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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
mesa: update to 12.0.3 2016-10-20 Andreas Müller New
mesa: Upgrade 10.4.4 -> 10.5.4 2015-04-29 Jussi Kukkonen New
mesa: Upgrade 10.5.4 -> 10.5.6 2015-05-28 Jussi Kukkonen New
mesa: upgrade 10.5.8 -> 10.6.3 2015-07-31 Nicolas Dechesne New
mesa: upgrade 10.6.3 -> 11.1.1 2016-02-05 Nicolas Dechesne New
mesa: Upgrade to 10.4.0 2015-01-28 Pengyu Ma New
mesa: Upgrade to 10.4.3 2015-01-30 Pengyu Ma New
mesa: upgrade to 8.0.5 2012-12-04 Ross Burton New
Mesa: upgrade to 9.2.2 2013-10-24 Valentin Popa New
mesa: upgrade to 9.2.5 2014-02-11 Valentin Popa New
meta-environment: Ensure we append to the default TOOLCHAIN_NEED_CONFIGSITE_CACHE 2015-06-19 Richard Purdie New
meta-ide-support: set noexec for tasks 2016-08-30 jackie huang New
meta-openembedded: Replace vestiges of "pnum=" with "striplevel=". 2012-12-13 Robert P. J. Day New
meta-ti u-boot: Add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to avoid disturbing other builds 2011-11-29 New
meta-toolchain-qte and wrong paths to QT tools 2011-12-21 lumag New
meta-toolchain-qt[e]: add qt4[-embedded]-staticdev 2014-02-18 Diego Sueiro New
meta-toolchain-sdk failed on Ubuntu 10.10 and FC17 64bit 2012-04-16 Robert Yang New
meta-yocto/distro: Updated SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS. 2014-11-26 Lucian Musat New
meta/classes/base.bbclass: base.bbclass should check for multiple (or) licenses in bb files 2011-12-29 Andrei Gherzan New
meta/classes/image-prelink.bbclass point prelink config to ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} and remove --root option 2012-07-17 Nathan West New
meta/conf/distro/include/ 2016-04-07 Graydon, Tracy New
meta/lib/oe/ fix files ownership in packages 2015-03-12 Fabrice Coulon New
meta/lib/oe/ Fix for bug 7428 2015-03-12 Fabrice Coulon New
meta/lib/oe/ Corrected the return value of both_contain() 2015-04-03 Jun Zhu New
meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/ dynamic BSP name loading + small typo 2015-06-13 Costin Constantin New
meta/recipes-core/base-passwd/base-passwd/noshadow.patch: Split it into two parts 2014-02-05 Laszlo Papp New
meta/recipes-core/util-linux/util-linux-2.20.1: remove-lscpu.patch rewrote for util-linux 2.20.1 2012-01-05 Andrei Gherzan New
meta/scripts: Various getVar/getVarFlag expansion parameter fixes 2017-01-06 Richard Purdie New
meta/testimage.bbclass: corrected the bug that prevented test cases to be loaded from layers othe... 2015-06-09 Costin Constantin New
meta: add ASSUME_PROVIDED dependency on wget-native for http fetches 2016-02-02 Ross Burton New
meta: add deploy-files.bbclass 2015-08-26 zjh New
meta: Fix Upstream-Status statements 2015-09-10 Ross Burton New
meta: remove obsolete architectures 2016-04-01 Ross Burton New
meta: remove removals of FILES_-dbg 2015-12-15 Ross Burton New
meta:Add explict getVar param for (non) expansion 2015-06-18 Richard Purdie New
metadata-revs: provide more information 2016-03-13 Trevor Woerner New
metadata_scm.bbclass: restore capture of stderr 2015-11-17 Christopher Larson New
midori: fix build with GLib 2.44 2015-05-19 Ross Burton New
migrate_localcount.bbclass: use PRAUTOINX instead of PN & PV 2013-01-28 Richard Purdie New
mini-x-session: Fix starting of x-session 2013-02-26 Saul Wold New
minicom: fix -v/-h return value 2013-10-17 New
Minor documentation.conf patch... 2012-06-04 Rich Pixley New
MIPS Prelinker problem -- possible fix 2012-01-05 Mark Hatle New
MIPS: Fix build with binutils 2.24.51+ 2015-07-15 Yang Shi New
mips: Fix libaio system call interface 2013-01-29 Phil Staub New
mirrors.bbclass: Add mirror site 2014-04-25 Changhyeok Bae New
mirrors.bbclass: Add new KERNELORG_MIRROR = 2012-01-29 New
mirrors.bbclass: drop support for svk sources 2015-05-04 Andre McCurdy New; correct quoting 2016-06-19 Troy D. Hanson New
