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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
update-rc.d: correctly look up the initscript params with overrides 2013-04-10 Ross Burton Accepted
update-rc.d: fix failure on target 2013-01-17 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
update-rc.d: Handle multilib case for initsctipts 2014-05-09 Saul Wold Accepted
update-rc.d: ignore initscript in prerm and preinst when systemd is active 2016-11-30 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
update-rc.d: Improve RRECOMMENDS handling 2015-05-27 Richard Purdie New
update-rc.d: Include updated-rc.d in DEPENDS 2015-07-25 Richard Purdie New
update-rc: Stop and remove service if updating package 2013-10-01 Superseded
update-rcd.bbclass: fix host/target test 2013-10-16 Ross Burton Accepted
Updated checkpkg task 2013-01-14 Emilia Ciobanu New
update_font_cache: only scan system font directories 2016-01-08 Ross Burton New
update_gio_module_cache: Do not chown a non-existing file 2017-03-29 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
Upgrade 1.19.1 -> 1.19.2 2017-10-31 Zhixiong Chi Accepted
Upgrade to systemd-stable v208 2014-03-03 Khem Raj Superseded
usbinit, weston-init, run-postinsts, qt-demo-init: Drop allarch 2014-06-19 Martin Jansa New
usbutils: 008 -> 009 2018-01-17 Huang Qiyu Accepted
usbutils: add dependency on udev-hwdb, not libudev 2017-02-02 Ross Burton Accepted
usbutils: allow udev-hwdb to be optional 2017-02-10 Gary Thomas Accepted
usbutils: avoid dependency on bash 2012-07-26 Paul Eggleton New
usbutils: Patch to detect iconv support 2014-02-15 Khem Raj Accepted
usbutils: remove uclibc-specific patch 2017-11-17 Ross Burton Accepted
usbutils: Upgrade usbutils to upstream v002 2012-08-02 Radu Moisan New
Use PYTHON_SITEPACKAGES_DIR insted of hard-coded *site-packages* 2016-08-09 Ming Liu Accepted
useradd changes to dbus, base-passwd 2011-11-06 Eric BENARD New
useradd-staticids.bbclass: catch missing uid/gid exceptions 2016-10-21 Ylinen, Mikko Accepted
useradd-staticids.bbclass: Fix for Bug 6633 2014-09-02 Fabrice Coulon Accepted
useradd-staticids.bbclass: Restore failure on missing UIDs/GIDs 2016-06-22 Stephano Cetola New
useradd-staticids.bbclass: Support recipes specifying static IDs 2017-03-11 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
useradd-staticids: don't create username-group if gid is specified 2017-09-04 André Draszik Superseded
useradd-staticids: Fix groupadd 2017-01-23 David Vincent Accepted
useradd-staticids: fix typo for '--expiredate' 2017-02-19 Peter Bergin Accepted
useradd-staticids: use map() instead of imap() 2016-07-12 George McCollister Accepted
useradd.bbclass: Add explict setscene dependencies to ensure correct ordering of setscene tasks 2012-01-26 Richard Purdie Accepted
useradd.bbclass: do not let depend native packages on base-passwd from target 2011-11-17 Henning Heinold Superseded
useradd.bbclass: Ensure pseudo can load in the pseudo unloaded case 2012-01-26 Richard Purdie Accepted
useradd.bbclass: Execute user addition code before do_package_setscene, not after do_populate_sys... 2012-01-26 Richard Purdie Accepted
useradd.bbclass: Fix for multilib builds 2012-07-16 Richard Purdie Accepted
useradd.bbclass: handle nativesdk case 2011-11-08 Eric BENARD Accepted
useradd.bbclass: Remove base-passwd dependency 2015-05-14 Leonardo Sandoval New
useradd.bbclass: Unify writing of script file in useradd_sysroot_sstate() 2017-09-15 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
useradd.bblass: Simplify target overrides 2016-08-09 Ulf Magnusson Superseded
useradd: Add dependency on pseudo for setscene task 2014-04-10 Jate S New
useradd: Add missing DEPEND on shadow 2011-11-10 Richard Purdie Accepted
useradd: Add setscene dep on pseudo-native 2014-08-10 Jate S Accepted
useradd: Allow overriding USERADDDEPENDS for native 2015-12-15 Fabrice Coulon New
useradd: Allow overriding USERADDDEPENDS for native 2015-12-14 Fabrice Coulon New
useradd: Create lib/oe/useradd function library 2017-05-12 Peter Kjellerstedt Superseded
useradd: don't override pseudo environment 1 2017-09-15 Ross Burton Accepted
useradd: Fix infinite build loop 2016-05-23 Richard Purdie Accepted
