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[1/1] recipes-extended: Move efivar from meta-openembedded to oe-core 2017-02-28 Sullivan, California L New
[1/1] Rename leftover POKY references to OE in image variables 2011-12-08 Mark Hatle New
[1/1] Rename references from POKY_*_INSTALL to COREIMAGE_*_INSTALL 2012-01-03 Saul Wold New
[1/1] Rename references from POKY_*_INSTALL to COREIMAGE_*_INSTALL 2012-01-03 Saul Wold New
[1/1] report-error.bbclass: Added file syncronization. 2015-06-26 Mariano Lopez New
[1/1] Revert "gdb-cross-canadian: build gdb with python support" 2012-03-21 Nitin A Kamble New
[1/1] Revert "glib-2.0: build dependency cleanup" 2015-12-29 Kang Kai New
[1/1] Revert "sudo: upgrade to v1.8.1p2" 2011-07-16 Darren Hart New
[1/1] Revised: adt-installer: Add 2012-09-05 Elizabeth Flanagan New
[1/1] fix logic error so that warnings are checked 2015-03-12 New
[1/1] fix PRE/POSTPROCESS_COMMANDS for rpm and deb 2014-09-09 Robert Yang New
[1/1] Make set -x not break rootfs creation 2015-05-21 Peter Seebach New
[1/1] rootfsdebugfiles.bbclass: quick-and-dirty installation of additional files 2015-04-13 Patrick Ohly New
[1/1] rootfs_rpm.bbclass: make complementary packages not attempt-only 2013-12-17 New
[1/1] rootfs_rpm: Fix bug 936 2011-08-10 Xiaofeng Yan New
[1/1] rootfs_rpm: two step installation 2011-09-21 Dongxiao Xu New
[1/1] rpm 5.4.9: DEPENDS on bison-native 2012-09-18 Robert Yang New
[1/1] rpm: build without dbus for rpm-native 2018-04-08 Master Next
[1/1] rpm: fix for N32 MIPS64 2015-11-27 Robert Yang New
[1/1] rpm: fix rpm2cpio segmentation fault 2013-09-30 Kang Kai New
[1/1] rpm: fix rpm2cpio segmentation fault 2013-04-15 Kang Kai New
[1/1] rpm: fix rpm2cpio segmentation fault 2013-02-28 Kang Kai New
[1/1] rpm: make install with --nosignature and --nodigest work 2016-09-20 Hongxu Jia New
[1/1] rpm: remove dbus dependency for rpm-native 2018-04-04 New
[1/1] rpm: remove extra dev and dbg packages 2015-06-04 Robert Yang New
[1/1] rpm_4.14.0: clamp timestamps by default 2018-01-02 Juro Bystricky New
[1/1] rspro-conf: remove usbgadget from routerstationpro 2012-01-20 Zumeng Chen New
[1/1] rsync (GPLv2): fix security vulnerability CVE-2007-4091 2011-05-10 Dexuan Cui New
[1/1] rsync:Use usleep() for msleep() if it is available 2015-10-28 New
[1/1] rt-tests: use an explicit commit ID 2011-08-12 Darren Hart New
[1/1] runqemu-export-rootfs and friends: don't put pseudo db in target fs 2012-08-23 Peter Seebach New
[1/1] runqemu-export-rootfs and friends: don't put pseudo db in target fs 2012-08-21 Peter Seebach New
[1/1] runqemu-extract-sdk: allow install debugfs on rootfs 2015-09-22 Robert Yang New
[1/1] runqemu-gen-tapdevs: fix file path in example 2017-03-22 New
[1/1] runqemu-internal: add 'debugshell' as a default kernel option 2013-01-09 New
[1/1] runqemu-internal: correctly set format for root FS as raw 2015-06-29 Cristian Iorga New
[1/1] runqemu: improve auto-detection of rootfs filenames 2011-09-09 Scott Garman New
[1/1] runqemu: remove use of 2016-09-07 Joshua Lock New
[1/1] runqemu: remove use of 2016-09-07 Joshua Lock New
[1/1] runqemu: report error if TMPDIR cannot be determined 2011-07-23 Scott Garman New
[1/1] runqemu: show bitbake errors to user 2012-09-14 Scott Garman New
[1/1] runqemu: standardize ability to specify custom qemu/kenel boot options 2011-09-03 Scott Garman New
[1/1] runqemu: support booting poky-tiny images 2012-08-11 Scott Garman New
[1/1] Split different tests inside 2017-06-05 New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: a new check for required distro features 2013-08-19 Nitin A Kamble New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: check /bin/sh is dash or bash 2015-06-26 Robert Yang New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: check for duplicates in PACKAGE_ARCHS 2011-03-18 Joshua Lock New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: check for validity of TMPDIR 2013-11-14 New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: Check if /tmp is writable 2015-06-29 Mariano Lopez New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: check that TMPDIR is not located on nfs 2014-01-22 Robert Yang New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: check TMPDIR is not too long 2012-05-08 Robert Yang New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: Detect empty $PATH components too 2012-05-09 Peter Seebach New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: Don't fatal() when trying to dump environment. 