mkefidisk: change filesystem to be writeable on grub 2015-02-26 Bruno Bottazzini New
mkefidisk: Create interactive menu for the script 2015-09-08 Bruno Bottazzini New
mkefidisk: Create interactive menu for the script 2015-09-04 Bruno Bottazzini New
mklibs-native: avoid failure on symbol provided by application 2015-06-29 New
mklibs-native: Remove dependency on dpkg 2015-07-24 New
mklibs-native: Remove the dpkg-native dependency 2015-06-10 New
mklibs-native: two fixes 2015-07-03 New
mklibs-native: update broken SRC_URI 2016-10-07 Armin Kuster New
mmc-utils: fix the building failure when DEBUG_BUILD is 1 2015-04-23 New
mmc-utils: set the optimization to -O2 2015-01-22 Yue Tao New
mmc-utils: update to latest git revision 2016-08-07 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu New
Modify buildstats to be merged inside buildhistory 2013-11-01 Corneliu Stoicescu New
Modify the path of env in to make export-sdk successfully. 2013-12-02 yanjun.zhu New
module.bbclass: allow to override location of Module.symvers 1 2016-11-21 André Draszik New
module/module-base/lttng-modules: Improve kernel module dependencies 2015-05-14 Richard Purdie New
move the benchmark package bonnie++ from meta-oe layer to oe-core and upgrade bonnie++ from 1.03c... 2012-11-21 New
mozjs: fix build failure due to missing dependency on libxt 2015-02-12 Paul Gortmaker New
mpfr: 3.1.4 -> 3.1.5 2016-12-08 Huang Qiyu New
mpfr: upgraded to 3.1.2 2013-05-07 Bogdan Marinescu New
msmtp: 1.6.5 -> 1.6.6 2016-11-30 Huang Qiyu New
msmtp: add gplv2 version 2015-12-15 New
mtd-utils: 1) extend nativesdk support 2015-06-26 Li xin New
mtd-utils: add acl dependency 2015-08-27 Pushpal Sidhu New
mtd-utils: install libmtd and libubi static libraries 2017-01-02 Javier Viguera New
mtd-utils: minor recipe formatting cleanup 2015-03-18 Andre McCurdy New
mtd-utils: Update version to include fixes after 1.5.0 2014-03-07 Lauren Post New
mtd-utils: Upgrade to 2.0.0 2017-01-04 Mike Crowe New
mtools, syslinux: add ability to compile with nativesdk 2013-10-30 Jason Wessel New
multilib: Abstract class extension code into 2011-12-22 Richard Purdie New
multilib: Fix an OVERRIDES expansion order issue 2013-02-13 Richard Purdie New
multilib: Set PN correctly on cross-canadian extension cases 2014-05-30 Richard Purdie New
multilib: Tweak value of PN used for OVERRIDES 2015-05-02 Richard Purdie New
multilib_global: expand multilib pref values properly 2015-07-01 Christopher Larson New
multilib_global: Stop empty space influencing RPROVIDES 2015-06-11 Richard Purdie New
musicbrainz: handle rebuilds 2013-01-08 Ross Burton New
musl: Upgrade to 1.1.16+ on master 2017-01-03 Khem Raj New
mx: remove version from patch directory 2014-09-29 Ross Burton New
nasm: 2.11.08 -> 2.12.02 2016-06-03 Dai Caiyun New
nasm: nasm has a build dependency on groff-native 2012-07-18 Amy Fong New
nasm: updated to 2.10.01 2012-06-08 Bogdan Marinescu New
native.bbclass: avoid unintended substring replacement when setting PROVIDES 2015-05-12 Mario Domenech Goulart New
native.bbclass: Delete populate-lic task for all native packages 2014-02-21 Konrad Scherer New
native.bbclass: Fix variable remapping coverage 2011-12-17 Darren Hart New
native.bbclass: Fix variable remapping coverage 2011-12-17 Richard Purdie New
native.bbclass: use BUILD_* variables 2014-10-21 Ross Burton New
native: fix incorrect addition of -native suffix 2015-12-31 Ed Bartosh New
native: Improve PROVIDES handling 2015-05-25 Richard Purdie New
native: Move virtclass override to earlier so DEPENDS is handled correctly 2015-07-21 Richard Purdie New disable ICECC 2016-03-22 Alex Franco New
nativesdk-ncurses: skip installed_vs_shipped test 2012-10-03 Radu Moisan New
nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host: add nativesdk-u-boot-mkimage 2014-10-02 Javier Viguera New
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