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[08/14] oeqa/core/decorator/ fix skipIfNotInDataVar 2018-06-01 Superseded
[07/14] testimage.bbclass: also check 'auto' to create rpm index 2018-06-01 Superseded
[06/14] oeqa/runtime/cases/ rename to 2018-06-01 Superseded
[05/14] oeqa/runtime/cases/ skip test if PACKAGE_FEED_URIS is not set 2018-06-01 Superseded
[04/14] oeqa/core/decorator/ use 'cls' instead of 'obj' 2018-06-01 Superseded
[03/14] oeqa/core/decorator/ set metaclass to ABCMeta 2018-06-01 Superseded
[02/14] testimage.bbclass: fix behavior of empty TEST_SUITES 2018-06-01 Superseded
[01/14] oeqa/core/ support the 'auto' keyword 2018-06-01 Superseded
[v2] ltp: bump to release 20180515 2018-06-01 Daniel Díaz Superseded drop tuning file for Intel Quark/X1000 CPU 2018-05-31 Andre McCurdy New
bitbake.conf: drop redundant -nv from FETCHCMD_wget 2018-05-31 Andre McCurdy Accepted
[devtool] devtool deploy-target: optionally specify package 2018-05-31 Trevor Woerner Superseded
[V2] kernel-devicetree.bbclass: replace KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE with KERNEL_IMAGETYPES 2018-05-31 Ming Liu New
ifupdown: add ifquery link 2018-05-31 nick83ola New
core: fix /sbin/nologin path 2018-05-31 nick83ola Superseded
[poky,REPOST] systemd: resolved linked even if the option is disabled 2018-05-31 nick83ola New
kernel-devicetree.bbclass: replace KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE with KERNEL_IMAGETYPE 2018-05-31 Ming Liu New
[14/14] oeqa/core/target/ increase maximum read bytes from 1024 to 4096 2018-05-31 Accepted
[13/14] testimage-auto.bbclass: execute the same codes as testimage task 2018-05-31 New
[12/14] bitbake.conf: fix HOSTTOOLS setting related to image testing 2018-05-31 Superseded
[11/14] oeqa/runtime/cases/ fix test_file_connman skipping logic 2018-05-31 Accepted
[10/14] oeqa/runtime/cases/ skip if needed packages are not available 2018-05-31 Accepted
[09/14] oeqa/runtime/cases/ skip if rpm not available 2018-05-31 Accepted
[08/14] oeqa/core/decorator/ fix skipIfNotInDataVar 2018-05-31 Accepted
[07/14] testimage.bbclass: also check 'auto' to create rpm index 2018-05-31 Accepted
[06/14] oeqa/runtime/cases/ rename to 2018-05-31 Superseded
[05/14] oeqa/runtime/cases/ skip test if PACKAGE_FEED_URIS is not set 2018-05-31 Accepted
[04/14] oeqa/core/decorator/ use 'cls' instead of 'obj' 2018-05-31 Accepted
[03/14] oeqa/core/decorator/ set metaclass to ABCMeta 2018-05-31 Accepted
[02/14] testimage.bbclass: fix behavior of empty TEST_SUITES 2018-05-31 Accepted
[01/14] oeqa/core/ support the 'auto' keyword 2018-05-31 Accepted
[v3] busybox: Fix lzma segfaults 2018-05-31 Andrej Valek Accepted
[v2,2/2] rpm: Restore performance in Docker containers 2018-05-31 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[v2,1/2] Revert "rpm: add a patch to help with Docker performance issues" 2018-05-31 Peter Kjellerstedt New
ltp: build open posix test suite 2018-05-31 Fathi Boudra Accepted
boost: Improve reproducibility 2018-05-31 Superseded
[v2] busybox: Fix zlma segfaults 2018-05-31 Andrej Valek New
[2/2] qemux86-directdisk.wks: remove uvesafb.mode_option 2018-05-31 Anuj Mittal Accepted
[1/2] qemux86*: change default wic wks to qemux86-directdisk 2018-05-31 Anuj Mittal Accepted
[1/1] linux-yocto: add ptest support 2018-05-31 New
dropbear: drop run time detection of read-only rootfs 2018-05-31 Andre McCurdy Accepted
[7/7] meson: enable nativesdk 2018-05-30 Martin Kelly Superseded
[6/7] meson: handle exe wrappers 2018-05-30 Martin Kelly Superseded
[5/7] toolchain-shar-extract: pass env to post-relocate 2018-05-30 Martin Kelly Superseded
[4/7] toolchain-shar-extract: print post-relocate error 2018-05-30 Martin Kelly Superseded
[3/7] toolchain-shar-extract: allow non-sh post-relocate 2018-05-30 Martin Kelly Superseded
[2/7] nativesdk-python*: suppress user site dirs 2018-05-30 Martin Kelly Accepted
[1/7] meson.bbclass: refactor native override 2018-05-30 Martin Kelly Accepted
kernel-uimage.bbclass: introduce UBOOT_MKIMAGE_COMMANDS 2018-05-30 Ming Liu New
kernel-uimage.bbclass: use boolean to check KEEPUIMAGE 2018-05-30 Ming Liu New
busybox: Fix zlma segfaults 2018-05-30 Andrej Valek Superseded
