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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[1/2,v2] swig: add package 3.0.6 2015-08-21 Wenzong Fan Accepted
[1/2,V2] systemd: Fix build on musl 2017-10-27 Khem Raj New
[1/2,V2] systemd: Remove init.d dir if systemd unit file is present and sysvinit not a distro fea... 2013-07-29 Shakeel, Muhammad Accepted
[1/2,V2] Update tzdata to 2014c 2014-05-28 Armin Kuster New
[1/2,v2] webkit-gtk: Fix error.html resource path. 2012-02-04 Peter Tworek Accepted
[1/2,v2] xserver-xf86-config: add glamoregl 2017-01-20 Saul Wold Accepted
[1/2,v3] archiver class: Use tasks instead of pre/post funcs with sstate 2013-01-22 Shakeel, Muhammad New
[1/2,V3] bitbake.conf: add STAMPS_DIR for constructing STAMP 2012-08-16 Robert Yang New
[1/2,v3] dbus: move* to base_libdir 2013-06-21 jackie huang New
[1/2,v3] image_types: Add elf image type 2012-06-29 Raymond Danks New
[1/2,v3] make-mod-scripts: change how some kernel module tools are built 2018-02-20 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/2,v4] archiver class: Use tasks with sstate instead of pre/post funcs 2013-02-20 Shakeel, Muhammad Accepted
[1/2,v4] image_types: Add elf image type 2012-07-02 Raymond Danks New
[1/2,v4] kernel: Add KERNEL_IMAGETYPES to build multi types kernel at one time 2016-05-31 Herve Jourdain New
[1/2,v4] kernel: Add KERNEL_IMAGETYPES to build multi types kernel at one time 2016-05-31 Herve Jourdain New
[1/2,v4] kernel: Add KERNEL_IMAGETYPES to build multi types kernel at one time 2016-05-25 Accepted
[1/21] libxpm: inherit gettext 2013-05-29 Mark Hatle Accepted
[1/2] acpica: fix compilation with musl 2017-02-23 Patrick Ohly Accepted
[1/2] acpid: fix acpid boot error 2013-11-21 Mark Hatle Accepted
[1/2] acpid: install events directory at default. 2013-09-03 Bian Naimeng Accepted
[1/2] Add dependency libidn to 3 packages 2012-08-29 Kang Kai New
[1/2] Added test case numbers to test cases to aid in future automation of testopia status change. 2014-05-21 Lucian Musat New
[1/2] adt-installer: check if sudo is needed when installing target sysroot 2013-09-25 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[1/2] allarch.bbclass: set SDK_ARCH and SDK_CC_ARCH to "none" 2014-01-16 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[1/2] Allow passthrough of important placement variables when using devshell 2013-10-31 blloyd New
[1/2] Allow recipe-individual configure scripts 2015-10-08 Jens Rehsack New
[1/2] alsa-lib: 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2 2016-08-17 Tanu Kaskinen New
[1/2] alsa-lib: Change function type to "static __inline__" 2013-06-17 Jesse Zhang New
[1/2] alsa-lib: upgrade to 1.0.26 2013-01-18 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[1/2] alsa-lib: upgrade to v1.0.27.2 2013-07-31 Cristian Iorga New
[1/2] alsa-lib: upgrade to v1.0.27.2 2013-07-31 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[1/2] alsa-plugins: a new recipe 2014-12-15 Nitin A Kamble New
[1/2] alsa-state: fix RDEPENDS assignment 2012-01-30 Koen Kooi Accepted
[1/2] alsa-state: install init script only when 'sysvinit' is in DISTRO_FEATURES 2014-08-07 Accepted
[1/2] alsa-tools: 1.1.0 -> 1.1.3 2017-01-20 Tanu Kaskinen New
[1/2] alsa-tools: fix build when x11 and gtk+ not available 2013-04-03 Rogerio Nunes Accepted
[1/2] alsa-utils: depend on libsamplerate0 2012-01-12 Martin Jansa Accepted
[1/2] apmd: update to 3.2.2-15 2015-08-11 Alexander Kanavin New
[1/2] apr: add util-linux to DEPENDS for libuuid 2012-06-30 Paul Eggleton New
[1/2] apr: Allow use in SDK 2015-02-02 Timo Mueller Accepted
[1/2] apt 0.7.14: runtime error: filename too long (tmpdir length) 2012-07-04 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/2] apt-get 0.7.14: hangs at runtime 2012-06-07 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/2] apt-native 0.7.14: remove an extra line from apt.conf 2012-08-14 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/2] apt-native: Install apt-ftparchive 2014-03-13 Ricardo Ribalda Delgado Accepted
[1/2] apt: Fix a latent bug exposed by gcc 4.7 2012-03-30 Khem Raj Accepted
[1/2] apt: update to 2013-04-24 Eric BENARD Accepted
[1/2] apt: Upgrade from to 2013-10-23 Marius Avram New
[1/2] apt: Upgrade to 1.2.24 2017-08-21 Aníbal Limón Master Next
[1/2] Include 2016-11-23 Khem Raj New
[1/2] remove duplicates from PACKAGE_ARCHS 2016-10-14 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/2] arch-powerpc{, 64}.inc: update/add PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS for powerpc/powerpc64 2012-02-23 Matthew McClintock Accepted
