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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[1/2] image.bbclass: allow override for ROOTFS_BOOTSTRAP_INSTALL 2013-04-02 New
[1/2] image.bbclass: Correct chaining compression support 2 2017-07-21 Tom Rini Accepted
[1/2] image.bbclass: Enable the complementary install to be called w/ globbing params 2012-09-07 Mark Hatle Accepted
[1/2] image.bbclass: fix postinstall intercepts fallback 2013-04-08 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[1/2] avoid mkdir race when building multiple images 2015-11-19 Mike Crowe New
[1/2] image: Support for qcow2 2015-07-23 Christian Ziethén New
[1/2] Images: handle rowstride != width*bytes_per_pixel 2014-10-07 Olaf Mandel New
[1/2] IMAGES_FSTYPES: default to EXT4 2015-08-11 Juro Bystricky Accepted
[1/2] Add a test that ensures conversion type deps get added 2017-01-05 Randy Witt Accepted
[1/2] image_types bbclass: use compression framework for jffs2 sum images 2014-02-13 Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov Accepted
[1/2] image_types.bbclass: Fix generating uncompressed ext2 images 2012-01-12 Matthew McClintock Accepted
[1/2] image_types.bbclass: fixed 'init' creation for cpio images 2015-01-22 Enrico Scholz Accepted
[1/2] image_types.bbclass: Respect IMAGE_TYPEDEP dependencies 2014-12-09 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[1/2] image_types: Add elf image type 2012-06-22 Raymond Danks New
[1/2] image_types: Add support to compress initramfs with lz4 2016-10-18 Vesa Jääskeläinen Accepted
[1/2] image_types: remove Hob convenience variable 2017-07-12 Joshua Lock Accepted
[1/2] Incremental image generation(rpm based rootfs) 2011-12-29 Robert Yang New
[1/2] init-functions: Add two functions 2012-02-03 Xiaofeng Yan Accepted
[1/2] Fix root= specification 2013-09-23 Darren Hart Accepted
[1/2] improve hard drive searching process 2014-07-02 Drew Moseley Accepted
[1/2] Verify /sys based files exist before displaying them 2014-07-07 Drew Moseley Accepted
[1/2] improve hard drive searching process 2013-08-16 Accepted
[1/2] Switch to using static device paths. 2015-01-09 Drew Moseley New
[1/2] init-install: fix grub-install command 2017-11-21 Sullivan, California L Accepted
[1/2] fix ROOT_MOUNT 2016-03-29 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/2] initramfs-framework: fix "support dropping into shell on failure" 2015-09-18 Patrick Ohly Accepted
[1/2] initramfs-framework: mdev: Add a runtime dependency on busybox-mdev 2016-06-20 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[1/2] initramfs-framework: udev: Handle alternative binary paths 2012-11-27 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[1/2] initramfs-live-boot: enable multilib support 2013-04-03 Radu Moisan New
[1/2] initramfs-live-boot: enable multilib support 2013-04-03 Radu Moisan New
[1/2] initramfs-live-install: avoid using grub.d/40_custom 2014-05-20 Accepted
[1/2] INITRD var: documentation changes 2014-08-05 Nitin A Kamble New
[1/2] initrd: Spawn an emergency shell when something goes wrong 2012-09-27 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] initrdscripts: unionfs cleanup 2013-06-28 Accepted
[1/2] initscripts: add /sbin/sushell for systemd service debug-shell 2015-07-08 Kang Kai New
[1/2] initscripts: add shebang where it was missing completely 2012-01-23 Martin Jansa Accepted
[1/2] initscripts: add mount-bind feature 2016-02-12 Jens Rehsack New
[1/2] initscripts: split sushell into sub package 2017-08-22 jackie huang Accepted
[1/2] initscripts: split the functions script into a separate package 2013-12-25 New
[1/2] initscripts: support read-only rootfs 2012-12-24 New
[1/2] initscripts: use update-alternative to handle file functions 2012-07-09 Kang Kai Accepted
[1/2] initscripts: use update-alternative to handle file functions 2012-06-28 Kang Kai New
[1/2] inputproto: explicitly disable asciidoc to avoid floating dependency 2016-08-22 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] insane.bbclass: Add test for static .a libraries in non-staticdev packages 2012-01-25 Saul Wold New
[1/2] insane.bbclass: check invalid ac_cv value 2015-06-12 Robert Yang New
[1/2] insane.bbclass: Check non-ASCII characters on metadata 2015-08-13 Leonardo Sandoval New
[1/2] insane.bbclass: fix package_qa_check_buildpaths 2015-07-15 Robert Yang New
[1/2] insane.bbclass: Fix RPATH warning in the face of funny path strings 2012-08-17 Andy Ross New
[1/2] insane.bbclass: print all the QA messages 2016-01-20 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/2] insane.bbclass: QAPATHTEST: check file depends on bash, perl and python 2014-07-14 Robert Yang New