hostapd defconfig: update defconfig from 2.6 hostapd package 2018-05-30 nick83ola New
[meta-oe,rocko] protobuf: fix SRC_URI by removing branch 2018-05-30 George McCollister New
gcc-sanitizers: don't use thumb for armv[45] 2018-05-30 Martin Jansa Accepted
linux-firmware: package rtl8168 firmware 2018-05-30 Liwei Song Accepted
[16/16] openssl-nativesdk: Fix "can't open config file" warning 2018-05-30 Robert Yang Superseded
[15/16] rpcbind: add option to make user able to use fixed port number 2018-05-30 Robert Yang Superseded
[14/16] glibc: re-package for libnss-db 2018-05-30 Robert Yang New
[13/16] init-install: add timeout for legacy grub 2018-05-30 Robert Yang New
[12/16] populate_sdk_ext.bbclass: add ESDK_MANIFEST_EXCLUDES 2018-05-30 Robert Yang Superseded
[11/16] toolchain-scripts.bbclass: do not extend dependency if extended already 2018-05-30 Robert Yang Superseded
[10/16] dropbear: add default config file to disable root login 2018-05-30 Robert Yang Superseded
[09/16] rootfs-postcommands: split ssh_allow_empty_password 2018-05-30 Robert Yang Superseded
[08/16] site/powerpc64-linux: add cvs_cv_func_printf_ptr 2018-05-30 Robert Yang New
[07/16] oe/ add SDK_LAYERS_EXCLUDE_PATTERN 2018-05-30 Robert Yang Superseded
[06/16] gcc-sanitizers: Fix libtool .la files 2018-05-30 Robert Yang New
[05/16] xinetd: add Init Script Actions to xinetd script 2018-05-30 Robert Yang Superseded
[04/16] busybox: handle syslog 2018-05-30 Robert Yang Superseded
[03/16] lsof: fix LSOF_CCV in version.h 2018-05-30 Robert Yang Superseded
[02/16] runqemu-extract-sdk: allow install debugfs on rootfs 2018-05-30 Robert Yang New
[01/16] base.bbclass: Add buildcfg multilib values 2018-05-30 Robert Yang Superseded
[6/6] tcmode-default: Switch to gcc 8.0 2018-05-30 Khem Raj Accepted
[5/6] gcc-8: Disable float128 for ppc/musl 2018-05-30 Khem Raj Accepted
[4/6] gcc-8: Disable libssp for non mingw targets 2018-05-30 Khem Raj Accepted
[3/6] gcc-8: Add recipes for 8.1 release 2018-05-30 Khem Raj Accepted
[2/6] qemuppc/ppc7400: Drop disabling spe 2018-05-30 Khem Raj New
[1/6] gcc-runtime: Remove -mcpu=cortex-a7 when building for -march=armv7ve 2018-05-30 Khem Raj New
qemuwrapper-cross: fix postinst failed warning 2018-05-30 New
[v2,3/3] tclibc-newlib: Adds a new TCLIBC variant to build with newlib as C library 2018-05-29 Alejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego New
[v2,5/5] bitbake.conf: fix minor typo in comments 2018-05-29 Andre McCurdy Accepted
[v2,4/5] bitbake.conf: include ASNEEDED in TARGET_LDFLAGS directly 2018-05-29 Andre McCurdy New
[v2,3/5] bitbake.conf: drop obsolete commented out value for TARGET_LDFLAGS 2018-05-29 Andre McCurdy New
[v2,2/5] drop ASNEEDED over-ride for openobex 2018-05-29 Andre McCurdy New
[v2,1/5] distcc: move ASNEEDED over-ride into the distcc recipe 2018-05-29 Andre McCurdy Accepted
[v2] dropbear: drop obsolete patch 0004-fix-2kb-keys.patch 2018-05-29 Andre McCurdy New
[poky,2/2] devtool sdk-update: --updateserver-insecure-tls 2018-05-29 Adrian New
[poky,1/2] devtool sdk-update: Support Basic Auth 2018-05-29 Adrian New
[v2] image_types: improve reproducibility of .cpio files. 2018-05-29 Kamel Hacene New optionally specify start branch 2018-05-29 Trevor Woerner New
oe-selftest: add kernel sample of trace-events to oe-selftest 2018-05-29 Hongzhi.Song New
mesa: fix installed-vs-shipped error 2018-05-29 Kang Kai Accepted
[rocko] npm.bbclass: Fix building node modules with npm@5 2018-05-28 Damien Riegel New
[2/2] cpan_build.bbclass: tell Module::Build the replacement 2018-05-28 Jens Rehsack New
[1/2] cpan_build.bbclass: adopt to recent EU::MM 2018-05-28 Jens Rehsack New
[3/3] rpcsvc-proto: Update to 1.4 2018-05-28 Khem Raj Accepted
[2/3] systemd: Define basename() for musl 2018-05-28 Khem Raj Accepted
[1/3] systemd: Fix build with gcc8 2018-05-28 Khem Raj Accepted
[v3] bind: update to 9.12.1 1 2018-05-28 Armin Kuster Superseded
recipe_links.bbclass: introduction 2018-05-28 Mark Asselstine New
meta-toolchain: Added dnf-nativesdk into cross-development toolchain. 2018-05-28 Zheng Ruoqin Superseded
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