016-04-21 Jose Alarcon New
Create gstreamer-1.0 package groups 2014-03-07 Richard Purdie Superseded
Create gstreamer-1.0 package groups 2014-02-27 Sébastien Mennetrier Superseded
create-pull-request: cd to relative directory 2015-08-05 Ed Bartosh Superseded
create-pull-request: Fix error on 2.0 versions of git 2014-08-04 Ben Shelton New
create-pull-request: Implement -d option 2015-07-30 Ed Bartosh Accepted
create-pull-request: remove output directory 2016-09-14 Ed Bartosh Accepted
createrepo: 0.4.11 -> 0.10.4 2016-08-16 Wang Xin New
createrepo: Fix stat floating timestamps 2016-03-05 Richard Purdie Accepted
createrepo: Implement --dbpath command line option 2015-04-01 Ed Bartosh New
createrepo: Implement --dbpath command line option 2015-04-01 Ed Bartosh New
createrepo: Implement --dbpath command line option 2015-03-30 Ed Bartosh New
crond: remove UID check in init script 2013-10-15 Accepted
cronie: clean up bugtracker info 2015-10-07 Maxin John Accepted
cronie: Convert crontab to a system user 2013-04-09 Richard Purdie Accepted
cronie: fix out of tree build 2013-08-16 Saul Wold Accepted
cronie: Upgrade to 1.4.12 2014-11-12 Alejandro Hernandez Superseded
cross-canadian.bbclass: Add BASECANADIANEXTRAOS to specify main extraos 2015-12-07 Mark Hatle New
cross-canadian.bbclass: add native chrpath dependency 2012-10-05 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
cross-canadian.bbclass: support n32 OS variant 2015-07-30 lumag New
cross-canadian.bbclass: typo fix in comments (s/repsonsible/responsible/) 2015-09-03 Mario Domenech Goulart Accepted
cross-canadian/gcc: Various mips64 fixes 2015-07-31 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross-canadian/libgcc-common: Fixes for arm multilib 2016-09-28 Richard Purdie New
cross-canadian/meta-environment: Allow modification of TARGET_OS to be optional 2015-01-15 Richard Purdie New
cross-canadian: Add symlinks for multilib cases 2015-07-31 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross-canadian: Copy target_ definitions from cross.bbclass 2014-07-24 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross-canadian: Disable the packagedata stamp-extra-info 2014-10-06 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross-canadian: Fix SHLIBSDIR when using multilib 2013-10-15 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross-canadian: Fix TUNE_PKGARCH references 2013-10-04 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross-canadian: Handle powerpc linux verses linux-gnuspe 2013-10-17 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross-canadian: Let cross-canadian packages build for uclibc 2013-11-07 Khem Raj Accepted
cross-canadian: Put links in place for uclibc and musl 2015-07-25 Richard Purdie New
cross-canadian: Set STAGING_DIR_HOST correctly 2012-02-25 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross-localedef-native: Fix case where ${B} != ${S} 2013-03-18 Richard Purdie Accepted fix for CentOS 5.X 2012-08-16 Matthew McClintock New fix for gcc5 2015-07-07 Richard Tollerton New
cross-recipes: Disable nls in gettext bbclass 2011-12-14 Khem Raj Accepted
cross.bbclass: delete package_qa task 2015-07-02 Ross Burton New
cross/crosssdl/native/nativesdk: Fix do_packagedata stamps 2013-10-04 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross: Clear do_populate_sysroot[stamp-extra-info] so that stamps are not MACHINE specific 2013-05-21 Phil Blundell Accepted
cross: Drop package tasks 2014-04-26 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross: Drop virtclass-cross OVERRIDE 2014-04-27 Richard Purdie Accepted
cross: Update PKG_CONFIG variables after recent changes 2014-05-01 Richard Purdie Accepted
crosssdk/nativesdk: Ensure EXTRA_OECONF_FPU is unset 2012-07-12 Richard Purdie New
crypto: use bigint in x86-64 perl 2015-04-10 Armin Kuster New
cryptodev kernel module recipe 2012-10-18 Yashpal Dutta New
cryptodev-tests: don't use STAGING_KERNEL_DIR, fix re-packaging in multi-machine builds 2015-09-09 Denys Dmytriyenko New
cryptodev: Add backported patches for 4.6+ kernels 2016-08-31 Richard Purdie Accepted
csl-versions: fix bb.process.CmdError reference 2012-05-16 Christopher Larson Accepted Delete obsolete "PROVIDES" line. 2014-07-08 Robert P. J. Day New Fix ldflags warning. 2016-04-22 Noor Ahsan New
cups: 2.1.4 -> 2.2.1 2016-12-07 Huang Qiyu Accepted
cups: clean up autotools use 2015-06-09 Ross Burton New
cups: CVE-2012-5519 2012-12-13 Li Wang Accepted
cups: Ensure cups-config has correct target paths, not sysroot ones for cups_serverbin and cups_d... 2012-03-16 Richard Purdie Accepted
cups: Fix build failure 2014-06-07 Armin Kuster New
cups: fix for cups not building without avahi 2014-05-19 Saul Wold Accepted
cups: fix host contamination issue 2014-08-01 Koen Kooi New
cups: fix non-deterministic xinetd behaviour 2015-10-07 Ross Burton Accepted
cups: regen configure so cups-no-gcrypt.patch has an effect 2014-08-02 Peter Bigot Accepted
cups: remove /var/run from package as cupsd will populate it on startup 2013-05-26 Jonathan Liu Accepted
cups: remove unrecognised option 2014-11-17 Ross Burton Accepted
cups: upgrade to 2.1.2 2015-12-10 New
curl: add krb5 to PACKAGECONFIG 2016-04-26 Accepted
curl: add krb5 to PACKAGECONFIG 2016-04-08 New
curl: add krb5 to PACKAGECONFIG 2016-04-08 New
curl: Add PACKAGECONFIG for samba 2015-01-19 Maxin B. John Accepted
curl: add PACKAGECONFIG option to use libssh2 2014-10-03 Fabrice Coulon Accepted
curl: add PACKAGECONFIG options for less common / legacy protocols 2016-02-10 Andre McCurdy Accepted
curl: add ptest 2016-12-12 Maxin John New
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