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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
rpm: 5.4.16 -> 5.4.17 2017-03-10 Zheng Ruoqin New
[1/1] pkgconfig: specify --disable-indirect-deps to configure 2017-03-10 Joe Slater New
[1/1] opkg-utils: bump revision 2017-03-10 New
[5/5] base/bitbake.conf: Filter contents of PATH to only allow whitelisted tools 2017-03-09 Richard Purdie New
[4/5] quilt: Don't add hardcoded links to utilities 2017-03-09 Richard Purdie New
[3/5] libpng12: Use rm instead of unlink 2017-03-09 Richard Purdie New
[2/5] tzcode-native: Set cc to ${CC} 2017-03-09 Richard Purdie New
[1/5] Ensure sbin directories are in PATH in clean environment 2017-03-09 Richard Purdie New
[meta-oe,rebased] wic: Fix and update rootfs-pcbios-ext plugin 2017-03-09 Adrian New
[4/4] gpgme: fix python module build and installation 2017-03-09 Alexander Kanavin New
[3/4] db: do the multilib_header processing for db.h 2017-03-09 Alexander Kanavin New
[2/4] bash: package bashbug separately 2017-03-09 Alexander Kanavin New
[1/4] glibc: do the multilib_header magic also for bits/long-double.h 2017-03-09 Alexander Kanavin New
[v3] slang: add ptest 2017-03-09 Stefan Strogin New
classes: add devupstream class 2017-03-09 Ross Burton New
[v2] wic/ Avoid exception if using multiple rawcopy/no-table entries. 2017-03-09 Kristian Amlie New
[v3,2/2] ghostscript: build and install libgs 2017-03-09 Andrew Shadura New
[v3,1/2] security_flags: disable -pie for ghostscript 2017-03-09 Andrew Shadura New
gcc: let cpp rrecommend gcc. 2017-03-09 Ismo Puustinen New
bison: Remove unused bison-2.3_m4.patch 2017-03-09 Martin Jansa New
libsolv: upgrade to 0.6.26 2017-03-08 Alejandro del Castillo New
opkg: enable libsolv backend by default 2017-03-08 Alejandro del Castillo New
classes: add gitupstream class 2017-03-08 Ross Burton New
[4/4] lib/oeqa/selftest/bbtests: update test_non_gplv3 to use selftest-ed 2017-03-08 Joshua Lock New
[3/4] lib/oeqa/selftest/oescripts: make test_cleanup_workdir use selftest-ed 2017-03-08 Joshua Lock New
[2/4] meta-selftest: add selftest-ed recipes 2017-03-08 Joshua Lock New
[1/4] chkconfig-alternatives-native: fix obey_variables 2017-03-08 Joshua Lock New
openssl: disable cryptodev by default 2017-03-08 Ross Burton New
gstreamer: remove git recipes 2017-03-08 Ross Burton New
license: don't assume source files are UTF-8 2017-03-08 Ross Burton New
Do not append to BBCLASSEXTEND 2017-03-08 Ming Liu New
[v3,5/6] vulkan: Add recipe for Vulkan common loader 2017-03-08 Jussi Kukkonen New
gcc-runtime: Enable libmpx for x86-64 2017-03-08 Mikko Ylinen New
gcc-runtime: Fix QA issue 2017-03-08 Martin Jansa New
busybox: ifupdown:pass interface device name for ipv6 route command 2017-03-08 Haiqing Bai New
[v2] useradd.bbclass: drop obsolete code 2017-03-08 Maxin John New
[V9] go: Add recipes for golang compilers and tools 2017-03-08 Khem Raj New
[morty,1/1] e2fsprogs: have configure expand @mkdir_p@ 2017-03-07 Joe Slater New
[1/1] e2fsprogs: expand @mkdir_p@ during configuration 2017-03-07 Joe Slater New
yocto-uninative: Update to the 1.5 release 2017-03-07 Richard Purdie New
[v2,2/2] recipes-core: busybox: setup "inetd" sub-package 2017-03-07 Sylvain Lemieux New
[v2,1/2] recipes-core: busybox: setup "cron" sub-package 2017-03-07 Sylvain Lemieux New
[2/2] crosstap: Changes to support Recipe specific sysroot 2017-03-07 Saul Wold New
[1/2] systemtap: Add patch to remove quotes 2017-03-07 Saul Wold New
[v2] gpgme: Fix issue building for the target 2017-03-07 Mark Hatle New
recipes: Move out stale GPLv2 versions to a seperate layer 2017-03-07 Richard Purdie New
patchelf: Fix issues with the 'hole' in binaries approach 2017-03-07 Richard Purdie New
[2/2] wic: filemap: Fixed spared_copy skip 2017-03-07 Daniel Schultz New
[1/2] wic: plugins: rawcopy: Fixed wrong variable type 2017-03-07 Daniel Schultz New
shadow: use config 'attr' if distro has 'xattr' 2017-03-07 New
[2/2] binutils: Upgrade to 2.28 release 2017-03-07 Khem Raj New
[1/2] musl: Update to tip 2017-03-07 Khem Raj New
