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irda-utils: Add missing "inherit update-rc.d" for INITSCRIPT_* 2012-06-30 Robert P. J. Day New
irda: add systemd service file 2014-09-15 New
Is target toolchain supposed to be working? 2012-06-19 Marcin Juszkiewicz New
Is target toolchain supposed to be working? 2012-06-19 Marcin Juszkiewicz New
Is this a bug? Installed-but-not-packaged warning for a file which is in a package 2013-01-23 Peter Seebach New
issue with file-ownership in images 2014-04-17 Andreas Müller New
Issues with Qt5/mesa and eglfs 2013-06-20 Nicolas Dechesne New
iw: 4.7 -> 4.9 2016-11-30 Huang Qiyu New
iw: fix build path 2015-10-16 Pushpal Sidhu New
iw: upgrade to version 4.3 2015-11-20 Maxin John New
jpeg-native: Do not use libtool-cross for native recipe 2012-09-24 Khem Raj New
jpeg: To enable non-JPEG file formats for djpeg/cjpeg command. 2015-12-18 leimaohui New
jpeg: update to upstream version 8d 2012-05-13 Marko Lindqvist New
jpeg: upgrade to 9 2013-02-18 Constantin Musca New
js: Fix missing aclocal files for configure 2014-03-06 Richard Purdie New
js: Update to v1.8.5 2012-02-03 Andrei Gherzan New
json-glib: enable ptest 2013-11-21 Ross Burton New
kbd: Add HOMEPAGE info into recipe file. 2017-09-18 Huang Qiyu Master Next
kbd: Fix stdarg related errors on uclibc 2013-11-07 Khem Raj New
kconfig-frontends: Fix for recent packaging changes 2012-06-24 Saul Wold New
KCONF_AUDIT_LEVEL + kernel_configcheck 2015-06-15 Patrick Ohly New
kern-tools: re-enable scc merge command 2017-02-08 Bruce Ashfield New
kern-tools: Remove superfluous references to "defconfig" from the "createme" script. 2012-07-21 Robert P. J. Day New
kern-tools: update to avoid kernel_metadata failures 2016-12-07 Belal, Awais New
kernel bbclass: recreate uImage unless KEEPUIMAGE is set 2012-07-20 Khem Raj New
kernel bbclass: return to original directory in do_deploy 2013-03-13 chase maupin New
Kernel recompile if "rm_work" defined 2013-11-18 Richard Purdie New
kernel-arch.bbclass: Allow 'baremetal' CPUs 2015-09-09 Juro Bystricky New
kernel-arch: Remove test for long-dead arm26 architecture. 2012-06-29 Robert P. J. Day New
kernel-devsrc: add 'make scripts' postinstall 2015-11-22 Ming Liu New
kernel-devsrc: Don't package kernel meta-data 2016-07-26 Jacob Kroon New
kernel-devsrc: Fix backward compaibilty 2016-01-20 Liu Jian New
kernel-devsrc: fix cpio randomly hit insane file name 2018-04-20 Hongxu Jia New
kernel-devsrc: missing tools for building modules 2015-07-01 Liu Jian New
kernel-devsrc: Remove .kernel-meta from package 2017-07-26 Master Next
kernel-devsrc: Use full mrproper to clean 2017-12-05 Saul Wold New
kernel-fitimage.bbclass: Change KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE to Image for ARM64 2017-02-16 Nikunj Kela New
kernel-fitimage.bbclass: Fix 64 bit ENTRYPOINT 2018-02-08 Vineeth Chowdary Karumanchi New
kernel-fitimage: add DTB_LOAD to set dtb address 2017-10-25 chunrong guo New
kernel-fitimage: Allow unset load address for device tree binary 2018-01-17 Thomas PERROT New
kernel-fitimage: fix ${KERNEL_DEVICETREE} includes subdirectory issue. 2017-05-04 chunrong guo New
kernel-fitimage: Fix bad image type replacement for aarch64 2017-12-13 Manjukumar Matha New
kernel-fitimage: Let U-Boot select ramdisk load/entry address 2017-01-19 Rick Altherr New
kernel-fitimage: support ARM64 On arm64, the kernel image target is Image 2017-10-18 chunrong guo New
kernel-fitimage: use sha256 checksum 2018-01-17 Thomas PERROT New
kernel-uimage.bbclass: Build uImage with Initramfs 2018-03-08 Vineeth Chowdary Karumanchi New
kernel-uimage: build per-architecture target image 2016-04-07 Ruslan Bilovol New
kernel-uimage: DEPENDS on u-boot-mkimage-native conditionally 2017-07-23 Ming Liu New
kernel-yocto.bbclass: Delete superfluous creation of ${S}/.git directory 2012-07-15 Robert P. J. Day New
kernel-yocto.bbclass: Fix some obvious typoes in comments. 2012-07-15 Robert P. J. Day New
kernel-yocto.bbclass: Force do_diffconfig depends to ${PN} 2014-02-21 Nathan Rossi New
kernel-yocto/kern-tools: fix do_validate_branches clean stage 2017-04-22 Bruce Ashfield New
