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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[3/3] lttng-modules: Update to version 2.3.0 2013-09-04 Woegerer, Paul Accepted
[v2,1/3] core-image-weston: Ensure wayland distro feature is enabled 2013-09-04 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[3/3] qemumips: fix keyboard entry in graphical boots 2013-09-05 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
resolvconf: specify configuration for systemd-tmpfiles --update 2013-09-05 Jonathan Liu Accepted
[1/3] lttng-ust: Update to version 2.3.0 2013-09-05 Woegerer, Paul Accepted
[2/3] lttng-tools: Update to version 2.3.0 2013-09-05 Woegerer, Paul Accepted
lib/oeqa/runtime: add basic scanelf test 2013-09-05 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
[2/2] ptest.bbclass: add cleandirs flag to do_install_ptest_base 2013-09-05 Accepted
[V2,1/2] ptest.bbclass: fix error on ubuntu host 2013-09-05 Accepted
[1/1] run-postinsts: move script execution from S98 to S99 in rcS.d 2013-09-05 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
devshell: Don't corrupt the fakeroot variables 2013-09-05 Richard Purdie Accepted
[1/3] oeqa/oetest: oeRuntimeTest: enable long messages 2013-09-05 Mihai Lindner Accepted
[2/3] oeqa/utils/sshcontrol: tweak ssh options 2013-09-05 Mihai Lindner Accepted
[3/3] oeqa/runtime/scp: replace dd call 2013-09-05 Mihai Lindner Accepted
local.conf.sample.extended: Add an example of how to enable fortran 2013-09-05 Richard Purdie Accepted
useradd: Handle users from a package being used in others 2013-09-05 Richard Purdie Accepted
package_rpm.bbclass: Fix no_recommendations and package_exclude 2013-09-05 Mark Hatle Accepted
connman: Ignore the NFS root network interface in init script 2013-09-06 Jukka Rissanen Accepted
systemd: split out systemd-binfmt as a separate package 2013-09-06 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] bluez5: Install the bluetooth library 2013-09-06 Mihai Prica Accepted
[2/2] bluez5: Rename tests package to testtools 2013-09-06 Mihai Prica Accepted
[0/2] Fixes for bb-matrix 2013-09-06 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[1/2] bb-matrix: Clean before, rather than after, building 2013-09-06 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[2/2] kern-tools: support no author patches 2013-09-06 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/2] genericx86: Create a base for the x86 BSPs 2013-09-06 Darren Hart Accepted
buildtest-TESTS and runtest-TESTS targets required by ptest. 2013-09-06 Tudor Florea Accepted
[V2] package.bbclass: skip already-stripped QA test if asked for 2013-09-06 Khem Raj Accepted
cmake: set system name correctly 2013-09-07 Richard Purdie Accepted
[1/2] sysvinit: fix indentation 2013-09-09 Accepted
[2/2] sysvinit: remove unused files 2013-09-09 Accepted
[PATCHv3] ltp: update to new release 20130904 2013-09-09 Anders Roxell Accepted
[1/2] mesa: use distro_features_check to abort build without opengl feature 2013-09-09 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/2] xf86-video-intel: allow builds without opengl, add more options 2013-09-09 Ross Burton Accepted
beagleboard: update the dts location 2013-09-09 Maxin B. John Accepted
[RFC] bitbake.conf: Stop providing ${P} and ${PF} by default 2013-09-09 Richard Purdie Accepted
[1/3] remove apm as a MACHINE_FEATURE 2013-09-09 Saul Wold Accepted
[2/3] remove apm as a MACHINE_FEATURE 2013-09-09 Saul Wold Accepted
[3/3] yocto-bsp: remove apm as a default MACHINE_FEATURE 2013-09-09 Saul Wold Accepted
systemd: update patch header and comments 2013-09-09 Ross Burton Accepted
avahi: use correct names in SYSTEMD_SERVICE_* variables 2013-09-09 Ross Burton Accepted
dbus-ptest: fix populate_sdk error 2013-09-09 Maxin B. John Accepted
gstreamer-plugins: Change anonymous python structure 2013-09-09 Saul Wold Accepted
kmod-native: use bswap to work on older Linux hosts 2013-09-10 Ting Liu Accepted
initscripts: filter out empty lines from volatiles in check_requirements() 2013-09-10 Ming Liu Accepted
btrfs-tools: fix a parallel build issue 2013-09-10 Accepted
[0/1] Improve bb-matrix graphs 2013-09-10 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[1/1] bb-matrix-plot: Use interpolation for sparse data 2013-09-10 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[1/1] automount cdrom device even if no ID_FS_TYPE available 2013-09-10 Accepted
[1/5] meta-environment: change package name to include MACHINE 2013-09-10 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[2/5] packagegroup-cross-canadian: change package name to include MACHINE 2013-09-10 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[3/5] populate_sdk_base.bbclass: select the proper cross-canadian package 2013-09-10 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[4/5] meta-toolchain-qt: include the proper cross-canadian package 2013-09-10 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[5/5] adt-installer: allow installation of other machines 2013-09-10 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
