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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[V2,7/8] runqemu: use OECORE_NATIVE_SYSROOT from sdk 2016-09-18 Robert Yang Accepted
[v2] build-appliance-image: Create image in correct location 2016-09-18 Juro Bystricky Accepted
[01/10] recipetool: create: fix picking up name from local python source tree 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[02/10] recipetool: create: improve python recipe license handling 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[03/10] recipetool: create: fix name/version extraction from filename 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[04/10] recipetool: create: fix error with git tree and no network 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[05/10] recipetool: create: detect python autoconf macros 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[06/10] recipetool: create: pick up AC_PROG_SWIG 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[07/10] recipetool: create: tweak license crunching 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[08/10] recipetool: create: support git short form URLs 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[09/10] lib/oe/recipeutils: fix invalid character detection in validate_pn() 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[10/10] devtool: add: drop superfluous validation for recipe name 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[1/1] qemuppc.conf: adjust kernel console 2016-09-19 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/1] runqemu: acquire_lock() should fail when failed to open the file 2016-09-19 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/1] runqemu-gen-tapdevs: remove /etc/runqemu-nosudo when remove taps 2016-09-19 Robert Yang Accepted
[v2] boost: switch to using C++11 atomics when available 2016-09-19 André Draszik Accepted
enchant: add PACKAGECONFIG for *spell 2016-09-19 Martin Jansa Accepted
oeqa/runtime/ Add ignore of tsc calibration fail in x86 2016-09-19 Aníbal Limón Accepted
[v2] gcc-configure: Enable initfini-array 2016-09-19 Saul Wold Accepted
[1/1] openssl: fix do_configure error when cwd is not in @INC 2016-09-20 Robert Yang Accepted
oeqa/selftest/lic-checksum: don't report the expected failure to errors.yp 2016-09-20 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/1] asciidoc: set CLEANBROKEN to fix rebuild 2016-09-20 Robert Yang Accepted
[wic] directdisk*.wks: add serial console support 2016-09-20 Ed Bartosh Accepted
[1/3] linux-yocto/4.1: 4.1.32 content and configuration warning fixes 2016-09-20 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/3] linux-yocto/4.8: integrate 4.8-rc7 2016-09-20 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[3/3] linux-yocto/4.8: introduce preempt-rt 2016-09-20 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
perf: Fix to obey LD failure on qemux86-64 2016-09-21 Sujith H Accepted
[1/2] libunwind: fix build by linking with bfd instead of gold 1 2016-09-21 Andreas Müller Accepted
[1/1] Add error-handling 2016-09-21 Mariano Lopez Accepted
[1/2] systemd: fix indentation 2016-09-21 Maciej Borzecki Accepted
[v2] populate_sdk_base: fix support for changing SDKMACHINE settings 2016-09-21 Joshua Lock Accepted
uninative-tarball: add SDKMACHINE to stamps-extra-info 2016-09-21 Joshua Lock Accepted
[openembedded-core,1/2] perl: fix CVE-2016-6185 2016-09-21 Accepted
[openembedded-core,2/2] perl: fix CVE-2015-8607 2016-09-21 Accepted
[1/1] testimage.bbclass: Add package manager dependency 2016-09-21 Mariano Lopez Accepted
encodings: Add dependency to mkfontdir-native 2016-09-21 Gratian Crisan Accepted
buildtools-tarball: add SDKMACHINE to stamps-extra-info 2016-09-21 Joshua Lock Accepted
[1/4] runqemu: validate paths and attempt to infer unset paths 2016-09-21 Joshua Lock Accepted
[2/4] runqemu: try and guess qemu-system binary when MACHINE isn't set 2016-09-21 Joshua Lock Accepted
[3/4] runqemu: don't try and invoke bitbake when running in a toolchain env 2016-09-21 Joshua Lock Accepted
[4/4] runqemu: don't fail during check_arg_machine() 2016-09-21 Joshua Lock Accepted
[v2] oeqa/selftest/base: backup and restore local configuration files 2016-09-21 Jose Lamego Accepted
libnewt: link whiptail properly with libnewt 2016-09-21 Andreas Müller Accepted
[v2] wpa_supplicant: Security Advisory-CVE-2016-4476 2016-09-22 Zhixiong Chi Accepted
[v2] wpa_supplicant: Security Advisory-CVE-2016-4477 2016-09-22 Zhixiong Chi Accepted
[1/1] xserver-xorg: fix qa warnings 2016-09-22 Kang Kai Accepted
[1/2] toolchain-scripts-base: add base class for toolchain_create_sdk_version 2016-09-22 Joshua Lock Accepted
[2/2] buildtools-tarball: improve stamp independence 2016-09-22 Joshua Lock Accepted
