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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[v2,6/8] glibc: remove hard-coded reference to gcc -E 2016-09-07 Jeremy ROSEN Accepted
[v2,7/8] rpm: manually cleanup sysck 2016-09-07 Jeremy ROSEN Accepted
[v2,8/8] libpcre: explicitely specify CCLD_FOR_BUILD for this recipe 2016-09-07 Jeremy ROSEN Accepted
[PATCHv2] file: build with c std as c99 2016-09-07 Jack Mitchell Accepted
python: recompile after modifying it 2016-09-07 Ross Burton Accepted
[v2,1/1] libwebp: sepcify neon availability for arm 2016-09-07 Joe Slater Accepted
[2/2,v2] utils.bbclass: Added error checking for oe_soinstall 2016-09-07 Henry Bruce Accepted
[2/2] runqemu: fixes for when invoked during a bitbake run 2016-09-07 Joshua Lock Accepted
[1/5] kernel-yocto: restore kernel-meta data detection for SRC_URI elements 2016-09-08 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/5] kernel-yocto: allow --allnoconfig and --alldefconfig as KCONFIG_MODES 2016-09-08 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[3/5] kernel-yocto: restore missing configuration meta data 2016-09-08 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[4/5] linux-yocto: update to 4.8-rc5 2016-09-08 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[5/5] linux-yocto/4.4/4.8: uvesafb: provide option to specify timeout for task completion 2016-09-08 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
valgrind: MIPS: Make toolchain basename generic 2016-09-08 Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel Accepted
tiff: Update download URL 2016-09-08 Jussi Kukkonen Accepted
[2/4] kmod: inherit pkgconfig 2016-09-08 Maxin John Accepted
[3/4] kconfig-frontends: inherit pkgconfig 2016-09-08 Maxin John Accepted
[4/4] libical: fix build failure after changing machine 2016-09-08 Maxin John Accepted
[1/1] parselogs: Whitelist qemux86 error message with qemu 2.7.0 2016-09-08 Robert Yang Accepted
oeqa.buildperf: another fix for splitting 'nevr' string 2016-09-08 Markus Lehtonen Accepted
[1/2] scripts: add tool to scan for bashisms recipe shell scripts 2016-09-08 Ross Burton Accepted
linux-yocto: update LINUX_VERSION to -rc5 2016-09-08 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
qemu: fix: cp command cannot find tests/Makeflie 2016-09-08 Saul Wold Accepted
[1/1] runqemu: fix run from testimage with non-standard DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE 2016-09-08 Joshua Lock Accepted
[V2] oeqa: Remove linux user utilized for rpm test. 2016-09-09 Edwin Plauchu Accepted
bitbake.conf: Add BBSERVER to HASHBASE_WHITELIST 2016-09-09 Ed Bartosh Accepted
[1/1] testimage: add createrepo-native to testimage depends 2016-09-09 Avery, Brian Accepted
[1/1] qemurunner: print out the runqemu command 2016-09-09 Avery, Brian Accepted Fix libv4l2 packageconfig dependency 2016-09-10 Carlos Rafael Giani Accepted
sstate.bbclass: normalize whitelisted paths 2016-09-11 Max Krummenacher Accepted
[1/2] meta: cleanup d.getVar(var, 1) 2016-09-12 Robert Yang Accepted
[2/2] meta: cleanup d.getVar(var, 0) 2016-09-12 Robert Yang Accepted
[v2] gst-player: specify PV 2016-09-12 Markus Lehtonen Accepted
[1/2] classes/gtk-doc: lazy assign GTKDOC_ENABLED 2016-09-12 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/2] classes/gobject-introspecton-data: lazy assign GI_DATA_ENABLED 2016-09-12 Ross Burton Accepted
[V3] rpm: remove redundant removals 2016-09-12 Ross Burton Accepted
[1/3] linux-yocto/4.1: update to 4.1.32 2016-09-12 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/3] linux-yocto/4.4: update to 4.4.20 2016-09-12 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[3/3] linux-yocto/4.8: update to v4.8-rc6 2016-09-12 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
makedevs: don't restrict device node paths to 40 characters 2016-09-12 Andre McCurdy Accepted
oe-selftest: check for coverage version before starting tests 2016-09-12 Accepted
image.bbclass: add IMAGE_DEVICE_TABLE to rootfs[vardeps] 2016-09-12 Andre McCurdy Accepted
[1/1] oeqa/sdkext/devtool: use a smaller module to test node.js functionality 2016-09-13 Paul Eggleton Accepted
boost: Replace math::static_lcm with integer 2016-09-13 jackie huang Accepted
shadow: use relaxed usernames 2016-09-13 Accepted
[1/2] piglit: Backport linker flag patch 2016-09-13 Jussi Kukkonen Accepted
[2/2] libdrm: Explicitly disable cunit tests 2016-09-13 Jussi Kukkonen Accepted
[1/1] fix bitbake package-index failed 2016-09-13 Hongxu Jia Accepted
kernel-yocto: remove do_shared_workdir from SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS 2016-09-13 André Draszik Accepted
oeqa/utils/decorators: LogResults fix race condition in linkfile 2016-09-13 Aníbal Limón Accepted
