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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
scripts/cleanup-workdir: fix after binutils-cross name change 2014-05-04 Stefan Stanacar New
scripts/combo-layer: checkout branch in update when pull is disabled 2012-08-21 Paul Eggleton New
scripts/combo-layer: Fix exit codes and tty handling 2015-06-03 Richard Purdie New
scripts/combo-layer: Handle update with no repo/revision specified 2015-03-20 Richard Purdie New
scripts/combo-layer: specify branch when getting current revision 2012-08-21 Paul Eggleton Accepted
scripts/compatlayer: Add exclude of meta-world-pkgdata on get_signatures 2017-03-20 Aníbal Limón Accepted
scripts/contrib/*: fix arithmetic bashism 2013-07-17 Paul Eggleton Accepted
scripts/contrib/ record size in kb and remove extra spaces 2013-09-12 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
scripts/contrib/patchreview: add new script 2017-06-29 Ross Burton Accepted
scripts/contrib/patchtest: run patchtest on local branch 2017-02-10 Leonardo Sandoval Accepted
scripts/cp-noerror: Add a special copy function to fix autotools issues 2012-05-29 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/cp-noerror: Copy the code from shutils.copytree, update not to error if the mkdir fails 2012-10-05 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/cp-noerror: Try and use hardlinks if possible 2012-10-11 Richard Purdie New
scripts/create-pull-request: fix git request-pull syntax 2015-12-10 Martin Jansa Accepted
scripts/create-pull-request: fix handling of '-t' option 2017-05-15 Markus Lehtonen New
scripts/create-recipe: minor fixes 2014-09-02 Yi Zhao Accepted
scripts/jhbuild: remove 2015-06-05 Ross Burton New
scripts/lib/bsp/ Added missing keyword to fix syntax error 2016-06-06 New
scripts/lib/bsp/ Add missing options to yocto-bsp help and usage 2016-03-14 New
scripts/lib/devtool/ add --port/-P argument for target connection 2017-02-19 Tim Orling Superseded
scripts/lib/recipetool/ Fix npm uri_replace 2017-05-19 Davis, Michael New
scripts/oe-buildenv-internal bitbake: Migrate python version checks 2013-06-07 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/oe-buildenv-internal: Ensure we detect the SDK/ADT and error out 2012-10-02 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/oe-buildenv-internal: Fix regression in BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE setting 2016-04-04 Otavio Salvador Accepted
scripts/oe-find-native-sysroot: fix a incomplete regexp 2017-06-27 Ming Liu Accepted
scripts/oe-git-proxy-socks-command: Add fallback to use nc 2012-03-01 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/oe-git-proxy-socks-command: Improve error fallback/handling 2012-03-01 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: exclude unpackaged in glob output 2012-07-30 Paul Eggleton Accepted
scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: find complementary packages for split packages 2013-04-08 Paul Eggleton Accepted
scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: fix global name 'debug' is not defined 2013-10-29 Paul Eggleton Accepted
scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: sort the packages in list-pkg-files 2015-12-03 Ross Burton Accepted
scripts/oe-publish-sdk: YP#6659 2015-10-22 Costin Constantin Accepted
scripts/oe-selftest: add command-line parsing and options 2014-07-17 Corneliu Stoicescu Accepted
scripts/oe-selftest: Add search expression matching to run/list options 2016-03-11 Accepted
scripts/oe-selftest: Add short names to most common options 2016-03-11 Accepted
scripts/oe-selftest: Add support for selftest log with timestamp 2015-12-19 Costin Constantin Superseded
scripts/oe-selftest: Added mechanism for including/removing 2015-06-29 Daniel Istrate New
scripts/oe-selftest: avoid deprecated imp.reload function 2017-05-02 Leonardo Sandoval New
scripts/oe-selftest: enhancement 7865 2015-06-15 Costin Constantin New
scripts/oe-selftest: enhancement 7865 2015-06-13 Costin Constantin New
scripts/oe-selftest: Improve listing by reducing unneeded spacing 2016-05-17 Superseded
scripts/oe-selftest: Remove extra coverage data added to unittests 2015-12-23 Accepted
scripts/oe-selftest: return based on the test results 2014-02-07 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
scripts/pybootchart: Allow minimum task length to be configured from the commandline 2012-11-19 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/pybootchart: Fix missing entries bug 2012-11-19 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/qemuimage-testlib: Output a slightly better error if expect is missing 2011-11-08 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/runqemu-internal: use -cpu core2duo for qemux86-64 2014-01-28 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
