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[09/20] image.bbclass, kernel.bbclass: Use kmod-native instead of module-init-tools-cross 2012-02-06 Khem Raj New
[09/20] python-pgo-image: switch python default profile task to pybench 2017-02-20 Markus Lehtonen New
[09/20] python-setuptools: Update for python-native changes 2012-07-13 Morgan Little New
[09/20] python3: Add recipes 2013-08-27 Khem Raj New
[09/20] Add proxy variable to new env. 2016-02-02 Aníbal Limón Accepted
[09/20] udev-cache.default: documentation update 2014-08-04 Ben Shelton New
[09/20] unfs3: update to r497 2015-12-14 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/21] http-message-perl: add new recipe 2016-08-29 New
[09/21] lib/oeqa/utils: qemurunner: save host IP address 2013-08-23 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
[09/21] libsecret: add a recipe from meta-gnome 2015-07-30 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/21] mtools: use same SUMMARY as newer version of mtools recipe 2013-04-24 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[09/21] patch 2.5.9: fix unknown-configure-option 2015-02-03 Robert Yang Accepted
[09/21] qemu: Security fix CVE-2015-8504 2016-02-06 Armin Kuster New
[09/22] Add a recipe for libsecret 2015-06-17 Alexander Kanavin Accepted
[09/22] gummiboot.bbclass: Use bb.fatal() instead of raising FuncFailed 2016-10-01 Ulf Magnusson Accepted
[09/22] libsecret: add a recipe from meta-gnome 2015-08-19 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/22] libsecret: add a recipe from meta-gnome 2015-08-14 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/22] qemu: Set RDEPENDS on the specific package that needs it 2013-02-03 Richard Purdie Accepted
[09/22] rpm: Fix Upstream-Status fields 2012-12-04 Mark Hatle Accepted
[09/22] Do not build gcc for powerpc with PIE defaults 2017-07-06 Khem Raj New
[09/22] update-rcd.bbclass: handle both sysvinit and systemd features being present 2013-03-22 Ross Burton New
[09/22] wic: encode help text 2016-06-01 Richard Purdie Accepted
[09/23] set CVE_PRODUCT to glibc 2017-07-20 Mikko Rapeli Accepted
[09/23] gtk+: enable optional building of manpages 2016-10-17 Alexander Kanavin Accepted
[09/23] package_deb.bbclass: Ignore file paths in RPROVIDES 2017-02-10 Amarnath Valluri Accepted
[09/23] staging.bbclass: print searched manifest when not found 2017-11-10 Robert Yang New
[09/24] avahi-ui: remove the dependency on python-pygtk by disabling avahi-discover 2016-03-09 Alexander Kanavin Accepted
[09/24] devtool: show some warnings for upgrade versions 2017-11-09 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[09/24] distutils: Introduce PYTHON_ABI variable 2013-06-28 Khem Raj Accepted
[09/24] gcc-4.8: Upgrade 4.8.2 -> 4.8.4 2015-04-06 Khem Raj New
[09/24] libpng: add neon option for aarch64 2014-11-07 Kang Kai New
[09/24] update-rcd.bbclass: handle both sysvinit and systemd features being present 2013-03-26 Ross Burton Accepted
[09/25] build-appliance-image: update version to 15.0.0 2016-06-03 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/25] gstreamer1.0-libav: minor formatting improvements + update HOMEPAGE 2016-01-21 Andre McCurdy Accepted
[09/25] libpng: add neon option for aarch64 2014-11-06 Kang Kai New
[09/25] libsndfile: Security Advisory - libsndfile - CVE-2014-9496 2015-07-18 Armin Kuster New
[09/25] systemd: add support for executing scripts under /etc/rcS.d 2014-09-03 Accepted
[09/25] wic: add wic_init_parser_cp 2017-06-08 Ed Bartosh Superseded
[09/26] connman: cleanup thanks to new gtk-doc.bbclass 2012-07-19 Ross Burton New
[09/26] lsb: set PV to 1.4 to match upstream tarball version 2015-07-30 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/26] recipetool: create: support extracting name and version from build scripts 2015-12-22 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[09/26] systemd: add support for executing scripts under /etc/rcS.d 2014-09-02 Accepted
[09/26] xrandr: Update to 1.3.5 2011-11-29 Saul Wold New
[09/27] glib-networking: update to 2.54.1 2017-11-14 Alexander Kanavin Accepted
[09/27] gnutls: separate B and S 2015-01-14 Robert Yang Accepted
[09/27] scripts/contrib: add devtool stress tester 2015-09-22 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[09/28] Don't build target-libgcc 2013-08-22 Richard Purdie Accepted
[09/28] libxml2: fix build with automake 1.12 2012-05-03 Nitin A Kamble Accepted
[09/28] oeqa.buildperf: add BuildPerfTest class 2016-06-24 Markus Lehtonen Accepted