[1/1] linux-yocto/3.10: bump kver to 3.10.11 2013-09-10 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/3] systemd.bbclass: get the correct /lib directory 2013-09-10 Saul Wold Accepted
[3/3] cmake.bbclass: ensure CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME is correct 2013-09-10 Saul Wold Accepted
python-smartpm: Add an attempt install mode 2013-09-11 Mark Hatle Accepted
[v3] libcroco: disable Bsymbolic if it is not supported on some hosts 2013-09-11 Ting Liu Accepted
[1/1] distinguish between a read-only image and a read-write image 2013-09-11 Accepted
[1/1] midori: excluded from mips64 temporarily 2013-09-11 Kang Kai Accepted
[1/1] ptest-runner: trivial fixes and refine 2013-09-11 Accepted
qemu: only depend on mesa-driver-swrast if opengl is enabled 2013-09-11 Ross Burton Accepted
image/populate_sdk: Ensure symlinks in target sysroot are relative 2013-09-11 Richard Purdie Accepted
uclibc: Add missing DEPENDS on kern-tools-native 2013-09-11 Richard Purdie Accepted
weston: as weston-launch depends on PAM, control it with a PACKAGECONFIG 2013-09-11 Ross Burton Accepted
clutter: fix compilation when building without X11 backend 2013-09-11 Ross Burton Accepted
x11vnc: add dependencies for xrandr/xfixes/xdamage/xtst 2013-09-11 Ross Burton Accepted
classes/package_rpm: remove unsed outdir variable 2013-09-11 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
lib/oeqa/runtime: smart: limit channel add to useful ones 2013-09-11 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
[1/3] ia32-base: only depend on GL if opengl DISTRO_FEATURE enabled 2013-09-11 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/3] xf86-video-vesa: change depends to refect reality 2013-09-11 Ross Burton Accepted
[3/3] xf86-video-intel: disable DRI2 tests if no DRI2 is available 2013-09-11 Ross Burton Accepted
bluez4/5: Add EXCLUDE_FROM_WORLD = 1 2013-09-11 Saul Wold Accepted
xf86-video-vmware: respect opengl DISTRO_FEATURE 2013-09-11 Ross Burton Accepted
populate_sdk_rpm: Ensure empty strings aren't passed to attemponly rpm code 2013-09-11 Richard Purdie Accepted
Enable ptest support for lttng. 2013-09-12 Stefan Seefeld Accepted
[1/2] oprofileui-server: Add systemd support 2013-09-12 Shakeel, Muhammad Accepted
[2/2] apmd: Add systemd support 2013-09-12 Shakeel, Muhammad Accepted
[1/1] perf: source should be ready after do_unpack 2013-09-12 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/1] icu-native: do_install: Segmentation fault 2013-09-12 Robert Yang Accepted
bitbake.conf: include machine name in DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE 2013-09-12 Paul Eggleton Accepted
scripts/contrib/ record size in kb and remove extra spaces 2013-09-12 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
[V2] xf86-video-vmware: disable VMWGFX 2013-09-12 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/5] bootimage.bbclass: Move fat image creation into a function 2013-09-12 Jason Wessel Accepted
boot-directdisk: Allow for EFI-only boot direct disk images 2013-09-12 João Henrique Freitas Accepted Fix IFUNC support for ARM REL relocations 2013-09-13 Khem Raj Accepted
elfutils-native: Fix build on distros with gcc 4.8 2013-09-13 Khem Raj Accepted
[2/4] busybox: move su to /bin for lsb command check test 2013-09-13 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[3/4] shadow: move su to /bin for lsb command check test 2013-09-13 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[4/4] util-linux: move su to /bin for lsb command check test 2013-09-13 Hongxu Jia Accepted
[1/4] LSB Command Check: fix install_initd and remove_initd not found 2013-09-13 Hongxu Jia Accepted
anjuta-remote-run: remove 2013-09-13 Ross Burton Accepted
adt-installer: fix opkg repo name 2013-09-13 Laurentiu Palcu Accepted
bitbake.conf/package: Collapse PKGDATA_DIR into a single machine specific directory 2013-09-13 Richard Purdie Accepted
lib/oeqa/runtime: timeout increases 2013-09-13 Stanacar, StefanX Accepted
[1/1] linux-yocto/3.10: genericx86 meta data factoring 2013-09-13 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/1] u-boot-fw-utils: reinstate target recipe for fw_printenv 2013-09-13 Anders Darander Accepted
[1/1] udev: avoid autosuspend of USB input devices 2013-09-13 Nitin A Kamble Accepted
[1/1] webkit-gtk: limit ld memory requirement 2013-09-13 Joe Slater Accepted
[v2,3/7] grub-efi-native: Add support for EFI ISO images 2013-09-14 Jason Wessel Accepted
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