2013-11-20 Peter Seebach New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: Failure might be an option. 2013-11-20 Peter Seebach New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: fix splitting on newlines of SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS 2011-09-01 Paul Eggleton New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: only run check_pseudo_wrapper for bitbake 2011-06-20 Dexuan Cui New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: remove obsolete bblayers.conf updater code 2018-01-02 Chang Rebecca Swee Fun New
[1/1] sanity.bbclass: vmdk and live can't be built together 2015-03-19 Robert Yang New
[1/1] sanity: detect if bitbake wrapper is not being used or pseudo is broken 2011-03-16 Paul Eggleton New
[1/1] sanity: disable mirrors for connectivity check 2011-09-14 Joshua Lock New
[1/1] sanity: don't warn about SRC_URI checksums for connectivity test uris 2011-07-13 Joshua Lock New
[1/1] sato-sdk: add clutter for sato-sdk image 2011-07-07 Yu Ke New
[1/1] sato-sdk: add mesa-demos application 2011-06-09 Yu Ke New
[1/1] scripts/combo-layer: fix still overzealous regex in default hook script 2011-09-19 Paul Eggleton New
[1/1] scripts/oe-selftest: oe-selftest-internal wrapper scripts that isolates execution 2017-10-26 Leonardo Sandoval New
[1/1] scripts/oe-setup-rpmrepo: leverage oe-run-native 2017-06-29 Avery, Brian New
[1/1] scripts/poky-qemu-internal: Add call to stty 2011-03-21 Khem Raj New
[1/1] scripts: Add cleanup-downloads-dir tool 2015-06-12 Laurentiu Palcu New
[1/1] scripts: add get_maintainer script 2014-01-31 Trevor Woerner New
[1/1] scripts: rename yocto-compat-layer to remove "compatible" nomenclature 2017-09-19 Paul Eggleton Master Next
[1/1] security_flags: eliminate FORTIFY_SOURCE for debug builds 2015-03-06 Joe Slater New
[1/1] self-hosted-image: decrease reserved space to 0.5% 2012-04-04 Paul Eggleton New
[1/1] self-hosted-image: pre-populate the builder user with poky source 2012-03-18 Dexuan Cui New
[1/1] selftest/ update test_bitbake_g() 2016-12-15 Robert Yang New
[1/1] selftest/cases/ fix workspace layer checking 2017-12-21 Robert Yang New
[1/1] selftest/ Add test for import test from other layers 2016-06-13 Mariano Lopez New
[1/1] selftest/ Add test to check PACKAGE_FEED_URIS var 2017-02-20 New
[1/1] selftest/ Add test to check imports from other layers 2016-07-12 Mariano Lopez New
[1/1] send-pull-request: default to --supress-cc=all 2011-07-14 Darren Hart New
[1/1] send-pull-request: Fetch TO email address from git config if specified 2011-03-12 Khem Raj New
[1/1] sgmlspl-native: 1.03ii -> 1.1 2015-06-03 Robert Yang New
[1/1] shadow-native: fix creation of home directories 2011-06-28 Scott Garman New
[1/1] shadow: backport a patch to make newgrp work 2013-08-20 New
[1/1] shadow: fix pam configs for chpasswd, newusers 2014-10-22 Wenzong Fan New
[1/1] shadow: Fix rpm failed dependencies when install 2011-08-30 Zhai, Edwin New
[1/1] shadow: switch to a fetchable SRC_URI 2011-08-17 Joshua Lock New
[1/1] shared-mime-info: add libxml-parser-perl to DEPENDS 2011-09-22 Darren Hart New
[1/1] signing-keys: add sstate task for do_export_public_keys 2016-02-02 New
[1/1] site/powerpc-common: remove the incorrect dlopen default setting 2011-05-30 Yu Ke New
[1/1] siteinfo.bbclass: Add powerpc-linux-gnuspe. 2011-05-11 Leon Woestenberg New
[1/1] socat: add the latest stable version 2011-12-19 Dexuan Cui New
[1/1] socat: enable termios 2013-06-05 New
[1/1] sqlite: -> 3.9.0 2015-10-16 Kang Kai New
[1/1] squashfs: fix CVE-2012-4025 2012-12-11 yanjun.zhu New
[1/1] SRC_URI parameter: "subdir" does not work for local files 2014-07-31 Roxana New
[1/1] SRC_URI, S: use BPN instead of PN for multilib case 2011-07-30 Yu Ke New
[1/1] sstate.bbclass: check before open the manifest 2013-08-31 Robert Yang New
[1/1] sstate.bbclass: check before open the manifest 2013-08-29 Robert Yang New
[1/1] sstate.bbclass: fixes for SSTATE_SIG_KEY when use SSTATE_MIRRORS 2015-09-10 Robert Yang New
[1/1] sstate.bbclass: remove previous version's stamp 2014-01-17 Robert Yang New
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