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[14/21] util-macros: update to 1.19.2 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[13/21] mkfontscale: update to 1.1.3 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[12/21] curl: update to 7.59.0 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[11/21] xcb-proto: update to 1.13 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[10/21] xset: update to 1.2.4 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[09/21] libshmfence: update to 1.3 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[08/21] xeyes: update to 1.1.2 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[07/21] gnutls: update to 3.6.2 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[06/21] xwininfo: update to 1.1.4 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[05/21] xinit: update to 1.4.0 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[04/21] xkbcomp: update to 1.4.1 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[03/21] xkeypboard-config: update to 2.23.1 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[02/21] xprop: update to 1.2.3 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New
[01/21] libpcre2: update to 10.31 2018-04-04 Armin Kuster New Skip gpgcheck while using dnf on target 2018-04-03 Manjukumar Matha New
elfutils: Clean up comments 2018-04-03 Peter Kjellerstedt New
[8/8] glib-2.0/ apply MLPREFIX renaming to all package classes 2018-04-03 Alexander Kanavin New
[7/8] gio-module-cache.bbclass: pass in ${libexecdir} 2018-04-03 Alexander Kanavin New
[6/8] run postinst intercepts 2018-04-03 Alexander Kanavin New
[5/8] do not hardcode the task name when referring to log files 2018-04-03 Alexander Kanavin New
[4/8] move intercept running logic from rootfs class to PackageManager class 2018-04-03 Alexander Kanavin New
[3/8] move postinst_intercept dir initialization from RootFS to PackageManage... 2018-04-03 Alexander Kanavin New
[2/8] move target_rootfs property to common ancestor class 2018-04-03 Alexander Kanavin New
[1/8] nativesdk-postinst-intercept: remove the recipe 2018-04-03 Alexander Kanavin New
[2/2] archiver: Fix archive for linked kernel source 2018-04-03 Tom Hochstein New
[1/2] archiver: Fix build errors for kernels that don't use kernel-yocto.bbclass 2018-04-03 Tom Hochstein New
[V2,2/2] mesa: Prefer dri3 for x11/opengl 2018-04-02 Andreas Müller New
[1/2] mesa: fix unitialized modifier for DRI2 2018-04-02 Andreas Müller New
python3: Improve logging capabilities for do_create_manifest 2018-04-02 Alejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego New
[2/4] nasm: Fix pure function warnings 2018-04-01 Khem Raj New
[1/4] x264: Use updated gnu-config artifacts 2018-04-01 Khem Raj New
[v2] autoconf-archive: update to version to 2018.03.13 2018-03-31 Brad Bishop New
[morty,3/3] libvorbis: CVE-2018-5146 2018-03-31 Tanu Kaskinen New
[morty,2/3] libvorbis: CVE-2017-14632 2018-03-31 Tanu Kaskinen New
[morty,1/3] libvorbis: CVE-2017-14633 2018-03-31 Tanu Kaskinen New fix for deterministic srcversion 2018-03-30 Juro Bystricky New
[5/7] dhcp: 4.3.6 -> 4.4.1 2018-03-30 Hongxu Jia New
[4/7] libgpg-error: 1.27 -> 1.28 2018-03-30 Hongxu Jia New
[3/7] ghostscript: 9.21 -> 9.23 2018-03-30 Hongxu Jia New
[2/2] python3: Fix do_create_manifest for python3-sqlite3 2018-03-30 Alejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego New
[1/2] python3: fix create_manifest to handle pycache folders 2018-03-30 Alejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego New
[v2] default-distrovars: set default KERNEL_IMAGETYPE(S) 2018-03-30 Sullivan, California L New
[v2] libc6-dbg: improve reproducibility 2018-03-29 Juro Bystricky New
go: Upgrade 1.10 -> 1.10.1 2018-03-29 Otavio Salvador New
libpcre-ptest: skip locale test 2018-03-29 Juro Bystricky New
[v2] ca-certificates: use relative symlinks from $ETCCERTSDIR 2018-03-29 André Draszik New
[V2] mmc-utils: Fix string overflow error 2018-03-29 Khem Raj New
[rocko] bitbake.conf: Add comm to HOSTTOOLS 2018-03-28 Luca Ceresoli New
[RFC] pseudo: intercept syscall() and return ENOTSUP for renameat2 1 2018-03-27 Ross Burton New
