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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
recipes-support/ptest-runner: Upgrade to v2.2 2018-05-03 Aníbal Limón Master Next
btrfs-tools: Update to 4.16 2018-05-03 Hong Liu New
flex: update to 2.6.4. 2018-05-03 Hong Liu New
[1/1] testsdk.bbclass: set PREMIRRORS for kernel to speed up test 2018-05-03 New
[04/12] gst-plugins-bad: upgrade 1.12.4 -> 1.14.0 2018-05-03 Anuj Mittal New
xcb-proto:1.12->1.13 2018-05-03 Hong Liu New
wayland:1.14.0->1.15.0 2018-05-03 Hong Liu New
gtk-doc: 1.27 -> 1.28 2018-05-03 Hong Liu New
cups:2.2.6->2.2.7 2018-05-03 Hong Liu New
[2/2] babeltrace: switch over to git 2018-05-03 Alexander Kanavin Master Next
[1/2] ifupdown: correct the repository location 2018-05-03 Alexander Kanavin Master Next
[V2,01/27] libssp-nonshared: Add recipe 2018-05-02 Khem Raj New
matchbox-session-sato: Make the battery applet depend on machine features 2018-05-02 Jaewon Lee New
[3/3] qemu: refresh patches with devtool 1 2018-05-02 Martin Jansa Master Next
[2/3] qemu: upgrade to 2.12.0 1 2018-05-02 Martin Jansa New
[1/4] lib/oe/package_manager: turn postinst failure warnings into bitbake failures 2018-05-01 Alexander Kanavin Master Next
[pyro,4/4] gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: Backport MS PlayReady ContentProtection parsing in gstdashdemux 2018-05-01 wouterlucas New
[pyro,3/4] gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: adaptivedemux: minimal HTTP context support 2018-05-01 wouterlucas New
[pyro,2/4] gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: Readd and manage GstAdaptiveDemux for MSS 2018-05-01 wouterlucas New
[pyro,1/4] gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: refresh live streaming patches, apply them in correct order 2018-05-01 wouterlucas New
[V2,10/25] ruby: Upgrade to 2.5.1 2018-04-30 Khem Raj New
[V2,08/25] alsa-tools: Update to 1.1.6 2018-04-30 Khem Raj New
[10/24] ruby: Upgrade to 1.5.1 2018-04-29 Khem Raj New
[06/24] llvm: Fix [compile-host-path] QA issue 2018-04-29 Khem Raj New
[pyro] gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: Refresh patches for live streaming and add mpdparser for Dash pl... 2018-04-28 wouterlucas New
[rocko] grub/grub-efi: fix conflict 2018-04-28 Hongxu Jia New
[1/2] package_manager: expand the removal list for RPM 2018-04-27 Ross Burton Master Next
u-boot: Add {gen|deploy}_default_envs tasks to generate environment images 2018-04-27 Lukasz Majewski New
[V2] recipetool: fixed uncaught NameError exception 2018-04-26 New
mesa: Upgrade 17.3.8 -> 18.0.1 2018-04-25 Fabio Berton New
[RFC] sstate: allow specifying indirect dependencies to exclude from sysroot 2018-04-25 André Draszik Master Next
[pyro,3/3] scripts/ remove 2018-04-25 Martin Jansa New
[pyro,2/3] Replace MACHINE_ARCH only at the beginning and separated with... 2018-04-25 Martin Jansa New
[pyro,1/3] Extend the whitelist 2018-04-25 Martin Jansa New
[meta-networking,rocko,2/2] wireless-regdb: Bump version to latest upstream 2017.12.23 2018-04-25 Krzysztof Kozlowski New
[meta-networking,rocko,1/2] kernel_wireless_regdb: Add class for embedding regulatory data into t... 2018-04-25 Krzysztof Kozlowski New
tzdata: fix a typo 2018-04-25 Kevin Carli New
[v2,8/8] gstreamer1.0: upgrade other packages to 1.14.0 2018-04-25 Kang Kai New
[v2,7/8] gst-validate: 1.12.4 -> 1.14.0 2018-04-25 Kang Kai New
[v2,6/8] gstreamer1.0-libav: 1.12.4 -> 1.14.0 2018-04-25 Kang Kai New
[v2,5/8] gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: 1.12.4 -> 1.14.0 2018-04-25 Kang Kai New
[v2,4/8] gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly: 1.12.4 -> 1.14.0 2018-04-25 Kang Kai New
[v2,3/8] gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: 1.12.4 -> 1.14.0 2018-04-25 Kang Kai New
[v2,2/8] gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: 1.12.4 -> 1.14.0 2018-04-25 Kang Kai New
[v2,1/8] gstreamer1.0: 1.12.4 -> 1.14.0 2018-04-25 Kang Kai New
[2/2] wic: add ontrack DM6 aux3 support 2018-04-24 Otavio Salvador Master Next
[1/2] parted: add ontrack DM6 aux3 support 2018-04-24 Otavio Salvador New
package.bbclass: Make staticlib problems non-fatal 2018-04-23 Ola X Nilsson Master Next
machine: make inclusion of kernel-modules consistent 2018-04-22 Maxin John Master Next
