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Patch A R T Date Submitter Delegate State
qtbase: Fix QT5.8 build error "Platform not recognized" in egl header 2017-06-27 Yuqing Zhu New
[2/2] qtbase: Fix build error when using EGL 2017-06-26 Tom Hochstein New
[1/2] qtbase: Update patch for upgrade to Qt 5.8 2017-06-26 Tom Hochstein New
Revert "gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: Add some gstplayer API" 2017-06-23 Yuqing Zhu New
[3rdparty] linux-wandboard: fix for gcc7 2017-06-20 Trevor Woerner New
libdrm-armada: fix license string 2017-06-20 Trevor Woerner New
penssl-1.0.1i: s/inline/static/ to fix gcc7.1 issue 2017-06-20 chunrong guo New
[linux-fslc-imx,4.1-2.0.x-imx] imx: fix typo and simple assumptions in imx6sll support 2017-06-19 Alejandro Mery New
[chromium-imx] Update patches for meta-browser master 2017-06-13 Tom Hochstein New
[distro,5/5] add fsl-qoriq distro conf file 2017-04-26 chunrong guo New
[distro,4/5] fsl-image-networking: add recipes 2017-04-26 chunrong guo New
[distro,3/5] fsl-image-networking-full: add recipes 2017-04-26 chunrong guo New
[distro,2/5] fsl-image-networking-minimal: add recipes 2017-04-26 chunrong guo New
[distro,1/5] packagegroup-virtualization: add recipe 2017-04-26 chunrong guo New
ovs-dpdk: Add missing dep on coreutils-native 2017-04-25 chunrong guo New
Create the i.MX 6ULL EVK machine file supporting both 14x14 and 9x9 pin configuratins 2017-04-10 New
[7/7] imx6ull14x14evk: Add i.MX 6ULL 14x14 EVK 2016-10-11 Lauren Post New
[6/7] imx6ull9x9evk: Add i.MX 6ULL 9x9 evk 2016-10-11 Lauren Post New
[meta-fsl-arm] udev-extraconf: Disable automatic loading of kernel module evbug and mxc_vadc 2016-06-03 Jun Zhu New
[meta-fsl-arm,2/2] linux-imx: Update include file to include i.MX headers 2016-09-09 Lauren Post otavio Under Review