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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[12/21] tar 1.17: fix unknown-configure-option 2015-02-03 Robert Yang Accepted
[14/21] rxvt-unicode: fix for 9.20 and 9.21 2015-02-03 Robert Yang Accepted
[15/21] subversion 1.6.15: fix unknown-configure-option 2015-02-03 Robert Yang Accepted
[17/21] elfutils 0.148: use BPN in SRC_URI 2015-02-03 Robert Yang Accepted
[18/21] coreutils 6.9: disable native 2015-02-03 Robert Yang Accepted
[20/21] bison 2.3: disable native 2015-02-03 Robert Yang Accepted
[21/21] m4-native 1.4.9: remove it 2015-02-03 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/3] valgrind: depends on boost when ptest 2015-02-03 Robert Yang Accepted
[2/3] remove ac_cv_path_SED 2015-02-03 Robert Yang Accepted
[3/3] binconfig-disabled.bbclass: fix echo command 2015-02-03 Robert Yang Accepted
[meta-oe,V3] mesa: Upgrade to 10.4.3 2015-02-03 Pengyu Ma Accepted
[PATCHv2,2/2] apr-util: Allow use in SDK 2015-02-03 Timo Mueller Accepted
[v2] report-error: Catch un-readable log data 2015-02-03 Michael Wood Accepted
libtool: Fix tools path issues 2015-02-03 Richard Purdie Accepted
[1/1] classes/license: tweak license format messages 2015-02-03 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[1/6] glew: Upgrade to 1.12 2015-02-03 Saul Wold Accepted
[2/6] nspr: Upgrade to 4.10.8 2015-02-03 Saul Wold Accepted
[3/6] lsbinitscripts: Upgrade to 9.61 2015-02-03 Saul Wold Accepted
[4/6] ca-certificates: Upgrade to 20141019 (git based) 2015-02-03 Saul Wold Accepted
[6/6] create-pull-request: Fix git request-pull 2015-02-03 Saul Wold Accepted
[V2,1/1] image.bbclass: don't let do_rootfs depend on BUILDNAME 2015-02-04 Accepted
wic: bail out on kickstart parse errors 2015-02-04 Maciej Borzecki Accepted
[1/2] scripts/oe-selftest: fix startup backtrace 2015-02-04 Alexandru DAMIAN Accepted
[2/2] scripts/oe-selftest: add command line option to list test classes 2015-02-04 Alexandru DAMIAN Accepted
files/ fix replace target_sdk_dir twice in environment setup file 2015-02-04 Aníbal Limón Accepted
[1/2] add tmux new window option 2015-02-04 Accepted
[2/2] openssh: Fix non-deterministic build behaviour 2015-02-04 Accepted
linux-yocto-tiny_3.17: Update to actually use 3.17 git repo 2015-02-04 Saul Wold Accepted
Revert "bitbake.conf: don't remove WARN_QA and ERROR_QA from hashes" 2015-02-04 Ross Burton Accepted
[v2] wic: use kB for the partitions size 2015-02-04 Alexandre Belloni Accepted
wic: print partition alignment when available 2015-02-04 Alexandre Belloni Accepted
wic: bootimg-partition: Stop removing whole workdir 2015-02-04 Alexandre Belloni Accepted
[1/1] libtool: avoid running automake/autoconf --version 2015-02-05 Robert Yang Accepted
[0/2] devtool/recipetool command-line help fixes 2015-02-05 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[1/2] devtool: improve command-line help 2015-02-05 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[2/2] recipetool: improve command-line help 2015-02-05 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[1/2] flac: upgrade to 1.3.1 2015-02-05 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[2/2] neard: upgrade to 0.15 2015-02-05 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[2/5] oe-pkgdata-util: allow reverse package name lookups 2015-02-06 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[3/5] oe-pkgdata-util: make find-path show a proper error if no package found 2015-02-06 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[1/8] kernel-dev: install all modules by default 2015-02-06 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[2/8] linux-yocto/3.14: update to 3.14.29 2015-02-06 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[3/8] linux-yocto/3.10: update to v3.10.65 2015-02-06 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[4/8] linux-yocto/3.17: update to v3.17.8 2015-02-06 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[5/8] linux-yocto: basic octeon III support 2015-02-06 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[6/8] lttng: update to 2.6.0-stable 2015-02-06 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[7/8] linux-yocto-dev: update to v3.19+ 2015-02-06 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[8/8] kern-tools: import patch performance improvements 2015-02-06 Bruce Ashfield Accepted ignore "NOTE:" when catching warnings 2015-02-06 Ricardo Neri Accepted
runqemu: Add option for BIOS binary filename 2015-02-06 Ricardo Neri Accepted