meta: start to ignore the largefile distro feature 2017-03-07 Andre McCurdy New
dropbear: drop support for DSA host keys in dropbear init script 2017-03-07 Andre McCurdy New
[v2] conf/machine/include: enable hardfloat by default for ARMv6 and above 2017-03-06 Andre McCurdy New
sanity.bbclass: allow s3 protocol when sanity checking MIRRORS, etc 2017-03-06 Andre McCurdy New
[v3,1/4] qemu: Improve and add PACKAGECONFIG options 2017-03-06 Nathan Rossi New
[v3,2/4] qemu: Consolidate EXTRA_OECONF 2017-03-06 Nathan Rossi New
[v3,3/4] qemu: Convert KVMOPTS to PACKAGECONFIG 2017-03-06 Nathan Rossi New
[v3,4/4] qemu: Move recipe version specific patches and features to recipe 2017-03-06 Nathan Rossi New
[5/5] selftest: remove extra backslashes from debug output 2017-03-06 Ed Bartosh New
[4/5] ignore decode errors 2017-03-06 Ed Bartosh New
[3/5] selftest: test wic efi image in qemu 2017-03-06 Ed Bartosh New
[2/5] targetcontrol: add image_fstype argument to commands.runqemu 2017-03-06 Ed Bartosh New
[1/5] qemurunner: add runqemuparams argument to commands.runqemu 2017-03-06 Ed Bartosh New
mesa: Upgrade 17.0.0 -> 17.0.1 2017-03-06 Jussi Kukkonen New
[meta-networking] wireshark: update to 2.2.5 2017-03-06 Oleksandr Kravchuk New
[v4,3/3] rootfs-postcommands: Modify ssh-related commands 2017-03-06 David Vincent New
[v4,2/3] core-image: Set default sshd configuration 2017-03-06 David Vincent New
[v4,1/3] openssh: Package server configuration 2017-03-06 David Vincent New
[jethro] openssl: upgrade 1.0.2h -> 1.0.2k 2017-03-06 Chang Rebecca Swee Fun New
screen: update to 4.5.1 2017-03-04 Maxin John New
[V2,2/2] apr: fix rss+perf+gold failure on do_compile_ptest_base 2017-03-04 Andreas Müller New
base.bbclass: improve wording when skipping recipes with incompatible licenses 2017-03-04 Andre McCurdy New
buildhistory.bbclass: Only execute get_extra_sdkinfo when sdk is enabled 2017-03-03 Aníbal Limón New
[2/2] aor: fix rss+perf+gold failure on do_compile_ptest_base 2017-03-03 Andreas Müller New
[1/2] parted: fix rss+perf+gold failure on do_compile_ptest_base 2017-03-03 Andreas Müller New
cryptodev: update to handle 4.10 kernel API 2017-03-03 Ross Burton New
[v4] deprecated.bbclass: Add a PNDEPRECATED variable for recipes 2017-03-03 Joe MacDonald New
[morty,4/4] lib/oe/gpg_sign: fix rpm signing with gpg > 2.1 2017-03-03 Markus Lehtonen New
[morty,3/4] lib/oe/gpg_sign: make gpg version a property of the signer 2017-03-03 Markus Lehtonen New
[morty,2/4] rpm: support customizing gpg command line 2017-03-03 Markus Lehtonen New
[morty,1/4] lib/oe/gpg_sign: sign rpm packages in chunks of 100 2017-03-03 Markus Lehtonen New
[v3] lsb: Make use of appropriate bitbake variables. 2017-03-03 Amarnath Valluri New
gcc-runtime: Add libmpx supprt for x86 2017-03-03 Richard Purdie New
[2/2] Qemu: display: CVE-2016-9912 2017-03-03 Sona Sarmadi New
[1/2] Qemu: display: CVE-2016-9908 2017-03-03 Sona Sarmadi New
[4/4] populate_ext_sdk: Merge auto.conf into local.conf 2017-03-03 Richard Purdie New
[3/4] populate_ext_sdk: Append to SSTATE_MIRRORS 2017-03-03 Richard Purdie New
[2/4] testsdk: Drop lockfile usage 2017-03-03 Richard Purdie New
[1/4] oeqa/sdkext/devtool: Ensure dependencies for test_extend_autotools_recipe_creation are present 2017-03-03 Richard Purdie New Fix dependency while building kernel using externalsrc 2017-03-03 Manjukumar Matha New
sanity: Allow whitespace only mirror entries 2017-03-03 Richard Purdie New
[v2] native.bbclass: populate native recipe with it's files 2017-03-02 Saul Wold New
kernel-arch: Lock the toolchain to use gcc compiler 2017-03-02 Khem Raj New
gcc-source: add comment explaining why a function is Python 2017-03-02 Ross Burton New
gcc-source: rewrite do_preconfigure() in shell 2017-03-02 Ross Burton New
testsdk: Use auto.conf instead of local.conf to set SSTATE_MIRROR 2017-03-02 Richard Purdie New
meta-estsdk-toolchain: use WORKDIR instead of D to hold locked-sigs 2017-03-02 Ross Burton New
[V2,1/1] autotools.bbclass: delete the extra varflag set for autotools_copy_aclocals 2017-03-02 New
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