[master,sumo] perl: Security fix CVE-2017-12883 2018-04-22 Armin Kuster Master Next
[meta-oe] curl: upgrade to 7.59.0 2018-04-21 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
go-runtime_1.9: pass BUILD_ flags to cgo for host-side build 2018-04-21 Matt Madison Master Next
logrotate: Improve configurability of the installed systemd service files 2018-04-20 Peter Kjellerstedt New
[V3,5/6] musl: Upgrade to latest 2018-04-20 Khem Raj New
[V2,4/6] libunwind: Drop adding libssp to linker flags 2018-04-20 Khem Raj New
[v3,3/6] gcc-runtime: Disable gcc version of libssp 2018-04-20 Khem Raj New
[V2,1/6] libssp-nonshared: Add recipe 2018-04-20 Khem Raj New
[2/3] e2fsprogs: Complement update-alternatives scope 2018-04-20 Master Next
[sumo] Revert "icecc.bbclass: Improve error reporting" 2018-04-20 Joshua Watt Master Next
mtd-utils: add nanddump and nandwrite to ALTERNATIVE 2018-04-20 Ming Liu New
[1/1] multilib/bitbake.conf: default to contain MLPREFIX in RECIPE_SYSROOT 2018-04-20 New
pseudo: use latest SRCREV 2018-04-20 Martin Jansa Master Next
package: Fix PACKAGELOCK handling 2018-04-20 Richard Purdie Master Next
kernel-devsrc: fix cpio randomly hit insane file name 2018-04-20 Hongxu Jia New
[1/1] cross-canadian: fix do_configure failure when switching machine and multilib 2018-04-20 New
bitbake.conf: re-order DEBUG_PREFIX_MAP 2018-04-19 Juro Bystricky Master Next
[v2] glib-2.0/ fix broken mingw build 2018-04-19 Juro Bystricky Master Next
wic/imager/direct: Ensure correct ROOTFS_DIR is shown 2018-04-19 Richard Purdie Master Next
eudev: create static nodes from modules 2018-04-19 Li Zhou New
uninative: Set the dynamic linker to use at compile time 2018-04-18 Richard Purdie Master Next
oeqa/runtime/ runtime test locales 2018-04-18 Pravin Patil New
openssh: check for OpenSSL with EVP_des_ede3_cbc 2018-04-18 Hongxu Jia New
[V2,3/4] gcc-runtime: Disable gcc version of libssp 2018-04-18 Khem Raj New
uninative: Add allow-shlib-undefined to BUILD_LDFLAGS and drop other workarounds 2018-04-17 Richard Purdie Master Next
[v3] udev-extraconf: Add systemd-mount to udev-extraconf/ 2018-04-17 Hongzhi.Song New
[V3] externalsrc.bbclass: introduce INHIBIT_SRCTREE_FILE_CHECKSUMS 2018-04-17 Ming Liu New
[V2] externalsrc.bbclass: introduce INHIBIT_SRCTREE_FILE_CHECKSUMES 2018-04-17 Ming Liu New
recipes-kernel/linux: Enable NUMA Kconfig from DISTRO_FEATURES 2018-04-16 Alistair Francis New
package.bbclass: Add '-b' option to file call in isELF 2018-04-16 Mark Hatle Master Next
[v2,3/4] bind: fix openSSL detection when using multiarch 2018-04-16 Koen Kooi New
[v2,2/4] libcap: fix (base_)libdir usage 2018-04-16 Koen Kooi New
wayland: 1.14.0 -> 1.15.0 2018-04-16 Zheng Ruoqin New
sqlite3:3.22.0->3.23.1 2018-04-16 Zheng Ruoqin New
[3/4] gcc-runtime: Disable gcc version of libssp 2018-04-16 Khem Raj New
[2/4] musl: Depend on libssp-nonshared 2018-04-16 Khem Raj New
[1/4] libssp-nonshared: Add recipe 2018-04-16 Khem Raj New
run-postinsts: Replace pi_dir variable test 2018-04-14 Niko Mauno Master Next
[v5] rootfs-postcommands.bbclass: improve binary reproducibility 2018-04-13 Juro Bystricky Master Next
[resend] core-image-minimal-initramfs: use initramfs-framework for initialization 2018-04-13 Sullivan, California L New support mingw build 1 2018-04-13 Juro Bystricky Master Next
bitbake.conf: Set and export TZ envvar to UTC 2018-04-13 Richard Purdie Master Next
yocto-uninative: Update to version 1.9 (fedora28 compatible) 2018-04-13 Richard Purdie Master Next
packagegroup-core-tools-profile: include systemtap on MIPS and aarch64 2018-04-13 Ross Burton Master Next
systemtap: don't build under musl 2018-04-13 Ross Burton Master Next
[1/1] man-db: add groff to RDEPENDS 2018-04-13 Master Next
glibc: Set libc_cv_ssp_all to no as well 2018-04-13 Khem Raj Master Next
[pyro,2/2,v2] gdb: fix header ordering for TRAP_HWBKPT 2018-04-12 Daniel Díaz akuster New
[pyro,1/2,v2] glibc: add missing TRAP_BRANCH/TRAP_HWBKPT definitions 2018-04-12 Daniel Díaz akuster New
scripts/ remove 2018-04-11 Martin Jansa Master Next
distro: default: Change Go default version to 1.9 2018-04-11 Otavio Salvador Master Next
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