[09/28] packagegroup-*: change to inherit from packagegroup.bbclass 2012-09-03 Paul Eggleton New
[09/28] webkitgtk: enable gtk-doc support 2016-08-26 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/29] avahi: enable gobject-introspection 2015-11-09 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/29] udev: enable gobject introspection 2015-11-26 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/30] oeqa/core/tests: Update test_loader threaded to cover main thread usage 2017-07-11 Aníbal Limón Master Next
[09/30] systemtap: fix build with automake 1.12 2012-05-23 Nitin A Kamble New
[09/30] xkeyboard-config: use ${datadir} instead of /usr/share for packaging 2012-08-05 Javier Martinez Canillas New
[09/31] connman: do not install Python test scripts 2016-06-02 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/32] gcc: Add plugins package for ARM, fix /usr/incude packaging 2012-05-24 Scott Garman New
[09/32] gcc: gcc-cross-canadian: use correct location for libraries for powerpc64 2012-08-13 Scott Garman New
[09/32] scripts/oe-test: Add new oe-test script 2016-12-06 Aníbal Limón Superseded
[09/32] trace-cmd: update to 2.6.1 2017-06-16 Alexander Kanavin Accepted
[09/33] apt-native: use sed to prepare apt.conf.sample 2016-12-06 Andreas Oberritter Superseded
[09/33] v86d: Add PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS for postinst 2017-01-19 Richard Purdie Accepted
[09/35] wic: Remove fiemap support 2014-08-08 Accepted
[09/36] oeqa/core/runner: OETestResult add internal _tc_map_results 2017-05-26 Aníbal Limón New
[09/36] python-pygpgme: add a recipe 2017-02-13 Alexander Kanavin Accepted
[09/37] matchbox-keyboard: Enable GTK+3 IM module 2016-06-07 Jussi Kukkonen Accepted
[09/38] gettext: set reasonable SUMMARY and DESCRIPTION 2013-12-28 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[09/38] rpm: add perl to RDEPENDS_rpm-build 2014-07-15 Robert Yang Accepted
[09/39] libusb-compat: clean up FILE after PACKAGE reorder 2012-06-19 Saul Wold Accepted
[09/40] libsdl2: require GLES when building Wayland support 2015-12-28 Robert Yang New
[09/40] libtasn1: fix build with automake 1.12 2012-05-04 Nitin A Kamble New
[09/42] nfs-utils: Fix usage of systemd unitdir vars 2016-03-13 Pau Espin Pedrol New
[09/42] oprofile: Fix with gcc6 2016-05-11 Khem Raj Accepted
[09/44] python-iniparse: add a recipe 2017-03-10 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/45] python3: manipulate all of the config*/Makefile files, not just config/Makefile 2016-05-24 Alexander Kanavin New
[09/50] lz4: fix upstream version check 2017-10-11 Alexander Kanavin Accepted
[09/53] linux-libc-headers: Port patches for linux-headers for musl 2016-01-08 Khem Raj New
[09/55] scripts/oe-test: Add new oe-test script 2017-01-20 Aníbal Limón Accepted
[09/60] alsa-utils: upgrade to 1.0.25 2012-03-16 Shane Wang New
[09/73] xserver-xorg: Fix build with musl 2016-01-17 Khem Raj New
[1/1,1.2.1] initrdscripts: Update to work with mmc devices 2012-05-02 Darren Hart Accepted
[1/1,daisy,dizzy] openssl: upgrade to 1.0.1p 2015-07-09 Tudor Florea New
[1/1,danny] crosstap: handle hyphenated x86_64 target arch 2013-02-06 New
[1/1,denzil] alsa-tools: remove warning message 2013-02-26 Wenzong Fan New
[1/1,denzil] recipes-core/eglibc-2.13: Patch for locale-base-tt-ru packaging 2012-08-21 Mark Hatle New
[1/1,Dizzy] serf: uprev to 1.3.7 for fixing CVE-2014-3504 2014-11-21 Wenzong Fan New
[1/1,jethro] selftest/ set srcrev for recipetool create 2016-12-09 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/1,krogoth] linux-yocto-rt/4.4: Update KBRANCH 2016-06-03 New
[1/1,krogoth] systemtap: Add missing memory flag to fix stap module compilation 2016-07-07 New
[1/1,no,PR,bump] openjade: do not produce shared libraries 2013-08-16 Joe Slater New
[1/1,REVISION,2] adt-installer: Add 2012-09-05 Elizabeth Flanagan New
[1/1,Revision,3] adt-installer: Allow changing YOCTOADT_REPO 2012-09-05 Elizabeth Flanagan New
[1/1,RFC,-,Denzil] nativesdk.bbclass: Fix the remapping code on nativesdk 2013-03-28 Mark Hatle New
[1/1,RFC] devtool: Upgrade feature 2015-08-11 Leonardo Sandoval Superseded
[1/1,v2] bzip2: fix bunzip2 -qt returns 0 for corrupt archives 2015-10-14 Wenzong Fan Accepted
[1/1,V2] classes/insane: Show QA check name 2014-07-14 Accepted
[1/1,V2] ethtool: fix ptest execution failure 2014-05-27 New
[1/1,v2] gdk-pixbuf: fix ptest RDEPENDS for multilib build 2017-08-21 Wenzong Fan Accepted
[1/1,v2] gnupg: fix find-version for beta checking 2015-10-28 Wenzong Fan Accepted
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