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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[v4] ptest bug fixes 2013-04-10 Björn Stenberg Accepted
[v4] remove repeated leading slashes in TNAME 2013-05-22 Jonathan Liu Accepted
[v4] patch.bbclass: increase security 2012-09-14 Constantin Musca Accepted
[V4] package_manager: remove strings and migrate to direct arrays 2016-11-15 Stephano Cetola Superseded
[v4] add libQtUiTools static library 2014-02-26 Diego Sueiro New
[v4] opkg-utils: Change alternatives lib path from /usr/lib/opkg to /var/lib/opkg 2017-10-31 Li Zhou New
[v4] openssl: Upgrade 1.0.2k -> 1.0.2l 2017-06-12 Changhyeok Bae Superseded
[v4] Opencv: Add OpenCV 3.0 2015-08-19 Ricardo Ribalda Delgado New
[v4] oeqa/sdk/cases:Adds validation for SDK compatibility tests 2017-03-29 Francisco Pedraza Superseded
[V4] oe-setup-builddir: substitute ##OEROOT## when using templates 2013-08-12 Ross Burton New
[v4] oe-pkgdata-util: package-info: Allow extra variables to be displayed 2017-07-03 Peter Kjellerstedt Superseded
[V4] nfs-utils: Add scratch directory for NFS upcall state storage (denzil) 2013-03-06 Rich Dubielzig New
[v4] netbase: split up in netbase and init-ifupdown 2012-09-19 Constantin Musca New
[v4] neard: Update reference commit sha1 and install script 2013-03-12 Olivier Guiter Accepted
[v4] mtools-native: disable reading host configs 2017-06-13 Ed Bartosh New
[v4] mtd-utils: update to version to 1.4.6 2011-09-06 Denis Carikli Accepted
[v4] mtd-utils: remove double hashtable iterator definition 2018-01-19 Oleg Kokorin New
[v4] mmc-utils: fix the building failure when DEBUG_BUILD is 1 2015-06-03 New
[v4] mmc-utils: fix the building failure when DEBUG_BUILD is 1 2015-06-25 New
[V4] mkefidisk: Create interactive menu for the script 2015-09-14 Bruno Bottazzini Accepted
[v4] mirrors.bbclass: Add mirror site for savannah 2014-04-27 Changhyeok Bae Superseded
[v4] mesa: Upgrade to 17.2.2 release 2017-10-09 Otavio Salvador New
[v4] mesa-dri: add extra dri drivers 2013-01-31 Accepted
[V4] lttng-2.0 new recipe 2012-01-11 Zumeng Chen New
[v4] linux-dtb: add multi-dtb build support and keep dtb in deploy cache package 2012-01-06 Zhenhua Luo Superseded
[V4] lighttpd: Add systemd support. 2013-07-09 Noor Ahsan Superseded
[v4] libtool: fix resolve of lt_sysroot 2013-09-10 Hans Beckérus Superseded
[v4] libsolv: add new recipe 2015-12-11 Alejandro del Castillo Superseded
[V4] libshmfence: update to 1.3 2018-03-27 Armin Kuster Master Next
[v4] libnl: 3.2.29 -> 3.4.0 2017-10-27 Huang Qiyu New
[v4] libnl: 3.2.29 -> 3.3.0 2017-05-18 Huang Qiyu New
[V4] libcheck: Upgrade to 0.12.0 2017-10-23 Khem Raj Accepted
[v4] lib/oe/ (rpm): Allow use of non-signed packages 2017-10-02 Otavio Salvador Superseded
[v4] ldconfig-native: Add 64-bit flag for ELF64 entries 2015-07-03 Yuanjie Huang New
[v4] kernel: Add support for multiple kernel packages 2 2017-07-05 Haris Okanovic Superseded
[v4] kernel.bbclass: include signing keys when copying files required for module builds 2016-08-26 Mattias Waldo Superseded
[v4] kernel-module-split: Append KERNEL_VERSION string to kernel module name 2017-01-13 Accepted
[v4] initramfs-framework: Change recipe to be allarch 2017-08-29 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[v4] image_types.bbclass: Prompt error message on missing setting in UBI and UBIFS 2017-06-20 Superseded
[v4] image_types.bbclass: get rid of IMAGE_DEPENDS 2017-06-16 Ed Bartosh Superseded
[v4] gzip: add ptest 2017-06-08 Denys Zagorui Accepted
[v4] guile: added runtime dependency on glibc-gconv-iso8859-1 2013-05-30 Bogdan Marinescu New
[v4] gst-plugins-gl: add package recipe 2013-01-25 Jeremy Stashluk New
[V4] go: Add recipes for golang compilers and tools 2017-03-03 Khem Raj Superseded
[v4] externalsrc: Handle .git not being a directory 2017-08-10 Joshua Watt Accepted
[V4] expect: Add recipe 2013-11-05 Khem Raj New
[v4] elfutils: split libraries into separate packages 2013-04-04 Marcin Juszkiewicz Accepted
[v4] do_image: Implement IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXCLUDE_PATH feature. 2017-08-23 Kristian Amlie Superseded
[v4] do_image: Implement IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXCLUDE_PATH feature. 2017-08-23 Kristian Amlie Superseded
[V4] distutils-base.bbclass: Do not use -pie with hardening 2017-06-06 Khem Raj Superseded