bitbake.conf: add a lazy default for SDKMACHINE 2016-09-22 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/2] runqemu: Move virtio RNG to machine configuration 2016-09-22 Nathan Rossi Accepted
[2/2] scripts/runqemu: Using a cpio* rootfs has no special network 2016-09-22 Nathan Rossi Accepted
cmake-native: prefer native sysroot libraries over host 2016-09-22 Ross Burton Accepted
pseudo: Fix problem where pseudo could kill a container init 2016-09-22 Mark Hatle Accepted
scripts/runqemu: provide better error message on runqemu ifup fail 2016-09-23 Stephano Cetola Accepted
scons.bbclass: rework parameters for install task 2016-09-23 Andreas Müller Accepted
[1/1] cracklib: Apply patch to fix CVE-2016-6318 2016-09-23 Accepted
[1/1] nativesdk-qemu-helper: drop old Zaurus flash tools 2016-09-23 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[1/2] lib/oe/patch: exclude "From <hash>" from commit message when PATCHTOOL is "git" 2016-09-23 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[2/2] lib/oe/patch: improve accuracy of patch header extraction 2016-09-23 Paul Eggleton Accepted
lttng-tools: fixes a wrong header issue 2016-09-23 Ming Liu Accepted
lttng-tools: adds DEPENDS to util-linux 2016-09-23 Ming Liu Accepted
[PATCHv2] gnutls: Skip QA check for text relocation on x86 2016-09-23 Jussi Kukkonen Accepted
[wic,v2] wic: remove partition images 2016-09-23 Ed Bartosh Accepted
[1/2] avoid random ptest failures 2016-09-23 Patrick Ohly Accepted
[PATCHv2] openssl: update to 1.0.2i (CVE-2016-6304 and more) 2016-09-23 Patrick Ohly Accepted
[v3] arch-mips: Add mips64r2 tunes 2016-09-23 Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel Accepted
arch-mips: Add mips64-o32 tunes 2016-09-23 Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel Accepted
[1/2] qemu.bbclass: Allow use different QEMU binary depending of target 2016-09-23 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[2/2] tune-ppc[65] Disable QEMU usermode usage 2016-09-23 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[1/1] Add amd_nb error to x86_common whitelist 2016-09-23 Sullivan, California L Accepted
libsolv: enable MULTI_SEMANTICS 2016-09-23 Alejandro del Castillo Accepted
[meta] bootchart2: Allocate space on heap for collector chunks 2016-09-25 Kyle Russell Accepted
gst-player: Disable visualizations 2016-09-25 Maxin John Accepted
[1/1] meta-environment: ensure corret TOOLCHAIN_CONFIGSITE_NOCACHE value 2016-09-26 Accepted
python: fix CVE-2016-1000110 2016-09-26 Accepted
perl: fix CVE-2016-1238 2016-09-26 Accepted
[1/2,v2] boost: disable pch when build boost-math 2016-09-26 jackie huang Accepted
[2/2,v2] boost: add support for additional boost libs 2016-09-26 jackie huang Accepted
[1/2] archiver.bbclass: ignore unpack sub-directories in do_ar_original 2016-09-26 Patrick Ohly Accepted
[2/2] archive.bbclass: fix do_ar_original archiving of multiple source repos 2016-09-26 Patrick Ohly Accepted
[1/2] linux-firmware: update to revision 42ad5367 1 2016-09-26 Daiane Angolini Accepted
[2/2] linux-firmware: package Broadcom BCM43430 firmware 1 2016-09-26 Daiane Angolini Accepted
devtool: Add a line break to generated README 2016-09-26 Joe MacDonald Accepted
[1/2] autotools.bbclass: use python3 instead of python (v2) 2016-09-26 Markus Lehtonen Accepted
[2/2] glibc-initial: use python3 instead of python (v2) 2016-09-26 Markus Lehtonen Accepted
machine/qemu*: Add comment regarding the reason for virtio-rng-pci 2016-09-26 Nathan Rossi Accepted
[1/2] cve-check-tool: convert do_populate_cve_db() from python to sh 2016-09-26 André Draszik Accepted
[1/1] SDK: Allow changing SDKMACHINE without wiping TMP folder 2016-09-26 Juro Bystricky Accepted
linux-yocto: Move PREFERRED_PROVIDER check to be generic 2016-09-26 Saul Wold Accepted
[V2] ptest-runner: recipe update related to minor fix. 2016-09-26 Edwin Plauchu Accepted
[wic] image_types.bbclass: remove redundant dependency 2016-09-27 Ed Bartosh Accepted
[PATCHv2] lib/oeqa: Regenerate galculator configure 2016-09-27 Jussi Kukkonen Accepted
[=OE-core] populate_sdk_base.bbclass: fix broken variables 2016-09-27 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Accepted
[1/1] linux-yocto/4.8: update to -rc8 2016-09-27 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/2] perl: correct math-bigint dependency typo 2016-09-27 Nathan Lynch Accepted
[2/2] perl: module-overload needs module-overloading 2016-09-27 Nathan Lynch Accepted
recipetool: newappend: drop _provide_to_pn 2016-09-27 Christopher Larson Accepted
[v2] lttng-tools: fix ptest 2016-09-27 Nathan Lynch Accepted
parselogs: Update uvesafb errors in qemu whitelist 2016-09-27 Jianxun Zhang Accepted
runqemu: explicitly set image format 2016-09-28 Ed Bartosh Accepted
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