scripts/runqemu-internal: Work around qemux86 PAT bugs in linux 4.4.1 2016-02-12 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/runqemu.README: fix typo 2017-05-08 Martin Kelly Accepted
scripts/runqemu: Add always ttyS1 when no serial options are specified 2017-02-16 Aníbal Limón Accepted
scripts/runqemu: Add snapshot support 2016-09-06 Richard Purdie New
scripts/runqemu: Allow FSTYPE to be changed from the environment 2015-03-19 Richard Purdie New
scripts/runqemu: clarify help text 2015-02-27 Bernhard Reutner-Fischer New
scripts/runqemu: fix a typo 2017-02-01 Ming Liu Accepted
scripts/runqemu: provide better error message on runqemu ifup fail 2016-09-23 Stephano Cetola Accepted
scripts/runqemu: when qemu fails to start with kvm retry with kvm disabled 2017-11-03 Joshua Lock New
scripts/runqemu: write temp file into correct location 2013-09-24 Paul Eggleton Accepted
scripts/send-error-report: Rework script to support new features 2015-02-27 Michael Wood New
scripts/send-error-report: Set exit code if error occurs 2015-01-29 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/send-error-report: simple hack to use proxy from the enviroment 2014-04-11 Stanacar, StefanX Superseded
scripts/send-error-report: use the official server as the default 2014-04-11 Stanacar, StefanX New
scripts/send-pull-request: fix typo 2011-12-10 Otavio Salvador Accepted
scripts/send-recipe-update-reminders: add a script to send recipe version update reminders by email 2017-10-17 Alexander Kanavin New
scripts/send-recipe-update-reminders: send recipe version update reminders by email 2017-10-17 Alexander Kanavin Superseded
scripts/ Change wording 2016-02-14 Jan Sarenik Accepted
scripts/ fix return value by adding exit 0 2013-04-05 Henning Heinold Accepted
scripts/ Fix stamp handling after recent layout change 2012-11-23 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts/test-reexec: fix several incomplete regexp 2017-06-27 Ming Liu Accepted
scripts/test-remote-image: add --skip-download option 2014-07-11 Corneliu Stoicescu Accepted
scripts/test-remote-image: use the scriptpath module 2014-07-17 Corneliu Stoicescu Accepted
scripts/wipe-sysroot: add script to safely wipe the sysroots 2013-01-25 Ross Burton Accepted
scripts/yocto-bsp: Fixed typo in parameter that was causing exception 2016-06-09 New
scripts/ Add dependency validation in add_layer 2017-03-27 Aníbal Limón Accepted
scripts: Add and 2013-10-28 Darren Hart Accepted
scripts: add new script 2016-09-28 Ed Bartosh New
scripts: add pkgdataui 2017-05-16 Ross Burton New
scripts: add qemuppc64 qemu scripts 2014-09-13 Armin Kuster New
scripts: analyze_patch: Analyze patch and suggest tests. 2015-11-20 Daniel Istrate New
scripts: Create interactive menu for mkefidisk script 2015-09-01 Bruno Bottazzini New
scripts: drop True option to getVar calls 2017-09-24 Ming Liu Master Next
scripts: Fixed typo in parameter that was causing exception 2016-07-01 New
scripts: introduce buildstats-diff 2016-09-14 Markus Lehtonen New
scripts: oe-selftest Added new features. 2015-12-02 Daniel Istrate Accepted
scripts: Rename 'native' to 'oe-run-native' 2016-10-06 Ulf Magnusson New
scripts: runqemu: remove QEMUARCH from help message 2015-11-06 Ruslan Bilovol Accepted
scripts: Update after addtion of parameter to bitbake -S 2014-03-26 Richard Purdie Accepted
scripts: use '/usr/bin/env' in shebangs with python 2014-10-31 Martin Hundebøll New
scripts:/oe-selftest: Use timestamp instead of test names in coverage data file 2016-03-24 Accepted
SDK and external toolchain 2013-03-19 Marcin Juszkiewicz New
SDK and external toolchain 2012-07-26 Matthieu CRAPET New
SDK default deploy directory 2014-04-04 David Vincent Accepted / OpkgSdk: remove_packaging_data() after install 2015-12-01 Haris Okanovic Accepted fix conflicts of packages 2015-11-11 Liu Jian New fix conflicts of packages 2015-08-25 Liu Jian Accepted preserve packaging data when SDKIMAGE_FEATURES has "package-management" 2016-04-21 Denys Dmytriyenko Accepted
SDK: allow SDK path of various level 2012-10-16 Fabien Proriol Accepted
SDK: trap any IO errors in the relocate script 2012-09-25 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
Security Advisory - libtiff - CVE-2012-4564 2014-06-16 Wenzong Fan New
Security Advisory - pam - CVE-2014-2583 2014-06-16 Wenzong Fan New
Security question: and ${ROOT_HOME} directory permission 2016-04-06 Robert Yang New
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