kernel-yocto: create dummy git user if necessary 2018-02-09 Justin Bronder New
kernel-yocto: do_configme: Add $TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS to CFLAGS 2015-08-04 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu New
kernel-yocto: Inspect remote branches with git ls-remote 2014-03-05 Matt Fleming New
kernel-yocto: run make config for KBUILD_DEFCONFIG 2017-04-26 Stefano Babic New
kernel.bbclass, image.bbclass: Implement kernel INITRAMFS dependency and bundling 2013-11-20 Mike Crowe New
kernel.bbclass, image.bbclass: Implement kernel INITRAMFS dependency and bundling 2013-08-19 Jason Wessel New
kernel.bbclass: Add dependency on binutils 2013-05-21 Mike Crowe New
kernel.bbclass: add task dependency between bundle_initramfs and package 2014-06-24 Ming Liu New
kernel.bbclass: Allow ${S} to be overridden 2016-10-22 Paul Barker New
kernel.bbclass: allow customization of initramfs image symlink name 2013-11-28 Michaël Burtin New
kernel.bbclass: Allow do_compile_kernelmodules to use PARALLEL_MAKE 2011-12-11 Koen Kooi New
kernel.bbclass: Allow modules.tar.gz generation to be inhibited 2012-09-23 Phil Blundell New
kernel.bbclass: avoid duplicates in KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE 2018-03-12 Andre McCurdy New
kernel.bbclass: build host programs with native sysroots 2017-09-20 Wenzong Fan Master Next
kernel.bbclass: change oldnoconfig to olddefconfig 2015-01-09 Bob Cochran New
kernel.bbclass: Create symbolic link to add ${KERNEL_IMAGETYPE} to boot package 2013-08-14 Franklin Cooper Jr. New
kernel.bbclass: Delay rm_work to run after do_bundle_initramfs 2013-10-31 Xufeng Zhang New
kernel.bbclass: Don't include source files for "other" architectures in the sysroot 2013-04-29 Phil Blundell New
kernel.bbclass: don't install initramfs bundled kernel image 2014-07-24 Ming Liu New
kernel.bbclass: Fix do_shared_workdir task ordering 2015-08-10 Stefan Müller-Klieser New
kernel.bbclass: fix emit_depmod_pkgdata() workdir 2016-07-26 Ioan-Adrian Ratiu New
kernel.bbclass: Fix race condition 2015-05-06 Ed Bartosh New
kernel.bbclass: Fix race condition 2015-05-04 Ed Bartosh New
kernel.bbclass: Fix race condition 2015-04-14 Ed Bartosh New
kernel.bbclass: Fix race condition 2015-03-12 Ed Bartosh New
kernel.bbclass: fix some incorrect inter-task dependencies 2017-03-30 Ming Liu New
kernel.bbclass: handles symbolic KERNEL_OUTPUT in bundle_initramfs task 2013-11-12 Ming Liu New
kernel.bbclass: improve reproducibility 2018-04-03 Jonathan Liu Master Next
kernel.bbclass: introduce INITRAMFS_IMAGE_NAME 2017-03-30 Ming Liu New
kernel.bbclass: make multi-version kernel headers coexist on the target 2014-08-19 New
kernel.bbclass: remove bashism in kernel_do_install 2018-01-09 Ricardo Salveti Master Next
kernel.bbclass: Tolerate empty INITRAMFS_IMAGE when INITRAMFS_TASK is set 2013-11-15 Phil Blundell New
kernel.bbclass: update image name to keep it same in D and DEPLOYDIR 2012-07-12 Ting Liu New
kernel.bbclass: Use the correct path of kernel build image file except for vmlinux 2017-03-30 Kunihiko Hayashi New
kernel/rm_work: Improve interaction 2015-05-14 Richard Purdie New
kernel: Add KERNEL_LOCALVERSION to control version string 2013-04-10 chase maupin New
kernel: add objtool to shared workdir 2018-02-12 Justin Bronder New
kernel: Add paravirt_kvm support for qemux86-64 2018-01-04 New
kernel: Add support for multiple kernel packages 2015-12-14 Haris Okanovic New
kernel: fitimage: deploy real fit-image 1 2017-07-18 Gaël PORTAY New
kernel: Fix a typo in kernel.bbclass 2016-05-23 Thomas PERROT New
kernel: Fix non linux-yocto builds 2014-12-19 Richard Purdie New
kernel: module: module-base: depend on elfutils-native 2018-02-20 Justin Bronder New
kernel: Package additional modules files needed for systemtap 2013-05-15 Drew Moseley New
kernel: Permit overriding of KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE 2015-11-05 Mike Crowe New
kernel: remove unused 'etc' directory 2012-09-12 Mark Asselstine New
kernel: Stop using update-alternatives 1 2017-08-31 Otavio Salvador New
kernel: Use hardlinks during do_install for speed 2013-11-08 Richard Purdie New
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