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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[v4,2/3] spdx.bbclass: Create the spdx file which is compliant with SPDX 1.2 Specification 2015-06-10 leimaohui New
[v4,2/3] runqemu-internal: add temporary disk interface to qemuarm64 2015-07-16 Cristian Iorga New
[v4,2/3] oeqa: allow customizing image used by runqemu() 2017-03-27 Patrick Ohly Superseded
[v4,2/3] multilib.conf: add TARGET_ARCH & TARGET_SYS to MULTILIB_SAVE_VARNAME 2013-01-29 Constantin Musca New
[v4,2/3] gpg_sign: add local ipk package signing functionality 2016-02-09 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Superseded
[v4,2/3] gnupg: add recipe for 2.0.18 2012-01-30 Steve Sakoman New
[v4,2/3] font-util: remove MAPFILES_PATH override 2015-02-20 Ben Shelton New
[v4,2/3] core-image: Set default sshd configuration 2017-03-06 David Vincent Superseded
[V4,2/3] connman-conf: configures connman in qemu machines 2013-01-15 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[V4,2/3] connman-conf: configures connman in qemu machines 2013-01-29 Stanacar, StefanX New
[V4,2/3] bash: dynamically add or remove a entry to/from /etc/shells 2013-10-20 Ming Liu Accepted
[v4,2/2] : add compile multiple u-boot feature 2014-12-11 chunrong guo Accepted
[v4,2/2] : add compile multiple u-boot feature 2015-01-12 chunrong guo Superseded
[v4,2/2] tcf-agent: enable default target debugging features 1 2017-04-26 Gernot Hillier Accepted
[V4,2/2] systemd: Upgrade to 232 2016-12-01 Khem Raj New
[v4,2/2] sstatetests: limit the number of signature comparisons when differ 2017-08-08 Leonardo Sandoval Accepted
[v4,2/2] selftest: sstatetests: skip glibc-initial tests in case of non-glibc distro 2017-01-23 Leonardo Sandoval Accepted
[v4,2/2] selftest/wic: Add tests for --exclude-dir option. 2016-12-29 Kristian Amlie New
[V4,2/2] PR bump packages with gdbm in DEPENDS 2012-04-11 Andrei Gherzan New
[v4,2/2] oe-selftest: Add syntax version tracking to oe-selftest 2016-09-01 New
[v4,2/2] meta/classes/populate_sdk: Adds support for generating eSDK manifest files 2017-03-29 Francisco Pedraza New
[v4,2/2] licenses.conf: Allow overriding env-specific SPDX vars 2017-05-05 New
[v4,2/2] libgomp: add libgomp (openmp) library, and build for powerpc targets by default 2012-07-10 Matthew McClintock New
[v4,2/2] kernel: Make symbol link to vmlinuz in boot directory 2016-05-12 New
[v4,2/2] ghostscript: add X11 PACKAGECONFIG info 2017-06-15 Joe Slater Accepted
[v4,2/2] directfb: Add fusion patch for hangs on exit 2013-08-22 Lauren Post New
[v4,2/2] connman: tidy up connman-conf usage 2015-12-16 Joshua Lock Superseded
[v4,2/2] cmake: Upgrade -> 3.2.2 2015-06-18 Moritz Blume New
[V4,2/2] bluez4: conflicts with bluez5 2013-07-16 Cristian Iorga Accepted
[V4,2/2] bitbake-layers: add a ability to query layer dependencies from layer index 2015-02-11 New
[v4,2/2] apr-util: add ldap crypto and sqlite3 to PACKAGECONFIG 2016-02-04 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Accepted
[v4,12/12] ovmf: remove BGRT patch 2017-01-20 Patrick Ohly Superseded
[v4,11/12] ovmf: build image which enrolls standard keys 2017-01-20 Patrick Ohly Superseded
[V4,11/11] remove runqemu-internal 2016-08-22 Robert Yang Accepted
[v4,10/12] runqemu: support UEFI with OVMF firmware 2017-01-20 Patrick Ohly Superseded
[V4,10/11] nativesdk-qemu-helper: fix for new runqemu 2016-08-22 Robert Yang Accepted
[V4,10/10] openssh: fix for read-only rootfs 2013-08-07 New
[v4,10/10] core-image-weston: If X11 is enabled, add XWayland support 2016-05-06 Otavio Salvador Superseded
[v4,1/8] Remove support for building 2.4 kernels 2011-07-01 Anders Darander Superseded
[v4,1/8] lib/oe/package_manager: re-implement rpm feed signing 2017-08-15 Markus Lehtonen New
[v4,1/8] go-cross: avoid libgcc dependency 2017-04-11 Patrick Ohly Accepted
[v4,1/7] wic: Add RootfsPlugin 2014-03-29 João Henrique Freitas New
[v4,1/7] systemd-boot: create output dir if it doesn't exist 2017-05-17 Ed Bartosh Accepted
[v4,1/7] oe-selftest: enforce en_US.UTF-8 locale 2016-11-23 Maciej Borzecki Superseded
[v4,1/7] intltool: Upgrade 0.50.2 -> 0.51.0 2015-07-06 Jussi Kukkonen New
[v4,1/7] bluez5: Upgrade 5.43 -> 5.44 2017-04-25 Marc Ferland New
[v4,1/7] bitbake.conf: support for merged usr with DISTRO_FEATURE usrmerge 2017-06-14 Amarnath Valluri Superseded
[v4,1/6] wic: copy rootfs directory before changing fstab 2017-07-27 Ed Bartosh Superseded
[v4,1/6] systemd: add PACKAGECONFIG to build with compatibility libraries 2015-10-23 Joshua Lock New
