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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
linux-firmware: break out bnx2 mips firmware and WHENCE license 2016-04-15 Christopher Clark New
linux-firmware: Bump revision to 7534e19 2016-08-30 Fabio Berton New
linux-firmware: don't package 2017-06-12 Ross Burton New
linux-firmware: fix license packaging 2016-02-15 Urs Fässler New
linux-firmware: package firmware for Marvell 88W8688 2016-02-05 Jens Rehsack New
linux-firmware: relocate ath9k_htc blobs to correct package 2017-01-19 Saul Wold New
linux-firmware: resolve linux-firmware and microcode-ctl file conflicts 2014-10-22 jackie huang New
linux-firmware: rtl8192cx: Add latest available firmware 2015-11-26 Bhuvanchandra DV New
linux-firmware: update to main repo on 2012-06-21 Paul Gortmaker New
linux-firmware: upgrade to commit 75cc3ef8ba6712fd72c073b17a790282136cc743 2015-07-28 Cristian Iorga New
linux-intel: Add the linux-intel kernel recipe 2017-02-06 Saul Wold New
linux-kernel-base: linux/version.h path update for 3.7-rc1 2013-03-20 New
linux-libc-headers: Add big warning about antisocial behaviour 2013-09-13 Richard Purdie New
linux-libc-headers: backport uapi header list 2016-02-02 Alexandru But New
linux-libc-headers: exclude drm headers from sysroot 2015-08-04 Paul Gortmaker New
linux-libc-headers: if_tunnel: remove include of if/ip/in6.h 2016-10-03 Khem Raj New
linux-libc-headers: not to create empty rpm 2016-01-20 Liu Jian New
linux-libc-headers: Upgrade 3.17 -> 3.17.7 2014-12-20 Richard Purdie New
linux-tools: multilib compilation fix 2012-06-20 Bogdan Marinescu New
linux-yocto-3.0: Fix compile failure in perf 2012-01-05 Khem Raj New
linux-yocto-custom: reference the kernel-yocto class (not linux-yocto) 2015-11-12 Mario Domenech Goulart New
linux-yocto-rt: removed duplicated line 2015-03-11 Alexandru.Vaduva New
linux-yocto-tiny: Enable CONFIG_BINFMT_SCRIPT 2015-03-20 Ed Bartosh New
linux-yocto/4.1: fix musb compilation error 2016-05-27 Randle, William C New
linux-yocto: add to qemuppc64 to bb file 2014-09-13 Armin Kuster New
linux-yocto: consolidated pull request 2011-12-01 Bruce Ashfield New
linux-yocto: Update Genericx86* BSPs to 4.1.15 2016-01-13 Saul Wold New
linux-yocto: Update SRCREV for genericx86* BSPs 2015-10-01 Saul Wold New
linux-yocto: Use ??= to set LINUX_VERSION_EXTENSION 2017-05-16 New
linuxloader.bbclass: Adjust mips to cover all mips/mips64 2016-10-06 Mark Hatle New
linuxloader/image-prelink/image-mklibs: Fix non-standard path prelinking 2016-03-04 Richard Purdie New
linuxloader/image-prelink/image-mklibs: Fix non-standard path prelinking 2015-09-29 Richard Purdie New
lmsensors: Initial commit. 2012-10-16 Marc Ferland New
local.conf.sample: Add QEMU machine entry for supported MIPS64. 2014-07-15 Robert P. J. Day New
local.conf.sample: change valgrind support architecture comment 2012-09-13 New
local.conf.sample: Have comments ready to go for quad-core (4 -> 8). 2013-04-18 Robert P. J. Day New
local.conf.sample: Suggest parallelism of twice the number of cores. 2013-01-09 Robert P. J. Day New
locale packages patch 2013-01-02 Colin Walters New
logging.bbclass: avoid bashism in bbdebug() 2015-06-15 Patrick Ohly New
logrotate: move binary logrotate back to /usr/sbin 2015-07-13 zhangxiao New
log_srcrev.bbclass: add a bbclass for logging SRCREVs 2013-02-22 Constantin Musca New
lsb: change script init-functions installed path 2014-02-21 New
lsb: change script init-functions installed path 2014-02-21 New
lsb: change script init-functions installed path 2014-02-21 New
lsb: change script init-functions installed path 2014-02-21 HanChao New