[1/2] archive-*-source.bbclass: fix scripts_with_logs build error 2013-03-11 Kevin Strasser Accepted
[1/2] archiver.bbclass: Add the function of filtering packages 2012-06-26 Kang Kai Accepted
[1/2] archiver.bbclass: addtask do_deploy_archives_setscene 2016-03-30 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/2] archiver.bbclass: fix do_ar_original error for matchbox-desktop 2016-12-07 Accepted
[1/2] archiver.bbclass: ignore unpack sub-directories in do_ar_original 2016-09-26 Patrick Ohly Accepted
[1/2] archiver.bbclass: Improve the usability for the archiver classes 2012-05-31 Xiaofeng Yan Accepted
[1/2] archiver.bbclass: various fixes for original+diff mode 2017-05-05 Patrick Ohly Accepted
[1/2] armv8: update to use armv8-a tune 2017-07-31 Armin Kuster New
[1/2] Asciidoc: add it 2016-07-27 Accepted
[1/2] at-spi2-core: upgrade to 2.10.2 2013-11-18 Cristiana Voicu Accepted
[1/2] at: reduce local pending patches 2017-07-18 Accepted
[1/2] autoconf: Adjust shebang lines to remove interpreter path hardcode 2017-03-28 Serhii Popovych Superseded
[1/2] autoconf: set perl location only for target 2015-05-15 Zheng Junling New
[1/2] autoconf: simplify perl location forcing logic 2015-05-15 Ross Burton New
[1/2] autogen-native: fix build failure on overloaded hosts 2013-06-19 Kang Kai New
[1/2] autogen-native: fix build failure on overloaded hosts 2013-06-18 Kang Kai Accepted
[1/2] automake: unhardcode version number 2013-10-09 Marko Lindqvist Accepted
[1/2] autotools.bbclass: use python3 instead of python (v2) 2016-09-26 Markus Lehtonen Accepted
[1/2] autotools: set _FOR_BUILD variables here 2012-11-09 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] avahi: add missing intltool-native build dependency 2016-03-08 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] avahi: don't call DBus init script directly 2013-04-16 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] avahi: use useradd.bbclass to add avahi-autoipd user 2012-12-17 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[1/2] Avoid starting rpcbind daemon twice during boot 2013-11-15 Yue Tao New
[1/2] Initial commit of aws-cli 2017-03-28 Elizabeth 'pidge' Flanagan New
[1/2] babeltrace: Let autotools.bbclass run autoreconf 2016-04-22 Jussi Kukkonen Accepted
[1/2] babeltrace: upgrade to 1.2.1 2014-05-06 Cristiana Voicu Accepted
[1/2] base-files: move shells generating process to pkg_postinst 2013-10-16 Ming Liu New
[1/2] base-files: profile: Do not assume that the 'command' command exists 2017-09-18 New
[1/2] base.bbclass: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM files to checksum files. 2015-03-02 Randy Witt New
[1/2] base.bbclass: Expand PNBLACKLIST across multilibs too 2012-08-10 Peter Seebach Accepted
[1/2] base.bbclass: move invalid PACKAGECONFIG checking to insane.bbclass 2015-07-30 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/2] add assertExists and assertNotExists to oeselftest 2017-05-21 Yeoh Ee Peng Accepted
[1/2] base: check for existing prefix when expanding names in PACKAGECONFIG 2015-12-02 Ross Burton New
[1/2] base: decode SRC_URI before adding implicit fetch dependencies 2015-11-21 Ross Burton New
[1/2] base: improve PACKAGECONFIG handling logic 2013-09-11 Ross Burton New
[1/2] base: improve PACKAGECONFIG handling logic 2013-09-10 Ross Burton New
[1/2] base: Show PRINC value in the warning message 2014-03-05 Martin Jansa Accepted
[1/2] bash-completion: fix upstream version check 2016-06-09 Alexander Kanavin Accepted
[1/2] bash: enable parallel build 2012-07-20 Otavio Salvador New
[1/2] bash: fix buildpaths qa check error 2015-12-24 Kang Kai Accepted
[1/2] bash: Make bash_3.2.48 a nativesdk package. 2012-09-11 Martin Ertsaas New
[1/2] bash: upgrade to 4.3 2014-03-03 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[1/2] bb-matrix: Clean before, rather than after, building 2013-09-06 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[1/2] bbclass/sstate: add hook SSTATE_CHECK_FUNCTIONS for sstate checking 2014-08-29 Hongxu Jia New
[1/2] bbclass/sstate: add hook SSTATE_CHECK_FUNCTIONS for sstate checking 2014-08-28 Hongxu Jia New
[1/2] bc: add bc-native 2013-08-26 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/2] beecrpty: add option --with-dev-dsp 2014-10-29 Kang Kai New
[1/2] beecrpty: add option --with-dev-dsp 2014-10-29 Kang Kai Accepted
[1/2] bind: build with threads and update configure options 2017-05-19 Kang Kai Accepted
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