useradd: Handle users from a package being used in others 2013-09-05 Richard Purdie Accepted
useradd: use bindir_native for pseudo PATH 2016-05-18 Martin Jansa Accepted
useradd: Use modern join syntax 2013-05-09 Richard Purdie Accepted
useradd_base.bbclass: typo fixes (s/scucess/success/) 2015-04-01 Mario Domenech Goulart New
useradd_base: avoid unintended expansion for useradd parameters 2016-08-16 Maxin John Accepted
useradd_base: keep group if it still has users 2017-01-23 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Accepted
useradd_base: Make perform_groupmems work with native 2015-12-14 Fabrice Coulon New
useradd_base: Make perform_groupmems work with native 2015-12-07 Fabrice Coulon New
Using external source trees with OE-Core 2012-02-24 Richard Purdie New
Using package specific DESCRIPTION with do_split_packages 2015-11-04 Peter Urbanec New
util-linux-native: Fixed conflicts with shadow-native and ncurses-native 2015-03-20 Saul Wold New
util-linux: 2.28.1 -> 2.29 2016-12-13 Zheng Ruoqin New
util-linux: Add ability to compile with nativesdk 2013-02-20 Jason Wessel New
util-linux: Add fstrim utility 2014-01-10 MiLo New
util-linux: Add HOMEPAGE info into recipe file. 2017-09-07 Huang Qiyu Accepted
util-linux: add lastb.1 and nologin.8 to update-alternatives 2015-03-31 Matthieu CRAPET New
util-linux: Add package for libmount 2013-02-16 MiLo Accepted
util-linux: add reset.1 manpage in update-alternatives 2014-01-17 Matthieu CRAPET New
util-linux: add reset.1 manpage in update-alternatives 2014-01-14 Matthieu CRAPET Accepted
util-linux: add sulogin to alternatives list 2014-05-29 Saul Wold Accepted
util-linux: Add support for older hosts 2013-05-31 Mark Hatle Accepted
util-linux: add switch_root to alternatives list 2014-12-02 jackie huang Accepted
util-linux: add user uuidd and group uuidd 2015-06-25 Li xin New
util-linux: Change ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY above busybox 2016-02-04 Richard Purdie Accepted
util-linux: collect symbol link for related libxx-dev package 2013-11-14 Qiang Chen New
util-linux: create an all encompassing package group 2014-08-05 Paul Gortmaker New
util-linux: create nativesdk lib packages 2017-11-05 Gaël PORTAY New
util-linux: create util-linux-runuser iff pam in DISTRO_FEATURES 2016-01-12 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Accepted
util-linux: create util-linux-runuser package 2015-11-09 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Superseded
util-linux: Don't package chkdupexe 2012-09-25 Phil Blundell New
util-linux: Ensure that ${sbindir} is respected 2012-09-22 Phil Blundell New
util-linux: explicitly disable udev 2012-03-09 Andreas Oberritter Accepted
util-linux: Fix bloken swapoff symlink 2012-09-17 Andrei Gherzan Accepted
util-linux: Fix build when NLS is disabled 2012-03-01 Khem Raj New
util-linux: Fix floating dependency upon 'readline' 2015-12-18 Otavio Salvador Accepted
util-linux: fix PACKAGECONFIG options 2013-07-25 Koen Kooi Accepted
util-linux: Fix QA warnings about ALTERNATIVES 2013-11-13 New
util-linux: make blkdiscard a separate package 2017-03-28 Stefan Agner Superseded
util-linux: make prlimit a separate package 2016-08-04 Pascal Bach Accepted
util-linux: move getopt u-a link to base_bindir 2015-03-03 Martin Jansa New
util-linux: move readprofile to match busybox 2015-01-26 Saul Wold Accepted
util-linux: moved 'reset' into own subpackage 2013-01-07 Enrico Scholz Accepted
util-linux: package switch_root separately 2017-09-18 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Master Next
util-linux: Rebase remove-lscpu.patch for the current version 2012-12-06 Andrei Gherzan New
util-linux: register reset u-a to bindir like busybox does 2012-07-20 Martin Jansa Accepted
util-linux: Remove -systemd package 2013-02-14 Khem Raj Accepted
util-linux: Remove obsolete configure options 2013-11-29 Richard Purdie Accepted
util-linux: Remove static libraries from -dev packages 2012-09-25 Phil Blundell New
util-linux: replace += with _append to EXTRA_OECONF_virtclass-native 2013-07-17 Ming Liu New
util-linux: replace package files 2013-05-16 zhangxiao New
util-linux: replace package files 2013-05-16 zhangxiao New
util-linux: replace package files 2013-05-16 zhangxiao New
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