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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
systemd: Add new package systemd-kernel-install 2013-03-29 Martin Jansa Accepted
systemd: add PACKAGECONFIG for qrencode 2015-09-28 Jonathan Liu Accepted
systemd: add ptest 2013-09-03 New
systemd: add ptest 2013-08-28 New
systemd: add RDEPENDS on util-linux-getopt 2018-01-11 jackie huang New
systemd: Add systemd package to PACKAGE var 2013-02-12 Khem Raj New
systemd: add udev-extraconf and USB/PCI IDs to RRECOMMENDS 2013-02-13 Ross Burton Accepted
systemd: Add util-linux-umount to RDEPENDS 2018-05-17 Fabio Berton New
systemd: added python-systemd package generation. 2013-04-05 Yevhen Kyriukha New
systemd: Adding RRECOMMENDS for os-release 2014-08-06 Sujith H New
systemd: allow add users as a rootfs postprocess cmd 2016-05-31 Stephano Cetola Superseded
systemd: allow add users to groups in rootfs postprocess 2016-07-14 Stephano Cetola Accepted
systemd: allow dots in arguments to template units 2017-11-23 Martin Hundebøll Accepted
systemd: allow setting time-epoch to epoch 2018-06-06 Master Next
systemd: apply persistent storage udev rules also for /dev/hd* 2015-09-17 Patrick Ohly Superseded
systemd: Backport cgroup fix from 233 to 232 2016-12-09 Jason Wessel Accepted
systemd: backport patch to fix build when gcrypt is enabled 2018-05-09 Andrea Galbusera Accepted
systemd: backport patch to fix reading journal backwards 2014-12-12 Jonathan Liu Accepted
systemd: Backports fixes to 216 2015-01-29 Khem Raj New
systemd: bring back the patch to customise root's $HOME 2015-04-28 Ross Burton New
systemd: bug fix for the path of systemd.conf 2015-07-03 zhangxiao New
systemd: bump PE to provide upgrade path from meta-systemd recipe 2013-01-28 Martin Jansa Accepted
systemd: check 'efi' in MACHINE_FEATURES 2017-03-29 Mikko Ylinen New
systemd: Check for HAVE_POSIX_FALLOCATE 2014-04-28 Drew Moseley Accepted
systemd: cherry-pick patch fixing networkd gateway route handling 2015-01-08 Maciej Borzecki New
systemd: cherry-pick patch fixing networkd gateway route handling 2015-01-08 Maciej Borzecki New
systemd: Cover for udev-systemd 2013-08-28 Khem Raj New
systemd: create wheel sysuser group offline 2017-11-10 Andre McCurdy New
systemd: depend on libgcrypt 2013-04-18 Enrico Scholz New
systemd: disable 'libdir' QA check 2016-12-12 Mark Asselstine Accepted
systemd: disable resolved and networkd 2014-09-08 Ross Burton Accepted
systemd: do not recommend udev-extraconf for udev 2013-04-30 Andreas Müller Accepted
systemd: Do not use xlocale.h 2017-07-03 Khem Raj Accepted
systemd: don't add files and dependencies from units Conflicts 2014-10-06 Ross Burton Accepted
systemd: don't create duplicate ACL entries 2015-03-04 New
systemd: don't install quotaon.service twice 2013-06-11 Ross Burton Accepted
systemd: don't symlink /etc/resolv.conf if resolved is disabled 2017-08-21 Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez New
systemd: drop obsolete workaround for ARM + gcc 5.2 2017-12-20 Andre McCurdy Accepted
systemd: drop uclibc specific exp10 support patch 2017-10-03 Andre McCurdy Master Next
systemd: drop unreferenced uclibc specific agetty -> getty patch 2017-10-04 Andre McCurdy Master Next
systemd: enable compatibility libraries by default 2016-01-06 Ross Burton Accepted
systemd: Explicitly add hidden attribute to __start_BUS_ERROR_MAP and __stop_BUS_ERROR_MAP 2018-03-03 Khem Raj New
systemd: Extend searchpath to include user based unit files 2015-02-17 Richard Purdie New
systemd: Fix and expand ptests 2016-03-16 Jussi Kukkonen Accepted
systemd: Fix build failures with glibc 2.27 + kernels without memfd 2018-03-20 Khem Raj Accepted
systemd: Fix build on musl 2017-10-27 Khem Raj Accepted
systemd: Fix build on ppc 2013-01-23 Khem Raj Accepted
systemd: fix build with gcc8 2018-06-01 Martin Jansa Superseded
systemd: fix build with gcrypt PACKAGECONFIG disabled 2016-03-31 Maxin John Accepted
systemd: Fix build with multilib 2013-09-06 Khem Raj New
systemd: fix firmware path to match linux-firmware 2015-03-23 Jonathan Liu Accepted