[V4] devtool: modify command fails to ignore source files 2016-10-05 Stephano Cetola Accepted
[v4] devtool/standard: set a preferred provider when adding a new recipe with devtool 2017-09-08 Accepted
[v4] deprecated.bbclass: Add a PNDEPRECATED variable for recipes 2017-03-03 Joe MacDonald New
[v4] dbus: include dbus-launch in the main dbus package 2012-07-26 Radu Moisan New
[v4] create-pull-request: cleanup bashisms 2015-08-12 Ed Bartosh Accepted
[v4] connman: ignore the networking device which nfs for rootfs is working on 2013-10-18 New
[v4] busybox: Upgrade to upstream 1.20.2 2012-08-21 Radu Moisan New
[v4] busybox: make SYSLOGD optionnal 1 2017-05-28 Romain Perier Accepted
[v4] buildinfo.bblass: Added buildinfo class 2014-10-31 Alejandro Hernandez New
[v4] bind: 9.10.3-P3 -> 9.11.0b2 2016-08-26 Wang Xin New
[v4] bind: 9.10.3-P3 -> 9.11.0b2 2016-09-22 Wang Xin New
[v4] base.bbclass: Fix matching of MACHINEOVERRIDES in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE 2013-04-08 Otavio Salvador Accepted
[v4] base.bbclass: Add support to EXTRA_DISTRO_FEATURES 2013-08-01 Otavio Salvador New
[V4] base-files: provide a mechanism to skip creation of the hostname file 2012-09-08 Mark Hatle Accepted
[V4] apt: upgrade to 2015-05-27 New
[V4] Add file information to package information window 2013-04-04 Andrei Dinu Accepted
[v4,morty] openssl: CVE: CVE-2017-3731 2017-02-07 Alexandru Moise Superseded
[v4,8/8] yocto-compat-layer: better handling of per-machine world build breakage 2017-04-11 Patrick Ohly New
[v4,8/8] dnf: expand dnf selftest to test signed package feeds 2017-08-15 Markus Lehtonen Accepted
[v4,8/8] distro_tracking_fields: remove modutils. 2011-07-01 Anders Darander Superseded
[v4,7/8] yocto-compat-layer: test signature differences when setting MACHINE 2017-04-11 Patrick Ohly New
[v4,7/8] task-base: remove modutils reference. 2011-07-01 Anders Darander Superseded
[v4,7/8] oeqa: fix temp file handling in dnf package feed test 2017-08-15 Markus Lehtonen New
[v4,7/8] image: create symlinks needed for merged /usr 2017-06-13 Amarnath Valluri Accepted
[v4,7/7] wic: selftest: add tests for --fixed-size partition flags 2016-11-23 Maciej Borzecki Superseded
[v4,7/7] wic: Extend --rootfs-dir to connect rootfs-dirs 2014-03-29 João Henrique Freitas New
[v4,7/7] midori: Depend on Adwaita, not gnome-icon-theme 2015-07-06 Jussi Kukkonen New
[v4,7/7] image_types_wic: schedule prepare_wic_build correctly 2017-05-17 Ed Bartosh New
[v4,7/7] image.bbclass: create root symlinks in nativesdk target sysroot 2017-06-14 Amarnath Valluri Superseded
[v4,7/7] bluez5: cleanup tabs and spaces 2017-04-25 Marc Ferland New
[v4,6/8] yocto-compat-layer: add --additional-layers 2017-04-11 Patrick Ohly New
[v4,6/8] oeqa: fix dnf tests 2017-08-15 Markus Lehtonen New
[v4,6/8] modutils: remove modutils 2011-07-01 Anders Darander Superseded
[v4,6/7] wic: selftest: do not assume bzImage kernel image 2016-11-23 Maciej Borzecki Superseded
[v4,6/7] wic: Report all ROOTFS_DIR artifacts 2014-03-29 João Henrique Freitas New
[v4,6/7] sato-icon-theme: Inherit Adwaita, not gnome-icon-theme 2015-07-06 Jussi Kukkonen New
[v4,6/7] meta/lib/oe/ support added for executing pre-target commands 2017-06-14 Amarnath Valluri Accepted
[v4,6/7] grub-efi: fixed default value of GRUB_ROOT 2017-05-17 Ed Bartosh New
[v4,6/7] bluez5: do not install audio.conf 2017-04-25 Marc Ferland New
[v4,6/6] xserver-xorg: drop empty ${PN}-security-policy package 2015-10-23 Joshua Lock New
[v4,6/6] oe-selftest: wic: fix test_quemu 2017-07-27 Ed Bartosh Superseded
[v4,5/8] yocto-compat-layer: also determine tune flags for each task 2017-04-11 Patrick Ohly New
[v4,5/8] enable dnf's repo_gpgcheck if feed signing is enabled 2017-08-15 Markus Lehtonen New
[v4,5/7] wic: selftest: do not repeat core-image-minimal 2016-11-23 Maciej Borzecki New
[v4,5/7] wic: Add option --rootfs-dir to --source 2014-03-29 João Henrique Freitas New
[v4,5/7] oe-selftest: add wic tests for generic EFI 2017-05-17 Ed Bartosh New
[v4,5/7] matchbox-session-sato: set GTK_CSD env var 2015-07-06 Jussi Kukkonen New
[v4,5/7] insane.bbclass: Add package QA check for merged /usr. 2017-06-14 Amarnath Valluri Accepted
[v4,5/7] bluez5: add PACKAGECONFIG option for cups 2017-04-25 Marc Ferland New
[v4,5/6] xserver-xorg: add Xwayland RRECOMMENDS 2015-10-23 Joshua Lock New
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