[1/2] classes/populate_sdk_ext: ensure we clean the right temporary TMPDIR path 2016-09-14 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[2/2] lib/oe/copy_buildsystem: fix building eSDK with indirect paths in BBLAYERS 2016-09-14 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[v2] python-smartpm: use md5 as the digest for rpm_sys channel 2016-09-14 Markus Lehtonen Accepted
[1/1] runqemu: fix a race issue on lockdir 2016-09-14 Robert Yang Accepted
create-pull-request: remove output directory 2016-09-14 Ed Bartosh Accepted
ptest-runner: allow building from externalsrc 2016-09-14 Pascal Bach Accepted
[1/3] cmake: don't inherit autotools 2016-09-14 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/3] cmake: use convenience options for clarity 2016-09-14 Ross Burton Accepted
[3/3] cmake-native: rationalise system/internal library dependencies 2016-09-14 Ross Burton Accepted
openssl: Fix MIPS64be and add MIPS64le 2016-09-14 Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel Accepted
[v2,1/1] busybox: Avoid race building libbb 2016-09-14 Juro Bystricky Accepted
oeqa/oetest: show stderr when running commands 2016-09-14 Ross Burton Accepted
sanity: make license QA failures fatal again 2016-09-14 Ross Burton Accepted
x264: add textrel to INSANE_SKIP to skip the warning 2016-09-15 Sujith H Accepted
sanity.bbclass: split out config re-parse check 2016-09-15 Markus Lehtonen Accepted
pulseaudio: add ${S}/LICENSE to LIC_FILES_CHKSUM 2016-09-15 Ross Burton Accepted
[0/1] Avoid race in perform_groupmems() 2016-09-15 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[1/1] useradd_base.bbclass: Do not mess with the gshadow file in the sysroot 2016-09-15 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[1/2] util-linux: Disable minix support. 2016-09-15 Patrick Williams Accepted
[2/2] util-linux: Disable bfs support 2016-09-15 Patrick Williams Accepted
qemuboot-x86: Add task_timeout = -1 to uvesafb 2016-09-15 Saul Wold Accepted
[1/2] Adjust error message order 2016-09-15 Mark Hatle Accepted
[2/2] Change diagnostic messages per IRC 2016-09-15 Mark Hatle Accepted
[1/6] runqemu: add guidance to resolve issues with missing files 2016-09-16 Joshua Lock Accepted
[2/6] qemuboot: write the full kernel filename, not the link name 2016-09-16 Joshua Lock Accepted
[3/6] runqemu: clarify an INFO message 2016-09-16 Joshua Lock Accepted
[4/6] qemuboot: also write the kernel link name to the conf file 2016-09-16 Joshua Lock Accepted
[5/6] runqemu: try symlinks when kernel or rootfs can't be found 2016-09-16 Joshua Lock Accepted
[6/6] runqemu: work even if a *.qemuboot.conf isn't found 2016-09-16 Joshua Lock Accepted
[wic] image_types: add parted-native to do_image_wic depends 2016-09-16 Ed Bartosh Accepted
[v3] gawk-3.1.5: fix non-glibc & gcc >= v4 builds 2016-09-16 André Draszik Accepted
[2/2] linux-firmware: Correct the LICENSE setting of license packages 2016-09-16 Saul Wold Accepted
[1/2] linux-firmware: Add missing ralink-firmware License 2016-09-16 Saul Wold Accepted
[1/2] dropbear: fix -ltomcrypt -ltommath order when using system libtom libs 2016-09-16 Andre McCurdy Accepted
[2/2] dropbear: deterministic selection of system -vs- bundled libtom libs 2016-09-16 Andre McCurdy Accepted
kernel.bbclass: assign INITRAMFS_BASE_NAME using ?= 2016-09-16 Andre McCurdy Accepted
[V2,1/1] kernel.bbclass: Add kernel_version_sanity_check function 2016-09-16 Sullivan, California L Accepted
[0/1] Fix problem with devtool and BBCLASSEXTENDed recipes 2016-09-17 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[1/1] externalsrc.bbclass: Make reparsing work for BBCLASSEXTENDed recipes 2016-09-17 Peter Kjellerstedt Accepted
[V2,7/8] runqemu: use OECORE_NATIVE_SYSROOT from sdk 2016-09-18 Robert Yang Accepted
[v2] build-appliance-image: Create image in correct location 2016-09-18 Juro Bystricky Accepted
[01/10] recipetool: create: fix picking up name from local python source tree 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[02/10] recipetool: create: improve python recipe license handling 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[03/10] recipetool: create: fix name/version extraction from filename 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[04/10] recipetool: create: fix error with git tree and no network 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[05/10] recipetool: create: detect python autoconf macros 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[06/10] recipetool: create: pick up AC_PROG_SWIG 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[07/10] recipetool: create: tweak license crunching 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[08/10] recipetool: create: support git short form URLs 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[09/10] lib/oe/recipeutils: fix invalid character detection in validate_pn() 2016-09-18 Paul Eggleton Accepted
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