systemd: Fix journal "Failed to set file attributes:" warning 2015-03-06 Randy Witt New
systemd: fix lz4 build 2017-05-18 Stefan Müller-Klieser Accepted
systemd: fix missing space in SRC_URI append 2015-09-15 Martin Jansa Accepted
systemd: fix networking setup when ipv6 modules are missing 2015-10-13 Stefan Christ New
systemd: fix ordering for machineid and run-postinsts services 2013-05-16 Jonathan Liu Accepted
systemd: Fix packaging of pam config files. 2013-11-15 Florin Sarbu Accepted
systemd: Fix packaging warnings and spin libnss_myhostname to package of its own 2013-02-15 Khem Raj New
systemd: Fix path to systemd-analyze so it end up in the right package. 2013-04-11 Erik Botö Accepted
systemd: fix ptest support 2013-09-24 Shakeel, Muhammad Accepted
systemd: Fix rootfs transaction error when PACKAGECONFIG has polkit 2017-08-15 Jason Wessel Accepted
systemd: Fix runtime failures in systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service. 2015-03-05 Randy Witt New
systemd: fix systemctl enable script for template units 2016-01-12 Enrico Jorns Accepted
systemd: fix systemd-udev-hwdb-update service 2015-06-30 New
systemd: Fix the problem of an empty journal on boot 2015-03-06 Randy Witt New
systemd: fix tmpfiles error on images without PAM 2015-03-03 Ross Burton New
systemd: fix tmpfiles location when multilib in use 2015-09-23 Reinette Chatre New
systemd: fix typo in avoid-using-system-auth.patch 2016-08-10 Dmitry Rozhkov Accepted
systemd: fix udev-hwdb warning 2018-01-04 New
systemd: fix useradd parameter generation 2016-08-08 Enrico Jorns New
systemd: forward port uclibc patches to 204 2013-05-23 Khem Raj Accepted
systemd: honor ROOT_HOME 2013-01-28 Enrico Scholz Accepted
systemd: Increase devices timeout in QEMU machines to avoid failures on serial-getty 2015-08-28 Aníbal Limón Accepted
systemd: Instruct the journal to always be volatile 2015-03-11 Randy Witt New
systemd: link udev statically with systemd internal libraries 2018-03-22 Alexander Kanavin Accepted
systemd: Make sure that resolv.conf points to writable area in R/O rootfs. 2018-01-26 Kristian Amlie New
systemd: make TEST_DIR configurable 2016-01-25 Accepted
systemd: make udev-hwdb postinstall run on host 2013-05-14 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
systemd: make vconsole a PACKAGECONFIG option 2017-03-29 Enrico Jorns Accepted
systemd: merge udev-systemd into udev 2013-02-18 Ross Burton New
systemd: move org.freedesktop.machine1.conf to systemd-container 2017-09-23 Fathi Boudra Master Next
systemd: move pam files to own package 2017-09-25 Superseded
systemd: point to correct resolv.conf when resolved is enabled 2016-12-16 Khem Raj Accepted
systemd: quote SYSTEMD_SERVICE in prerm and postinst 2018-06-21 Damien Riegel New
systemd: re-enable mount propagation for udevd 2018-02-22 Hongzhi.Song Superseded
systemd: re-enable mount propagation for udevd 2018-02-22 Hongzhi.Song Superseded
systemd: re-enable mount propagation for udevd 2016-05-10 Accepted
systemd: Refresh patches for uclibc 2014-02-14 Khem Raj Accepted
systemd: refuse to load units with errors (CVE-2017-1000082) 2017-07-18 Ross Burton Superseded
systemd: Reload configuration on package install 2016-10-28 Linus Wallgren Accepted
systemd: remove glib-2.0 build dependency 2015-10-01 Ross Burton Accepted
systemd: Remove init.d dir if systemd unit file is present and sysvinit not a distro feature 2013-07-23 Shakeel, Muhammad New
systemd: remove merge conflicts accidently left in 2015-12-17 Ross Burton Accepted
systemd: remove modprobe.rules 2013-04-15 Enrico Scholz New
systemd: remove the group 'lock' 2018-05-25 Hannu Lounento Master Next
systemd: remove unneeded modprobe.rules 2013-07-18 Jonathan Liu Accepted
systemd: remove unused patches 2015-05-01 Joshua Lock New
systemd: remove usbutils dependancy 2013-01-24 New
systemd: replace ${exec_prefix}/lib with ${nonarch_libdir} 2015-09-24 Reinette Chatre New
systemd: respect USE_LDCONFIG when setting default PACKAGECONFIG 2017-01-27 Andre McCurdy New
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