lsb: distro codename info added 2013-04-01 Cristian Iorga New
lsb: Remove bashisms from the rc.d functions 2017-04-07 Marek Vasut New
lsbinitiscripts: Add glib-2.0 to DEPENDS list 2012-06-27 Saul Wold New
lsbinitscripts: 9.64 -> 9.68 2016-08-24 Wang Xin New
lsbinitscripts: 9.68 -> 9.72 2017-05-26 Huang Qiyu New
lsbinitscripts: Upgrade to 9.72 2017-06-05 New
lsbtest: sync test suite packages version 2015-07-28 Lucian Musat New
lsof: add contingency for when EGLIBCVERSION is not set 2013-11-26 jackie huang New
lsof: avoid creating directory ${DL_DIR}/${WORKDIR}/lsof_${PV} 2013-08-09 Bian Naimeng New
lsof: the compiler version fault 2014-11-20 Liu Jian New
lsscsi: Add new package 2016-02-06 Armin Kuster New
ltp: 20160126 -> 20160510 2016-09-11 Wang Xin New
ltp: Add additional m4 path to autoconf. 2014-09-29 Randy Witt New
ltp: Add inhibit of split 2015-07-08 Wenzong Fan New
ltp: Add patch to correct failing build 2012-06-01 Cristian Iorga New
ltp: do not remove scripts which use expect 2015-01-14 Maxin B. John New
ltp: Fix containers/userns05 failure for lib32 2017-02-08 New
ltp: Fix for glibc 2.23+ 2016-02-01 Richard Purdie New
ltp: Update recipe and fix building on uclibc 2012-01-20 Khem Raj New
ltp: Upgrade 20150420 -> 20150903 2015-12-14 New
ltp: Upgrade 20160126 -> 20160920 2016-10-06 New
ltp: upgrade to 20140828 2014-09-05 Maxin B. John New
ltp: upgrade to 20140828 2014-09-04 Maxin B. John New
ltp: upgrade to 20160510 2016-08-03 New
ltp: vma03 fix the alginment of page size 2015-06-03 Chuang Dong New
ltp: Work around parallel make race 2014-03-01 Richard Purdie New
lttng-2.0: components updated to version 2.1.0 2013-01-08 Bogdan Marinescu New
lttng-modules: drop makefile patch 2015-06-15 Nathan Lynch New
lttng-modules: update to 2.9.2 2017-04-26 Nathan Lynch New
lttng-tools: add libgcc to RDEPENDS 2015-10-28 Nathan Lynch New
lttng-tools: Allow multiple attempts to connect to relayd 2015-07-10 New
lttng-tools: Drop KERNELDIR reference 2015-09-30 Richard Purdie New
lttng-tools: Fixes incorrect path of ptest cases 2013-11-15 New
lttng-tools: sessiond: disable: match app event by name 2015-09-18 Li Zhou New
lttng-tools: Update to version 2.5.0 2014-08-11 Yasir Khan New
lttng-tools: use perl-misc, perl-modules in ptest deps 2015-02-09 Nathan Lynch New
lttng-tools: use perl-misc, perl-modules in ptest deps 2015-02-06 Nathan Lynch New
lttng-ust: fixed python interpret path 2013-12-02 New
lttng-ust: Patch python shebang appropriately for native builds 2016-12-14 Phil Blundell New
lttng-ust: Update 2.7.1 -> 2.8.1 2016-08-31 Richard Purdie New
lttng2-ust: updated to version 2.0.2 2012-05-22 Bogdan Marinescu New
lttng: Add tracing group when building lttng-tools 2015-03-10 Mehaffey, John New
lttng: Add tracing group when building lttng-tools 2015-02-27 Mehaffey, John New
lttng: fix alignment issue 2014-05-20 New
lttng: Fix timer calculation error 2015-07-10 New
lttng: support more compatible hosts 2012-10-11 Vladimir Zapolskiy New EXTRA_OECONF is been overwrited 2014-06-06 yaoxp New
lvm2: EXTRA_OECONF is been overwrited. 2014-05-20 yaoxp New
lz4: fix QA issue 2015-04-19 Armin Kuster New
lz4: update package to 128 and SRC_URI 2015-04-14 Armin Kuster New
lzip: Upgrade 1.18 -> 1.19 2017-06-02 New
lzop-1.03: add recipe 2011-12-01 Christopher Larson New
lzop: Fix build using x32 ABI 2015-03-25 Aníbal Limón New
machine/qemu: Switch from ext3 to ext4 2015-02-20 Richard Purdie New
Made spdx support SPDX2.0 SPEC Signed-off-by: Lei Maohui <> 2016-06-27 leimaohui New
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