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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
ppa: update LICENSE 2018-10-19 C.R. Guo New
[2/2] linux-fslc: upgrade to 4.18.12 2018-10-18 Andreas Müller New
[1/2] qtbase: Do not pin gles2 when using open source graphic stack 2018-10-18 Andreas Müller New
[5/5] u-boot: dpends bc-native 2018-10-18 C.R. Guo New
[4/5] ls1088ardb_pb: add machine config 2018-10-18 C.R. Guo New
[3/5] rcw: add ls1088ardb_pb support 2018-10-18 C.R. Guo New
[2/5] ls1012afrwy: update KERNEL_DEVICETREE 2018-10-18 C.R. Guo New
[1/5] ls1046ardb-be : remove qe-ucode 2018-10-18 C.R. Guo New
DEPENDS_append is being used without a leading space, causing the concatenation of dependencies. ... 2018-10-17 Hector New
[3/3] Add recipe fw-utils for qoriq 2018-10-15 Joris Offouga New
[2/3] Update recipe for use u-boot-qoriq-common include 2018-10-15 Joris Offouga New
[1/3] Create u-boot-qoriq-common include file 2018-10-15 Joris Offouga New