[1/2] insane: in libdir test allow libraries in libexecdir 2015-12-08 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] insane: remove broken unsafe-references-in-binaries test 2017-03-20 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] insane: rename pkg to pn because that is what it is 2017-06-19 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] intltool: merge .bb and .inc 2016-07-19 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] iproute2: upgrade to 4.10.0 2017-02-24 Maxin John New
[1/2] iproute2: upgrade to 4.6.0 2016-05-23 Maxin John New
[1/2] iptables: only check libnetfilter-conntrack when libnfnetlink is enabled 2015-09-30 Kang Kai Accepted
[1/2] iptables: upgrade to 1.4.21 2013-12-06 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[1/2] iputils: Upgrade to v20121221 2013-07-10 Radu Moisan Accepted
[1/2] use glob to find initramfs location 2016-04-01 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Accepted
[1/2] iucode-tool: Add support for MUSL 2017-02-06 Saul Wold New
[1/2] iw: update to version 4.7 2016-06-01 Maxin John New
[1/2] json-c: add BBCLASSEXTEND for native and nativesdk 2016-10-04 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] json-glib: upgrade 1.2.2 -> 1.2.8 2017-06-01 New
[1/2] kbd: Fix coding sytle 2013-09-16 Li Zhijian Accepted
[1/2] kern-tools: unify meta directory detection 2015-04-24 Bruce Ashfield New
[1/2] kernel-headers: linux kernel headers 2015-08-03 Juro Bystricky New
[1/2] kernel-yocto.bbclass: remove do_kernel_link_vmlinux from SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS 2015-12-23 Andre McCurdy New
[1/2] kernel-yocto.bbclass: remove do_kernel_link_vmlinux from SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS 2015-12-14 Andre McCurdy Accepted
[1/2] kernel-yocto: Add do_fragmentconfig task 2014-02-13 João Henrique Freitas New
[1/2] kernel-yocto: don't require meta branch for custom repos 2012-08-23 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/2] kernel-yocto: ensure sccs variable is set when using KBUILD_DEFCONFIG 2017-11-29 Saul Wold Accepted
[1/2] kernel-yocto: fix kernel configuration audit for custom yocto kernels 2012-09-13 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/2] kernel-yocto: improve error checking on non-git repos 2013-09-06 Bruce Ashfield New
[1/2] kernel-yocto: propagate configuration errors to bbclass 2017-07-04 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/2] kernel.bbclass: Add missing modules.order and modules.builtins 2013-02-28 Mark Hatle Accepted
[1/2] kernel.bbclass: avoids installing kernel image in do_bundle_initramfs 2015-12-29 Ming Liu New
[1/2] kernel.bbclass: do_sizecheck: update path to build image 2013-03-20 New
[1/2] kernel.bbclass: do_sizecheck: update path to build image and do not delete 2013-04-08 Accepted
[1/2] kernel.bbclass: Ensure compiler is available for do_populate_sysroot_setscene 2013-11-19 Mike Crowe New
[1/2] kernel.bbclass: Fix fitimage build failure 2017-12-14 Manjukumar Matha New
[1/2] kernel: add package version in dependencies for kernel packages 2017-06-21 Heghedus Razvan New
[1/2] kernel: avoid copying unnecessary files during do_install 2013-01-31 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/2] kernel: Define KERNEL_IMAGETYPE as a list 2015-07-17 New
[1/2] kernel: Modify kernel modules installation path. 2017-01-04 Amarnath Valluri Accepted
[1/2] kernel: stop using -exec rm for deleting files 2014-02-04 Bruce Ashfield Superseded
[1/2] kexec-tools: disable the GCC's stack protection for purgatory code 2015-07-17 Wenzong Fan New
[1/2] kmod: include libkmod also from libdir 2012-05-07 Martin Jansa Accepted
[1/2] kmod: new PACKAGECONFIG debug and logging to help reduce binary size. 2015-01-21 Bruno Bottazzini Accepted
[1/2] ldconfig: add method to extend ldconfig search dirs 2015-11-11 Armin Kuster New
[1/2] lib/oe/distro_check: update openSUSE to use Leap url formats 2017-06-20 Joshua Lock Accepted
[1/2] lib/oe/ (rpm): Signature check is enabled by default 2017-09-30 Otavio Salvador New
[1/2] lib/oe/patch: exclude "From <hash>" from commit message when PATCHTOOL is "git" 2016-09-23 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[1/2] lib/oe/ support missing directory components in realpath() 2013-02-11 Enrico Scholz Accepted
[1/2] lib/oe/qa: add ELF machine to string function 2016-10-11 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] lib/oe/recipeutils: fix patch_recipe*() with empty input 2016-07-25 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[1/2] lib/oe/rootfs: fix log_check warnings being printed twice with RPM packaging 2016-12-12 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[1/2] lib/oe/rootfs: tidy up log warning reporting 2015-06-08 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[1/2] lib/oe/sstatesig: fix finding native siginfo files in sstate-cache 2017-04-06 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[1/2] lib/oe/terminal: fix regressions 2015-02-25 Paul Eggleton New
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