[v3] libpcre: 8.41 -> 8.42 2018-03-27 Andrej Valek New
[2/2] distcc: Change SRC_URI 2018-03-27 Changhyeok Bae New
[1/2] waf.bbclass: Throw error if waf doesn't exist 2018-03-27 Changhyeok Bae New
[11/21] libshmfence: update to 1.3 2018-03-26 Armin Kuster New
matchbox-wm: fix QA issues with composite enabled 2018-03-26 Belal, Awais New
[1/1] systemd: fix typo in sulogin-path setting 2018-03-26 New
python3-pycairo: update to version 1.16.3 2018-03-24 Derek Straka New
[3/3] nss: Use snprintf in sign.c 2018-03-23 Khem Raj New
[2/3] glibc: Replace strncpy with memccpy to fix -Wstringop-truncation. 2018-03-23 Khem Raj New
[v2] libxml-simple-perl: upgrade 2.24 -> 2.25 2018-03-23 Tim Orling New
[morty] selftest/signing: add --batch to gpg invocation when importing keys 2018-03-22 Alexander Kanavin New
wic: allow bitbake variables in kickstarter files 2018-03-22 Rasmus Villemoes New
[morty] grub-efi: fix build failure 2018-03-22 Maxin John New
ref-manual: Update SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIPE_DEPS 2018-03-21 Joshua Watt New
[v2,1/1] recipes-core: breakout from busybox 2018-03-21 Alex Stewart New
[morty] e2fsprogs: fix compatibility with glibc 2.27 2018-03-21 Tanu Kaskinen New
gtk-doc: don't regenerate gtk-doc in do_install 2018-03-21 Ross Burton New
[v2] rootfs-postcommands: put image testdata under sstate control 2018-03-21 André Draszik New
[1/3] logrotate: update to 3.14.0 2018-03-21 Yi Zhao New
python-setuptools: 38.5.2 -> 39.0.1 2018-03-21 Huang Qiyu New
[daisy,6/6] mesa: fix SRC_URI 2018-03-21 Andre McCurdy New
[daisy,5/6] binutils: fix build with gcc 5 2018-03-21 Andre McCurdy New
[daisy,4/6] ncurses: fix build with gcc 5 2018-03-21 Andre McCurdy New
[daisy,3/6] gmp_4.2.1: fix build for MIPS 2018-03-21 Andre McCurdy New
[daisy,2/6] kernel.bbclass: Remove bashism 2018-03-21 Andre McCurdy New
[daisy,1/6] dtc: old SRC_URI died, changing to new working one 2018-03-21 Andre McCurdy New
[1/1] waf.bbclass: Warn if waf doesn't exist 2018-03-20 Amanda Brindle New
distcc-doc_3.2: improve reproducibility 2018-03-20 Juro Bystricky New
libical-dev_2.0: improve reproducibility 2018-03-20 Juro Bystricky New handle BBFetchException 2018-03-20 Bhargava Sreekantappa Gayathri New
[1/2] gio-module-cache.bbclass: disable update_gio_module_cache postinst script for nativesdk 2018-03-20 Martin Jansa New
[v2] libsolv: refresh the patch 2018-03-20 Maxin John New
glibc-2.27: Update to bring in 2.27 bug fixes since release 2018-03-20 Khem Raj New
site/risc-v: Cache more variables to build libIDL 2018-03-20 Khem Raj New
[v3] gstreamer: enable ptest support 2018-03-19 Anuj Mittal New
python-numpy: update to 1.14.2 2018-03-18 Derek Straka New
[v3] iputils: add PACKAGECONFIG for libidn and disable it by default 2018-03-17 Martin Jansa New
[1/5] gcc: Do not use --with-linker-hash-style if LINKER_HASH_STYLE is empty 2018-03-17 Khem Raj New
uninative: add variables to the whitelist so that it does not re-triger recipe parsing 2018-03-16 Cuero Bugot New
[rocko] Explicit complementary fail 2018-03-16 New
[morty,13/13] blacklist portmap on musl 2018-03-15 Richard Purdie New
[morty,12/13] uninative: Add compatiblity version check 2018-03-15 Richard Purdie New
[morty,11/13] yocto-uninative: Upgrade to 1.8 version with glibc 2.27 2018-03-15 Richard Purdie New
[morty,10/13] unfs3: Fix libtirpc usage for unfs3-native version 2018-03-15 Richard Purdie New
[morty,09/13] libtirpc: Extend to native and nativesdk recipes 2018-03-15 Richard Purdie New
[morty,08/13] libtirpc: stop dropping in NIS headers 2018-03-15 Richard Purdie New
[morty,07/13] libtirpc: upgrade to 1.0.2 2018-03-15 Richard Purdie New
[morty,06/13] libtirpc: Fix CVE-2017-8779 2018-03-15 Richard Purdie New
[morty,05/13] libtirpc: Fix build error due to missing stdint.h> include 2018-03-15 Richard Purdie New
[morty,04/13] libtirpc: Enable des APIs for musl 2018-03-15 Richard Purdie New
[morty,03/13] libtirpc: Expose key_secretkey_is_set API 2018-03-15 Richard Purdie New
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