[v4,1/5] weston: Include weston-launch if Wayland is configured 2016-03-28 Hochstein Thomas-R60874 New
[v4,1/5] selftest: wictestdisk: machine agnostic WKS for use with selftest 2017-03-21 Maciej Borzecki New
[v4,1/5] image: Convert vmdk/vdi/qcow2 to strict CONVERSION_CMD types 2017-07-29 Tom Rini Accepted
[V4,1/4] sysvinit: add ROOTFS_READ_ONLY variable to rcS-default 2012-12-28 New
[v4,1/4] in copy_to() always use scp 2017-06-20 Stephano Cetola New
[v4,1/4] recipetool: create: disable PREMIRRORS and MIRRORS by default 2017-07-27 Chang Rebecca Swee Fun New
[v4,1/4] remove info related to bluez4 2015-04-20 Cristian Iorga New
[v4,1/4] lttng-modules: Upgrade to 2.7 release 2015-11-19 Otavio Salvador New
[V4,1/4] kernel.bbclass: fix some incorrect inter-task dependencies 2017-03-23 Ming Liu New
[v4,1/4] image.bbclass: fix dependency calculation when using conversion chaining 2016-07-27 Ed Bartosh New
[V4,1/4] image.bbclass: add postinst_enable_logging 2013-05-23 Accepted
[v4,1/4] export: new plugin to export the devtool workspace 2017-06-29 Leonardo Sandoval New
[V4,1/4] connman: Update to version 1.3 2012-07-17 Andrei Gherzan New
[v4,1/3] Wayland : Bump to version 1.3.0 2013-10-14 Ewan LE BIDEAU-CANEVET New
[V4,1/3] useradd_base.bbclass: add a new bbclass 2013-07-12 New
[v4,1/3] systemtap: bump SRCREV to grab version 1.7 2012-02-06 Wade Farnsworth Accepted
[v4,1/3] qemu: upgrade to 2.4.0-rc0 2015-07-16 Cristian Iorga New
[v4,1/3] openssh: Package server configuration 2017-03-06 David Vincent Superseded
[v4,1/3] oeqa: allow extending qemuparams="..." 2017-03-27 Patrick Ohly Superseded
[v4,1/3] licenses.conf: Modified parameters for new spdx.bbclass 2015-06-10 leimaohui New
[v4,1/3] libksba: add recipe for 1.2.0 2012-01-30 Steve Sakoman New
[v4,1/3] gpg_sign: add support for gpg signature types 2016-02-09 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu New
[v4,1/3] font-util: stage encoding maps into sysroot 2015-02-20 Ben Shelton New
[V4,1/3] dbus: split tools package. 2015-05-11 Bruno Bottazzini New
[V4,1/3] connman: upgrade to 1.10 2013-01-15 Cristian Iorga New
[v4,1/3] bitbake.conf: Add nonarch_libdir and base systemd vars on it 2015-07-30 Pau Espin Pedrol Accepted
[V4,1/3] base-files: remove invalid entries from /etc/shells 2013-10-20 Ming Liu New
[v4,1/3] autotools.bbclass: add EXTRACONFFUNCS variable 2013-01-29 Constantin Musca Accepted
[v4,1/2] wic: Add --exclude-path option to rootfs source plugin. 2016-12-29 Kristian Amlie Superseded
[v4,1/2] uboot-config.bbclass: Allow multiple U-Boot config for machine 2014-12-11 chunrong guo Superseded
[v4,1/2] uboot-config.bbclass: Allow multiple U-Boot config for machine 2014-12-19 chunrong guo Superseded
[v4,1/2] uboot-config.bbclass: Allow multiple U-Boot config for machine 2015-01-12 chunrong guo Superseded
[v4,1/2] tcf-agent: fix machine setting for arm64 build 1 2017-04-26 Gernot Hillier New
[v4,1/2] sstatetests: Use python function instead of bitbake-diffsigs script 2017-08-08 Leonardo Sandoval New
[v4,1/2] selftest/imagefeatures: skip weston test if required features are not present 2017-01-23 Leonardo Sandoval Accepted
[v4,1/2] oe-selftest: reorganize syntax to use subcommands 2016-09-01 New
[v4,1/2] licenses.conf: stop relying on specific user's home dir 2017-05-05 New
[v4,1/2] lib/oe/sdk: Adds get_extra_sdk_info to reuse code in buildhistory 2017-03-29 Francisco Pedraza New
[v4,1/2] lib/oe/sdk: Adds get_extra_sdk_info to reuse code in buildhistory 2017-03-29 Francisco Pedraza New
[v4,1/2] kernel: Add KERNEL_IMAGETYPES to build multi types kernel at one time 2016-05-12 Superseded
[v4,1/2] ghostscript: move to version 9.21 2017-06-15 Joe Slater Accepted
[V4,1/2] gdbm: Package compat libs in gdbm-compat 2012-04-11 Andrei Gherzan New
[v4,1/2] connman-conf: convert to systemd oneshot 2015-12-16 Joshua Lock Superseded
[v4,1/2] cmake: Whitespace fix 2015-06-18 Moritz Blume New
[V4,1/2] bluez5: new package for v5.7 2013-07-16 Cristian Iorga New
[V4,1/2] bitbake.conf: Add two variables for layer index 2015-02-11 New
[v4,1/2] autoconf: Adjust shebang lines to remove interpreter path hardcode 2017-03-31 Serhii Popovych Accepted
[v4,1/2] apr-util: fix loadable module packaging 2016-02-04 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu Accepted
[v4,1/1] useradd.bblass: Simplify target overrides 2016-08-23 Ulf Magnusson New
[V4,1/1] systemd: upgrade to 215 2014-07-31 New
[V4,1/1] shadow: upgrade from to 4.2.1 2014-07-15 Accepted
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