btrfs-tools: update to 3.18.2 2015-02-07 Armin Kuster Accepted
[PATCHv3,01/10] bluez5: upgrade to 5.28 2015-02-08 Peter Bigot Accepted
[PATCHv3,08/10] neard: select distro preference for bluez provider 2015-02-08 Peter Bigot Accepted
[v2] wic: allow creation of partitions not in table 2015-02-08 Alexandre Belloni Accepted
[1/4] wic: add rawcopy source plugin 2015-02-08 Alexandre Belloni Accepted
[2/4] wic: allow to configure extra space per partition 2015-02-08 Alexandre Belloni Accepted
[3/4] wic: allow to configure overhead factor per partition 2015-02-08 Alexandre Belloni Accepted
[4/4] wic: remove useless calls to __write_fstab 2015-02-08 Alexandre Belloni Accepted
qmake_base.bbclass: fix hardcoded paths in a generated qt.conf 2015-02-09 Tomas Novotny Accepted
kern-tools: fix patch application error (preempt-rt) 2015-02-09 Bruce Ashfield Accepted
[1/1] Update Toaster configuration file 2015-02-09 Alexandru DAMIAN Accepted
[1/4] wic: fix empty btrfs partitions 2015-02-09 Alexandre Belloni Accepted
[3/4] wic: properly label filesystems 2015-02-09 Alexandre Belloni Accepted
[4/4] wic: add GPT support 2015-02-09 Alexandre Belloni Accepted
mesa: update --with-llvm-shared-libs configure option 2015-02-10 Andre McCurdy Accepted
mesa: update 10.4.3 -> 10.4.4 2015-02-10 Andre McCurdy Accepted
qemu: Update PACKAGECONFIG[xen] and add xen to defaults 2015-02-10 Nathan Rossi Accepted
libtool: Fix option parsing performance regression 2015-02-10 Richard Purdie Accepted
lib/oe/ Fix up for dash 2015-02-10 Saul Wold Accepted
[1/2] xserver-xorg: Update to 1.16.3 2015-02-10 Aníbal Limón Accepted
[2/2] xserver-xorg: Improvments in systemd-logind disable 2015-02-10 Aníbal Limón Accepted
[2/2] git: add basic tab completion support 2015-02-10 Paul Gortmaker Accepted
[1/3] coreutils: don't generate useless dummy stub manpages 2015-02-10 Paul Gortmaker Accepted
[3/3] scripts: delete dummy help2man script 2015-02-10 Paul Gortmaker Accepted
image_types: Error out if BTRFS iamge is too small 2015-02-10 Saul Wold Accepted
[1/2] harfbuzz: upgrade to 0.9.38 2015-02-11 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[2/2] connman: upgrade to 1.28 2015-02-11 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[v2,1/7] oe-pkgdata-util: improve command-line usage 2015-02-11 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[v2,3/7] oe-pkgdata-util: fix read-value to handle data with colons in the value 2015-02-11 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[v2,5/7] oe-pkgdata-util: add list-pkgs subcommand 2015-02-11 Paul Eggleton Accepted
[v2,7/7] oe-pkgdata-util: add some QA tests 2015-02-11 Paul Eggleton Accepted
gst-plugins-*, gstreamer1.0-plugins-*: fix main package binary components 2015-02-11 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[1/4] gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: move data to the right subpackage 2015-02-11 Ross Burton Accepted
[2/4] gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: ship equaliser presets in right package 2015-02-11 Ross Burton Accepted
[3/4] gst-plugins-good: ship equaliser presets in right package 2015-02-11 Ross Burton Accepted
[4/4] gstreamer-plugins: don't ship files in ${PN} 2015-02-11 Ross Burton Accepted
image: add new items to IMAGE_FEAUTRES[validitems] list 2015-02-11 Saul Wold Accepted
build-compare: Add the recipe. 2015-02-12 Randy Witt Accepted
openssl: Add mapping for microblaze architecture 2015-02-12 Nathan Rossi Accepted
libnewt-python: remove make var LIBNEWTSH 2015-02-12 Kang Kai Accepted
[1/7] Revert "libtool: avoid running automake/autoconf --version" 2015-02-12 Robert Yang Accepted
[3/7] rt-tests: fix gzip command 2015-02-12 Robert Yang Accepted
[4/7] gcc-sanitizers: check gcc-build-internal before link 2015-02-12 Robert Yang Accepted
[6/7] btrfs-tools: remove nodocs.patch 2015-02-12 Robert Yang Accepted
[7/7] neard: do not ship version.h 2015-02-12 Robert Yang Accepted
[2/2] ofono: upgrade to 1.16 2015-02-12 Cristian Iorga Accepted
autotools/siteinfo: Avoid races over siteinfo files 2015-02-12 Richard Purdie Accepted
icu: remove obsolete aclocal.m4 workaround (fixed upstream since v52.1) 2015-02-12 Andre McCurdy Accepted
[1/3] coreutils 6.9: fix unknown-configure-option 2015-02-13 Robert Yang Accepted
[1/6] gpgme: fix configuration by setting proper parameters instead of patching 2015-02-13 Andreas Müller Accepted
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